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Ovation Credit Repair offers a holistic approach to repairing your credit

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Ovation Credit

Ovation Credit

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Ovation Credit Repair is one of the larger credit repair companies, and there's a good reason why. Its beautiful displays and comprehensive expert guidance help demystify the credit repair process for anyone, and that's who the company aims to help with its abundance of discounts.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Lots of discount options

  • Free consultation available

  • Customizable service levels

  • Intuitive displays and financial management tools available

  • Credit monitoring only available for TransUnion report

  • Service options different for Mississippi and Oregon residents

Key Takeaways
  • Ovation Credit Repair offers a free consultation so you can get a feel for their service, and if you proceed, you'll have to pay an $89 first work fee.
  • You can choose from two package levels: the Essentials Plan ($79 per month) which is suitable for most people, or the Essentials Plus Plan ($109 per month) which can offer faster help for particularly thorny cases.
  • The company offers well-designed online portals that make it easy to see action items and the progress you're making.
Company Overview

Ovation Credit Repair Services was founded in 2008 by legal professionals and was acquired by LendingTree in 2018. It's a Florida-based company and its services are available nationwide, although they may vary depending on where you live (especially if you live in Mississippi or Oregon).

The company claims to have helped over one million people. You don't get to be so large without ruffling a few feathers, though. The company does maintain an overall good reputation, but there are some complaints against it for things like excessive billing fees.

  • Year Founded 2008
  • Services Offered Credit disputes, credit monitoring, credit recommendation letters, financial management tools
  • Minimum First Work Fee $89
  • Monthly Fee $79 or $109/month
  • Monitoring Options Only with the premium plan, and only for TransUnion
  • Customer Service Phone: 1-866-639-3426. Email: Questions@OvationCredit.com
  • Official Website https://ovationcredit.com/

If your credit has seen better days and you're looking to restore its former glory, Ovation Credit Repair may be able to help. The company offers a holistic approach to repairing your credit, starting with a free consultation service so you can try it before you buy. From there it offers financial management tools to help you develop better money habits that support your credit rebuilding journey, along with traditional services like resolving credit disputes and monitoring your credit for ongoing changes. 

Ovation Credit Repair allows you some control over how much you pay by offering two levels of services, as well as an abundance of discounts. The downside is there isn't any way to get a refund if you're not happy. If that's the case, they'll simply waive their fee for the month rather than refunding you the charge from prior services. That means you'll need to fully understand what's included and what isn't, which this review can help you with.

Paying for professional credit repair services isn't cheap, and it's important to vet all of your credit repair company options. If you do this first, you'll be happier with the results you get and the price you pay.

Pros Explained

  • Lots of discount options: By our count, Ovation Credit Repair Services offers six different types of discounts—more than you'll find with most other credit repair companies. 
  • Free consultation available: Having a live credit analyst walk through your report with you can give you an idea of whether you might be happy working with the company. Alternatively, you could use the feedback to kick off your own DIY credit repair.
  • Customizable service levels: Ovation Credit Repair offers two service packages, plus an optional add-on to speed your service up if you're in a time crunch to get started. 
  • Intuitive displays and financial management tools available: You can easily see where you're at in the process, what Ovation is doing to help, and any steps you need to take all in one easy-to-navigate online portal.

Cons Explained

  • No money-back guarantee: If you're not happy with the service, Ovation will waive their fee for that month. But that assumes you even want to continue the service, and you can’t get a refund for already-charged fees. 
  • Credit monitoring only available for TransUnion report: There are three major credit bureaus where your information is recorded (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax), but Ovation only monitors one of them—and only if you pay for the premium-level service. 
  • Service options different for Mississippi and Oregon residents: The specific services that Ovation Credit Repair offers and how much it charges may be different in Mississippi and Oregon.

All About FICO Credit Scores

Types of Services

Repairing your credit can be a complex job, and there are many ways that credit repair companies can go about doing it. Ovation Credit Repair offers two different packages, depending on how much help you need and how quickly you want things done. 

