The grim retail scene has claimed 13 companies so far this year and the toll is expected to rise further. The tally already surpasses last year's total of nine bankruptcies and is set to eclipse 20 bankruptcies filed during the 2008 financial crisis, according to AlixPartners, which advises distressed companies. More than half the filings this year have come from retailers that were previously bought by PE firms, according to AlixPartners. Company name Bankruptcy Assets Liabilit Period Sector Reason Filing Date as of ies as bankrup of tcy(mln bankrupt ) cy* (mln) True Religion 07-05-17 $100- $100-$50 2017 Jeans A victim of the popularity of "athleisure," $500 0 retailer or a shift towards casual sports clothing outside of the gym. Plans to exit bankruptcy in about four months Sears Canada 06-22-17 $1,1870 $1,108 2017 Departmen Hit by weakening of the traditional t store Canadian retail industry, high costs due to large number of stores and decline of the catalog business Gymboree 06-11-17 $755.50 $1,370 2017 Children' Global expansion under owner Bain Capital s apparel failed to achieve anticipated levels of growth. Also hurt by declining mall traffic and consumers shift to online shopping Rue 21 05-15-17 $1000-$ $1000-$1 2017 Teen High debt load combined with falling 10,000 0,000 fashion traffic due to the shift online Payless 04-04-17 $500-$1 $1000 to 2017 Discount Knocked down by declining mall traffic and ShoeSource 000 $10,000 footwear rapidly changing customer preferences General 03-08-17 $100- $100- 2017 Electroni Filed for second bankruptcy in a little Wireless $500 $500 cs over two years due to rise of mobile Operations phones, competition from big-box stores and Inc Amazon, and a failed co-branding (RadioShack) partnership with Sprint Corp Wet Seal 02-02-17 $10-$50 $50-$100 2015 Teen Losing market share to fast-fashion brands and apparel and Amazon 2017 American 11-14-16 $100- $100- 2016 Teen Filed for Chapter 11 in 2016, its second in Apparel $500 $500 apparel just over a year, due to struggles with years of losses, exacerbated by costly manufacturing plant in Los Angeles and legal battle with founder Dov Charney, who was ousted in 2014. Pacific 04-07-16 $50-$10 $100-$50 2016 Teen Intense competition from fast-fashion Sunwear of 0 0 apparel retailers and online rivals took a toll California Aeropostale 05-04-16 $100- $100-$50 2016 Teen Another victim of falling traffic at malls Inc $500 0 apparel as well as intense competition from H&M and Zara. Plans to liquidate Sport Chalet 04-18-16 $0 - $100 - 2016 Sporting Shifting preferences and its failure to $50 $500 goods respond to latest trends, as well as demise of larger rival Sports Authority Sports 03-02-16 $1,300 $1,100 2016 Sporting Blamed the rise of online shopping, Authority goods outdated information systems, churn at the top and a history of mergers Quiksilver 09-09-15 >$100 >$500 2015 Apparel Lost customers to fast-fashion retailers (U.S. like H&M business) hhgregg Inc 03-06-2017 hhgregg hhgregg 2017 Consumer Blamed declining electronic product prices Inc - Inc- Electroni and competition from Amazon and Best Buy. >$0.05 >$0.05 cs The company said it would shut 132 stores in April after it failed to find a buyer Gregg Gregg for them. Applian Applianc ces - es - $100-$5 $100-$50 00 0 General 07-20-15 >$1000 >$1000 2015 Grocery Filed for bankruptcy for the second time in Atlantic five years after being squeezed by Walmart Pacific & Tea Stores Inc and Kroger at the low end and Whole Foods Market Inc at the top end. Cache Inc 02-04-15 $10-$50 $50-$100 2015 Apparel Blamed the growth of online shopping and retailer rapidly changing consumer tastes. Deb Shop 12-04-14 $90.50 $120.10 2014 Teen and Company filed for bankruptcy protection for young the second time in less than four years due women's to lack of capital as well as weak demand fashion for teen fashion Coldwater 04-11-14 $278.50 $361.30 2014 Women's Declining liquidity position and Creek clothing challenging retail environment, with consumers holding back spending Delia's Inc 12-07-14 $74 $32.20 2014 Teen Lost customers to fast-fashion retailers apparel like H&M Borders 02-16-11 $1,290 $1,280 2011 Bookstore Years of falling sales due to intense competition and a crushing debt load Blockbuster 09-23-10 $1,020 $1,460 2010 Video The video rental chain filed for bankruptcy Rental after years of struggling to compete with online and mail-order movie services such as Netflix Inc and Redbox Movie Gallery 02-03-10 - $540 2010 Video Falling sales and mounting losses after Rental years of struggling to compete with online and mail-order movie services led to the Hollywood video rental chain's second bankruptcy in three years Circuit City 11-10-08 $3,400 $2,320 2008 Consumer Once the top U.S. electronics retailer, the Electroni company filed for bankruptcy after failing cs to find a buyer. The inability to respond quickly to competition from and other online retailers ultimately led to its demise Linens 'N 05-02-08 $1,740 $1,420 2008 Household Saddled with debt after being acquired by Things Goods Apollo Global Management in 2006, coupled with the U.S. housing bust and global credit crisis, forced the home goods chain to file for bankruptcy Friedman's 04-04-08 $440 - 2008 Jewelry The recession hit mid-tier jewelers hard as Inc chain shoppers reined in spending on discretionary items such as diamonds. * Bankruptcies of retail companies, excluding grocers and restaurants, with more than $50 million in liabilities (Compiled by Siddharth Cavale, Sruthi Ramkrishnan and Gayathree Ganesan in Bengaluru; Editing by Anil D'Silva)

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