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  1. Master Mortgage

    A master mortgage is the document that mortgage originators file when a property is sold for the first time that exists for ...
  2. Straight-Roller

    A straight-roller is a loan account that moves directly from current to default without warning.
  3. Gray Charges

    Gray charges are fees consumers pay via credit card or debit card for unwanted or unnoticed subscription services.
  4. Making Home Affordable

    Making Home Affordable is a program launched in 2009 to aid eligible homeowners by lowering their monthly mortgage payments ...
  5. Jitter

    Jitter is an anti-skimming technique that distorts the readout of the magnetic strip as it is swiped or pulled into a card ...
  6. COB Fraud

    COB fraud refers to a change of billing address scam, in which a criminal changes a victim’s billing address with a financial ...
  7. Zero Balance Card

    A zero balance card is credit card on which a consumer does not owe any money because they have paid any balances owed in ...
  8. Furnisher

    A furnisher is a company that provides information about a consumer, including credit history, to a credit bureau.
  9. Prime Conforming

    Prime conforming is a category of mortgage loans for borrowers considered to be of a high credit quality.
  10. Terms And Conditions (Credit Card)

    Terms and conditions (credit card) is official documentation of the rules and guidelines of the agreement between a credit ...
  11. Payment Option ARM Minimum Payment

    A payment Option ARM Minimum Payment is an option to make minimum payments on an payment option ARM.
  12. Credit Fraud Alert

    Credit fraud alerts give notice to the credit reporting bureaus that a consumer’s identity may have been stolen or their ...
  13. MasterCard Acquirer

    A MasterCard Acquirer is a financial institution that accepts and processes transactions made with a MasterCard card.
  14. Dual Index Mortgage

    A dual index mortgage is a type of mortgage where the interest rate and payment are tied to several financial index benchmarks.
  15. Alternative Documentation

    Alternative documentation is a process designed to expedite loan approval where the borrower can submit certain documents ...
  16. Credit Freeze

    A credit freeze, also called “security freeze,” is a freeze on access to a consumer’s credit.
  17. Proprietary Reverse Mortgage

    A proprietary reverse mortgage is a loan that lets senior homeowners draw on the equity in their homes through a private ...
  18. Tiered Rewards

    Tiered rewards refer to cash back, points or miles that a credit card offers at varying levels based on how much a cardholder ...
  19. Fixed-Period ARM

    A fixed-period ARM is an adjustable-rate mortgage with an initial fixed-interest-rate period. The rate then adjusts based ...
  20. Expired Card

    An expired card is a credit card no longer usable because its expiration date has passed. An expired card would be rejected ...
  21. EMV

    EMV is a global standard relating to integrated circuit cards, point-of-sale terminals and automated teller machines, set ...
  22. Bad Debt Recovery

    A bad debt recovery is business debt from a loan, credit line or accounts receivable that is recovered either in whole or ...
  23. Grace Period (Credit)

    A grace period (credit) is the number of days between a consumer’s credit card statement date and payment due date when interest ...
  24. Business Credit Score

    A business credit score is a number indicating whether a company is a good candidate to receive a loan or become a business ...
  25. Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit

    A mortgage rate lock deposit is a fee a lender charges a borrower to lock in an interest rate for a certain time period, ...
  26. Exotic Mortgage

    An exotic mortgage is a type of home loan that offers lower monthly payments initially, but is considered high-risk because ...
  27. Official Staff Commentary

    Official Staff Commentary is published by Federal Reserve staff to analyze and interpret Fed regulations.
  28. Discover Card

    Discover Card is one of the largest credit card brands in the United States.
  29. Knuckle-Buster

    Knuckle-buster is a nickname for a manual imprint device, used to record credit card transactions.
  30. Hypothecation

    Hypothecation occurs when an asset is pledged as collateral to secure a loan, without giving up title, possession or ownership ...
  31. Simple Interest Bi-Weekly Mortgage

    A simple interest bi-weekly mortgage is a mortgage payment plan where the borrower's payments made are applied immediately ...
  32. Plain Vanilla Card

    A plain vanilla card is basic credit card with no special features or perks and no annual fee. 
  33. Accommodation Paper

    An accommodation paper is a third-party pledge to assist in the repayment of a loan in the event that the primary borrower ...
  34. Average Daily Balance Method

    The average daily balance is a common accounting method where credit card interest charges are calculated using the total ...
  35. Why Credit Karma Is Free and How It Makes Money

    Credit scores originally were built for lenders, but Credit Karma makes the system work for consumers, too – while making ...
  36. Bow Tie Loan

    A bow-tie loan is a short-term, variable-rate loan in which unpaid interest charges above a predetermined interest rate are ...
  37. Sweat Equity

    Sweat equity is the unpaid labor employees and cash-strapped entrepreneurs put into a project, whether it be a start-up venture ...
  38. Warren Buffett: Be Fearful When Others are Greedy

    It is prudent for the investor to understand when the party has gone on long enough and the clock is about to strike midnight. ...
  39. 18 Ways to Master Your Money in 2018

    Make 2018 the year you really, truly get control of your financial life. Your future self will thank you.
  40. Borrowing Base

    A borrowing base is the amount of money a lender will loan to a company based on the value of the collateral the company ...
  41. Minimum Payment

    The minimum payment is the lowest amount of money that a credit card holder must pay on the credit card statement each billing ...
  42. Gazunder

    Gazunder is a colloquial term used in the United Kingdom when a real estate buyer lowers their offer despite already having ...
  43. China Credit Information Service - CCIS

    China Credit Information Service (CCIS) offers credit rating services throughout Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.
  44. Card-Present Fraud

    Card-present fraud is a type of credit card fraud in which the card is physically presented to the merchant during the transaction.
  45. Energy Improvement Mortgage

    An energy improvement mortgage allows borrowers to qualify for additional loan funding to make cost-effective energy efficiency ...
  46. Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgage

    A single-purpose reverse mortgage offers regular advance payments of a borrower's equity for a contractually specified purpose.
  47. Unlawful Loan

    An unlawful loan is a loan that fails to comply with lending laws, such as loans with illegally high interest rates or those ...
  48. FICO 08

    FICO 08 is the base version of Fair Isaac Corporation's credit-rating model as revised in 2009.
  49. Truncation

    Truncation is a requirement mandated by the FTC for merchants to shorten the credit or debit card information printed on ...
  50. Credit Union National Association - CUNA

    The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) is a trade organization representing the interests of credit unions in the U.S.
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