WebMD Health Corp. (WBMD) on Monday announced plans to execute a tender offer of up to 2 million shares through Dec. 15, according to Zacks.

The New York-based online health care information provider will explore the purchase of common stock with a portion of the $1.065 billion in cash and investments the company reported at the end of Q2. Over the short-term, WebMD, which had a market cap of $1.99 billion, likely will turn its attention to organic growth by adding new clients, Zacks reported.

Taking advantage of Big Data in the health information space, WebMD helps connect its target market, baby boomers, to internet services to help answer their health care questions.

WebMD’s website receives more than 200 million monthly visitors and is considered by some analysts to be one of a top small cap investments in its industry.

The company’s stocks closed Tuesday’s session at $54.04, an increase of .28 percent.

The company’s stocks surge dates back to a positive second half of 2015. Its shares were trading at $48 at the end of last year, which featured a low of $37 per share. With a trailing 12-month return on equity of 69 percent, WebMD more than tripled the 19 percent industry average during 2015, according to published reports.

Founded in 1996, WebMD has utilized M&A to expand its lines of business. Since 2000, WebMD engineered at least nine acquisitions, including two in the $20 to $25 million range, Crunchbase reported.

Along with expiring drug patents, one of the WebMD’s main drags on short-term revenue, Zacks predicted, could feature its advertising division for pharmaceutical manufacturers, which collectively have scaled back promotional budgets to consumers and physicians.

Zacks has WebMD listed as Hold.