Several analysts have stated that the risk-reward ratio of buying Apple Inc. (AAPL) stock has soured, as the company's shares have climbed more than 50% this year, causing the company to gain more than $250 billion in market value, according to CNBC. While the technology giant's stock has had a very successful year, some are concerned that its rally has gone too far, too fast. (For more, see also: What Makes Apple So Valuable?)

A 'Tough' Time to Buy, Says Analyst

Apple is a "great company" that is on an "epic run," Mike Binger, senior portfolio manager for Gradient Investments, stated during CNBC's "Trading Nation." However, it is "tough" to step into the company right about now, he stated. Larry McDonald, creator of the Bear Traps Report investment newsletter, agreed that this may not be the best time to purchase the company's stock, stating that "you want to buy into fear and sell into complacency." 

Sharp Gains

Apple shares closed at $174.09 on Monday, November 27, Google Finance shows. At this level, they were up roughly 50.3% year-to-date (YTD), Google Finance data shows. The company's market capitalization was roughly $893 billion, less than 1% lower than $900 billion, a level reached earlier this month, CNBC reported in a second article. 

Highly Bullish Sentiment

Even after this sharp rally, many analysts are bullish about Apple's stock, noted McDonald, according to the first CNBC article. He stated that the stock will likely experience a pullback in the next few years, stating that growth expectations for this year and next are already baked into earnings, which will "stall out" during fiscal year 2019. 

"I think at that point, you'll get a pullback in the stock," he said. (For more, see also: Apple Stock Is at a Key Pivot Point.)

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