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Top Trending NFTs: Week of November 2

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Last week, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) saw all-time sales pass the $40 billion mark. According to DappRadar, a massive $32.8 billion of those sales came from the OpenSea platform. A number of NFTs, such as Potatoz, CloneX, and Tracer NFT are on the rise.

Key Takeaways

  • Potatoz allows you to stake your NFT and watch a seed grow into a potato with utility.
  • CloneX surged toward the top ten in weekly sales with a metaverse-ready offering.
  • Tracer NFT can reward a healthy lifestyle with move-to-earn sneakers.


Potatoz registered over $1.2 million in sales, with a 378% rise over the last seven days. Created in July 2022 by pop culture meme platform 9GAG, the Potatoz NFT collection is the gateway to a metaverse project named Memeland.   

An investor buying one of the NFTs will discover it starts as a seed and grows through a staking mechanism to become a fully-fledged potato over 69 days. Each Potatoz NFT has utility in the ecosystem with private club membership, exclusive access to the creator NFT marketplace, exclusive IRL events, and privileges in upcoming drops from 9GAG.




This week, CloneX entered the top ten collections by sales with a 35% gain to almost $2.8 million at a floor price of around 8 Ether ($12,500).

The collection of 20,000 urban punk avatars is metaverse-ready with the ability to tap into accessories from RTFKT, a creator of virtual sneakers and fashion accessories, and other creators. Each NFT will give holders access to forging events where holders can mint new items for their characters. A further perk will be access to the RTFKT ecosystem and CloneX experiences.

RTFKT created CloneX in collaboration with renowned Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. The avatars will be 3D rigged models, meaning they could be used as AR filters on camera, in Zoom meetings, or in games.



YOLO Bunny

YOLO Bunny is a premium club of 9,999 rock star rabbits from Muverse, a Web3 decentralized app combining GameFi and SocialFi. Muverse aims to bring musical artists and fans together through in-app interaction and a rewards system.

YOLO Bunny had $450k of sales over the last seven days with a floor price of 0.67 Ether ($1.054). Holders of the collection can get benefits such as airdrops of the MCT platform token and headphone NFTs allow access to a listen-to-earn feature.

YOLO Bunny


Tracer NFT

Tracer NFT is a new collection of sneakers that form the foundation of a new move-to-earn fitness and lifestyle app with game-fi elements.

Tracer owners can combine the physical world with Web3 to utilize the true power of the metaverse in an app that will track your jogging and allow users to earn rewards. Tracers’ 3D shoes are composed of 4 NFT pieces along with attachable accessories. This type of project has huge potential in the metaverse because if there is mass adoption, where users can monetize their virtual world experience with every step.

Tracer NFTs sold 146 sneakers at a floor price of 0.04 Ether ($62) in the last week for a total of over $17 million.



Tower Battle Cards

Tower Battle Cards is the NFT collection for The Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes mobile games from Animoca Brands. The games have seen over 2 million downloads with thousands of daily users.

The Tower defense games are played with collectible cards of various rarities, and gamers can earn TOWER Tokens by playing games. The TOWER utility token holders can purchase items such as game card NFTs, pay for game or tournament entry fees, and participate in governance features.

The Tower Battle cards have sold a robust $4.56 million in sales over the last seven days with a floor price of 0.03 ETH ($47).

Tower Battle Cards

Tower Battle

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