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  1. 8 Tips to Help You Control Holiday Spending

    These tips will have you singing "Joy to the World" well into the New Year.
  2. Budgeting When You're Broke

    When you're short on cash, a strict budget is the best tool for finding financial stability.
  3. Insolvency

    Insolvency occurs when an individual or organization can no longer meet its financial obligations with its lender or lenders ...
  4. Demand Letter

    A demand letter is a document that gives formal notice that you are considering legal action.
  5. Mortgage Insurance

    Mortgage insurance protects a mortgage lender or title holder if a borrower defaults on payments, dies or otherwise can't ...
  6. Best Efforts Mortgage Lock

    A best efforts mortgage lock is when the sale of a mortgage requires that the seller makes their best-effort attempt to deliver ...
  7. Credit Counseling

    Credit counseling provides guidance and support on consumer credit, money and debt management, and budgeting.
  8. Combined Statement

    A combined statement aggregates information on a retail banking customer's accounts onto a single periodic statement.
  9. Relocation Mortgage (Relo)

    Relocation mortgages (relo) are designed for relocating or transferring employees.
  10. No Documentation Mortgage (No Doc)

    No doc mortgages are granted without supporting evidence of borrower income based on a declaration confirming the borrower ...
  11. Subprime Lender

    A subprime lender specializes in lending to borrowers with a poor or limited credit history.
  12. Chip Card

    A chip card is a standard-size plastic debit card or credit card that contains an embedded microchip as well as a traditional ...
  13. Alternative Mortgage Instrument

    Alternative mortgage instrument (AMI) is a residential mortgage loan with different terms than a fixed-rate, fully amortizing ...
  14. Debt Cancellation Contract

    A debt cancellation contract (DCC) modifies loan terms to cancel all or part of a customer’s obligation to repay an extension ...
  15. Adjustment Date

    Adjustment date is when financial adjustments will be made to a contract or transaction, as agreed to by all parties in the ...
  16. Resolution Funding Corporation - REFCORP

    Resolution Funding Corporation (REFCORP) is a corporation created by Congress to fund the Resolution Trust Corporation during ...
  17. How will debt settlement affect my credit score?

    Understand how debt settlement typically works and find out how sometimes the best option to eliminate an outstanding debt, ...
  18. Acceleration Covenant

    A clause in certain loan agreements allowing the lender to end a contract and demand payment if the borrower violates terms ...
  19. Opinion Of Title

    Opinion of title is a legal opinion attesting to the validity of the title deed to a piece of property.
  20. Flood Insurance

    Flood insurance is a financial instrument that protects real property owners from water damage to the structure and/or contents ...
  21. Reference Obligation

    A reference obligation is a specific underlying debt upon which a credit derivative is based.
  22. Can I buy a house directly from Fannie Mae (FNMA)?

    If you're looking to buy a house, first understand that Fannie Mae is a secondary mortgage market and keeps money in a flow ...
  23. Can Netspend cards be used internationally?

    Understand the benefits and pitfalls of NetSpend cards and discover whether they be use internationally. Then learn about ...
  24. Housing And Economic Recovery Act (HERA)

    The Housing and Economic Recovery Act allowed the FHA to guarantee up to $300 billion in new 30-year fixed rate mortgages ...
  25. Initial Interest Rate

    Initial interest rate is the introductory rate on an adjustable or floating rate loan.
  26. Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is a U.S. government agency that regulates the secondary mortgage market.
  27. Affidavit Of Title

    An affidavit of title is a document provided by the seller of a piece of property that shows the status of the property, ...
  28. Mortgage Fallout

    Mortgage fallout describes the percentage of loans that do not close in a mortgage originator's pipeline.
  29. The 5 Factors Of A 'Good' Location

    “Location, location, location” is a common mantra in real estate. And it’s good advice.
  30. How to Read a Consumer Credit Report

    Learning how to read your consumer credit report is vital, as it includes important information about your credit history. ...
  31. 7 Unusual Ways Businesses Can Borrow Money

    More and more alternative lenders have emerged for business owners. But beware: Some offer better terms than others.
  32. Balance Protection

    Balance protection is a type of optional coverage offered on some credit card account.
  33. Defeasance Process

    The defeasance process allows a borrower to substitute U.S. Treasury-backed securities for collateral as a way to exit a ...
  34. Bullet

    A bullet is a lump-sum repayment of a loan, often called a balloon payment.
  35. What is the difference between closed-end credit and a line of credit?

    Understand what's the difference between closed-end credit, open-end credit, and lines of credit. Then find out how each ...
  36. Interest Due

    Interest due is the dollar amount required to pay the interest cost of a loan for the payment period.
  37. Commodity Paper

    Commodity paper is the contract involved when a loan is given for which raw materials owned by the borrower serve as collateral. ...
  38. 5 Things You Need to Be Pre-Approved For a Mortgage

    Before you can get serious about buying a home, you need to get pre-approval for a mortgage. Learn what you need to speed ...
  39. Bank Levy

    A bank levy is a UK tax on banks, forcing them to pay government taxes over and above any normal corporate taxes they may ...
  40. Guarantee Fees

    Guarantee fees are the basis points paid by banks to MBS providers for services and insurance.
  41. Condo complications: The issues behind ownership

    Understand what are the benefits and pitfalls to owning a condominium. If you are a first-time home buyer, you should ask ...
  42. How does Sallie Mae disburse funds?

    Understand how Sallie Mae operates as a private company and discover about the different ways in which Sallie Mae disburses ...
  43. Unsecured

    Unsecured refers to a loan or equity interest that is given without requiring a lien against collateral of equal or higher ...
  44. Can you use your Walmart credit card at Sam's Club?

    Learn how you can use a Walmart credit card at Sam's Club. Sam's Club also takes a variety of other payments and has many ...
  45. Can I use my 401(k) as collateral for a loan?

    Understand more about how 401(k) accounts work, and find out whether if it is possible to use a 401(k) account as collateral ...
  46. Why do interest rates change?

    Interest rates affect many facets of borrowing money and is based off of supply and demand. Interest rates also vary based ...
  47. 9 Reasons to Say No to Credit

    Sometime credit isn't the best option. There are many things to take into account when using credit cards including your ...
  48. Lifetime Cap

    The lifetime cap is the maximum interest rate that is allowed to be charged on an adjustable-rate mortgage.
  49. Euromoney Country Risk

    Euromoney country risk is a measure of risk based on the survey of expert opinion on the political and economic stability ...
  50. Line-of-Credit Payment Plan

    A method of receiving reverse mortgage proceeds that lets the homeowner borrow funds only as needed.
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