Budgeting & Savings

  1. Why Saving Money is Important

    When money is tight early in your career, saving may seem a waste of time – but even a small amount can pay big dividends, ...
  2. Are Student Loans Amortized?

    Wondering if student loans are amortized? Here's everything you should know about student loans and amortization.
  3. Find the Top Money Transfer Services

    Need to send money in a hurry? Here's a list of the major players in the money transfer business. Compare rates, times and ...
  4. Best Places to Exchange Currency in San Diego

    Saving money on travel is smart, and it starts with getting the best foreign currency-exchange rates you can. Here's where ...
  5. Top Websites For Discounted Gift Cards

    Gift cards can cost less when you buy them through a discount website. Just do the math before you cough up the cash.
  6. Best Ways to Exchange Currency in Europe

    Which are the cheapest– and most costly – ways to exchange money when you're in Europe? See if you made the right choices ...
  7. 5 Free Ways to Learn New Skills Online

    Stay sharp and up to speed with today's valuable skills on these five, completely free online platforms.
  8. 6 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle for Money

    It might surprise you that you can earn extra money recycling. Here are some of the odd items that can put some extra cash ...
  9. Moving Expenses

    Moving expenses are potentially tax-deductible costs that are incurred when an individual and his or her family relocates ...
  10. Banks That Pay the Highest Interest Rates on Savings Accounts

    Online banks offer the best savings account interest rates, but all banks offer the same features, so it pays to read the ...
  11. Which Are Latin America's Safest, Cheapest Countries

    Latin American tourism is surging. The region's safest countries rank higher on the Global Peace Index than the United States ...
  12. The Most Popular States to Retire to in the U.S.

    Which are the most popular retirement states to relocate to? United Van Lines’ National Movers Study has the answers.
  13. Why Amazon Needs to Dump UPS and FedEx (AMZN, FDX, UPS)

    Amazon is too dependent on third-party shipping companies and must grow their delivery options to survive. Fortunately, Amazon ...
  14. How Much Money Do You Need to Live in Miami?

    Learn how much it costs on average to live in Miami and the challenges people face sustaining a lifestyle in Miami during ...
  15. Self-Driving Cars Could Change the Auto Industry (GM, F)

    Driverless cars have piqued human interest for centuries. A true driverless car, however, has remained elusive until recently.
  16. How Much Money Do You Need to Live in San Francisco?

    Thinking of moving to San Francisco? Here's how much it costs to live in San Francisco as a student, a professional or an ...
  17. When Is It Cheaper to Fly to Australia?

    If you're looking for the cheapest time to fly to Australia, you should know that the time you go and how you book are the ...
  18. Average Cost Of An American Christmas

    Here's a look at the average cost of Christmas for an American this year, and the areas with the highest and lowest holiday ...
  19. ProFlowers vs. 1-800-Flowers: Comparing Floral Retailers (FLWS)

    Learn how the top two floral providers, ProFlowers and 1-800-Flowers.com, compare to one another in selection, service, value ...
  20. Why Some Kids Never Leave the Nest

    Giving your children a free ride can be costly for both of you. Here's why some kids never leave the nest.
  21. Best Ways to Invest for a Small Budget

    Here are some investing tips for a small budget.
  22. When Is It Cheaper To Fly To Europe?

    When can you fly to Europe for the lowest fares? Hint: You'll need gloves and a scarf.
  23. Accounting

    Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business.
  24. 5 Financial Strategies to Last a Lifetime

    To stay consistent with your financial goals, here are five financial strategies to help you grow your balance sheet and ...
  25. The Everyday Lives Of Frugal Billionaires

    Many of the world's richest people manage their money sensibly. Here are some billionaires who spend wisely.
  26. Self-Directed IRA: Rules and Regulations

    Self-directed IRAs are distinguished from other IRAs by differences of permissible investment types and regulatory restrictions, ...
  27. Great (Financial) Gifts for Kids This Christmas

    Parents, grandparents, and other interested adults can give financial gifts to children that can help secure their futures.
  28. How to Get Paid to Go to School

    Tuition benefits, grants, and scholarships can help you get paid to go to school and enjoy the payoff from your degree without ...
  29. Study Abroad: Budget for Australia

    Australia is one of the most popular – and most expensive – destinations for U.S. students who want to study abroad. But ...
  30. The Worst Place to Exchange Currency

    Exchanging currency is a necessary part of traveling, but not all currency exchanges are created equal. Here are the worst ...
  31. How Safe Is Traveling in the Philippines?