  • Essentials Plan: $79 per month
  • Essentials Plus Plan: $109 per month.

Here's exactly what you can expect to get with each one.

Professional Credit Analysis

Everyone starts with a free credit analysis with a live credit analyst. They'll go over your credit reports with you and highlight opportunities to improve and how Ovation Credit Repair might be able to help if you decide to hire them. 

Credit Disputes

One of the first things you'll do after you hire Ovation is going through the Dispute Tracker in your online account. This will help you keep tabs on what needs to be done for each inaccurate item listed on your credit reports. Fixing inaccurate records on your credit reports can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your credit score, and Ovation will send as many as necessary per month.

Credit Letter Templates

If you opt for the premium Essentials Plus Plan for an extra $30 per month, you'll unlock access to template letters you can send to creditors to help rebuild your credit. You can use these letters to ask creditors if they'll remove any negative marks from your credit reports as a show of goodwill if you've otherwise paid on time or to show legal proof that any debts they're trying to collect are valid. 

Ovation may also be able to write a letter of credit recommendation for you if you're applying for any loans in the near future, but keep in mind that these don't have any legal backing.

Identity Theft Insurance

Ovation Credit Repair offers a limited amount of identity theft insurance if you purchase the premium package. It's important to verify how much you qualify for—and for how long the coverage lasts—before you sign up.

TransUnion Credit Monitoring

Only available with the premium Essentials Plus Plan, Ovation will keep an eye on your TransUnion credit report to let you know if anything needs your attention or could impact your credit. This may be handy if your identity has been stolen in the past and you'd like to keep an eye out for any future fishy business, but we think this service is a bit limited. 

TransUnion is only one out of three commonly used major credit bureaus (the other two are Equifax and Experian). If credit monitoring is a service you're interested in, it's worth seeking out an option to monitor all three credit bureaus because occasionally information will show up on some reports but not others. 

Browse our picks for the best credit monitoring services to find a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

Financial Management Tools

One area that many credit repair companies neglect is your overall financial health. It's easy to send credit disputes in the hopes of a quick bump to your credit score, but learning strategies to pay down debt is a much harder and longer-term commitment. Ovation Credit Repair offers financial tools to help you do things like learning how to budget so you can limit how much debt you need to take out, which all feeds back into growing a strong credit score. 

Optional Add-Ons

Ovation Credit Repair's two service levels are probably sufficient for most people's needs, even if your credit needs serious work. But if that's not enough, the company does offer one more option add-on, the Fast Track program.

If you need to get started right away and the work you need to do consists mainly of credit disputes, consider paying a one-time fee for the Fast Track Program. It's only available if you're already paying for the premium-tier package, but it essentially lets you cut in line to get same-day service in resolving credit disputes. 

Remember that this doesn't necessarily fix the disputes in one day; it only means they'll get started working on them. Actually fixing the disputes can take up to a few weeks. 

If your credit mostly needs longer-term work to grow your score, such as paying down debt or waiting for negative (but accurate) information to fall off your credit report, consider skipping this add-on because it probably won't help you get to your desired goal in a noticeably faster way. 

Company Features

As comprehensive as Ovation is, there are still some features it's missing out on. It doesn't offer credit repair services for businesses. It also doesn't offer any mobile apps, although its online portal is very well-designed and comprehensive. Finally, while it does offer financial management tools that can support your long-term credit-building journey, it does not offer specific debt management plans

Customer Service

It's relatively easy to get ahold of someone at Ovation Credit Repair. The company operates several different phone lines and email addresses for different needs, so your requests reach the right person faster than a general catchall phone number or email address, for example. 

Its phone lines are open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, so it's fairly easy for busy working professionals to reach them outside of regular working hours. The only thing more we'd like to see is a live chat option. 

Ovation’s mailing address is:

Ovation Credit Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 56137
Jacksonville, FL 32241-6137

Company Reputation

It's best to look for a company with a long track record of success when it comes to credit repair. While Ovation Credit Repair hasn't been around as long as some other credit repair companies, there is a fair bit of information available from current and previous customers that you might find useful. 