    In the past, there have been active travel warnings for parts of the Philippines. Here are precautions to be aware of when ...
  32. 5 U.S. Cities Where Your Paycheck Goes the Furthest

    In these U.S. cities, workers get paid competitive salaries while enjoying a high quality of life due to a low cost of living. ...
  33. The 4 Best Alternatives to Craigslist

    Understand the pros and cons of Craigslist, and learn why alternative sites such as eBay Classifieds, Adoos and even Facebook ...
  34. Car Shopping: New Or Used?

    Don't get taken for a ride. Learn the pros and cons before the salesperson makes a pitch.
  35. Best Budgeting Software for 2018

    The best budgeting software helps users manage money and is something that you will actually use on a day to day basis.
  36. How Elon Musk Will Revolutionize the Modern World

    From Paypal to Tesla, Elon Musk is continually finding ways to revolutionize our lives. Here's more information.
  37. When Is It Cheaper to Fly to New York?

    Summer is the costliest season to travel to the Big Apple from abroad. You'll save money in the colder months, as long as ...
  38. How Much Money Do You Need to Live in NYC?

    Learn how much money you need to meet basic expenses in New York City as a student, as a professional and as an unemployed ...
  39. Money Habits of the Millennials

    Millennial spending and investing habits are guided by somewhat different factors than preceding generations.
  40. Expedia vs. Orbitz: Comparing The Rewards

    The best program for you depends on how you want to use the points. Here's a comparison of the rewards you get with Expedia ...
  41. How Buying On Amazon.com Works

    Learn how Amazon.com functions, from the customer experience and security of payment information to the fulfillment centers.
  42. 3 Reasons Costco Has Membership Fees

    There's more to Costco's membership fees than meet the eye.
  43. What's the Best Thing to Do with $100K in Cash?

    Have you suddenly found yourself with an extra $100,000 on hand? Here are some ways to put it to work.
  44. Live in Thailand on $1,000 a Month

    Discover what kind of life you can lead on $1,000 per month in Thailand, one of the top expatriate and tourist destinations ...
  45. 7 Effective Ways to Prepare for a Layoff

    Getting laid off is never fun, but there are ways you can prepare yourself emotionally and financially to best manage a layoff. ...
  46. Reasons Renting Is Better Than Buying

    Owning a home is much more expensive than renting. Here are the places where the costs differ greatly.
  47. How It's Never Too Late to Save for College

    Whether your child is a senior in high school or college, it's never too late to contribute to a 529 plan to help cover the ...
  48. Save $1 Million for Retirement on Minimum-Wage

    A $1 million retirement is a nice round number to shoot for. With the right planning it’s potentially doable, even on a minimum-wage ...
  49. Xoom Vs. Western Union

    The best choice for you depends on many factors, including how much money you’re sending, how quickly you need to send it, ...
  50. Waze: The Pros and Cons

    While Google Maps is still the king of maps, here's why for many of the 50 million Waze users, it’s Waze or nothing.
Save Money
  1. 5 Ways To Make Your Home Remodels Pay Off

    Here are five ways to make your home renovation worth the money and effort you put into it.
  2. Differences Between Private Foundations And Public Charities

    Here's a look at the differences between these types of charitable organizations.
  3. How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

    YouTube's Partner Program helps users earn money through their channels. Find out how.
  4. The World's Most Valuable Private Companies

    In spite of the rewards going public can bring, some companies prefer to remain private, and they are very successful in this.
  5. Is Cyber Monday The New Black Friday?

    Cyber Monday is becoming more popular than Black Friday. Here's why.
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