In particular, Ovation has a 4.6 rating with Trustpilot based on over 180 reviews. Customers paint a slightly different picture of the company on the Better Business Bureau website, with an average rating of around 3.5 based on over 80 reviews.

Contract Duration

Ovation Credit Repair doesn't require you to sign any long-term contracts, which is good. You'll pay on a month-by-month basis, and when you're either satisfied with the results or you're not happy with how things are moving forward, you can cancel. 

Unfortunately, Ovation Credit Repair does not offer money-back guarantees or refunds of money you've already paid. Instead, the company claims that if you're not happy, they'll waive their fee for that month—but that does nothing to put any money back in your pocket from prior months.


Ovation Credit Repair's fees are about on par with industry averages. If you want to continue working with the company after your free consultation, you'll pay a one-time $89 first-work fee to kick things off, as well as a monthly fee thereafter depending on the package level you select. The basic Essentials Plan costs $79 per month, and the premium Essentials Plus Plan runs $109 per month. If you want same-day service, you'll need to pay an additional one-time add-on fee as well.

Ovation Credit Repair offers many discounts, with options for seniors, active or retired military, new customer referrals, new customers switching over from another credit repair company, and couples (not strictly limited to romantic partners; this also could be parent/child, roommates, etc.).

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company

Most people don't shop for credit repair services every day, so it can be tough to know how to choose the right one for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you're looking around:

  • Be clear about what you're looking for: Why do you want help with your credit? Do you want to buy a house? Stop debt collection calls? Rent an apartment? Even better, if you know what you specifically need to do to improve your credit, you can look for a company that offers tailored support for these options. 
  • Avoid extended service plans and contracts: Some credit repair companies try to force you to sign long-term contracts that may not be helpful for you. Instead, look for companies that let you cancel at any time. 
  • Know how to avoid shady companies: Ethical credit repair companies don't promise they can remove accurate information, guarantee they'll raise your score, ask you to lie, or create new identities. 
  • Make a short list: Find the top three companies that pique your interest and reach out to them. Based on how they interact with you as a potential customer by offering things like helpful free consults or friendly analysts, you can get more insight into which company is the overall best choice for you. 

Alternative Choices

  Ovation Credit Repair Sky Blue Credit Repair  The Credit People Credit Repair 
Services Offered Free credit repair consult
Credit disputes Credit monitoring
Identity theft insurance
Financial management tools
Optional: same-day service
Free credit repair consult
Credit disputes
Credit monitoring
Debt management program
90-day money-back guarantee
Free credit repair consult
Credit disputes
Credit monitoring
90-day money-back guarantee 
Max. Number of Monthly Disputes  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited 
Letters to Creditors  Goodwill, debt validation Goodwill, cease & desist, debt validation  Customized to your needs 
First Work Fee  $89 $79 $19
Minimum Monthly Fee  $79 $79  $79 
Customer Service Platforms  Email, phone Email, phone  Email, phone, live chat 
Final Verdict

Ovation Credit Repair's fees are in line with industry averages, and it offers numerous ways to bring your cost down with discounts on monthly fees. In terms of what you get, it's a good deal, especially if you prefer a broader approach instead of quick but limited fixes. 

One word of caution is that Ovation doesn't offer a money-back guarantee like many other credit repair companies. But it's easy to cancel service, and your monthly fee may be waived if you're unhappy. And like most credit repair companies, you also get a free initial consultation to help you get a better feel for whether you'll like working with the company.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

Our team evaluated 17 credit repair companies and collected over 600 data points before selecting our top choices. We weighed 39 criteria, giving the highest weights to those that are the most significant for customers.

The top picks were selected based on:

  • Costs and fees (weighted 40.5% in total)
  • Services offered (34%)
  • Customer experience (22.5%)
  • Stability (3%)

We took into account factors like how many disputes will be sent per month, what kinds of dispute letters will be sent, cancellation and return policies, and how long companies have been in business. This information was used in our company star ratings and best picks.

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