1. 8(a) Firm

    An 8(a) firm is a small business that is owned and operated by socially or economically disadvantaged individuals.
  2. Junior Company

    A junior company is a small company that is developing or seeking to develop a natural resource deposit or field.
  3. Love Money

    Love money is capital extended by family and/or friends to an entrepreneur to start a business venture.
  4. Brokerage Department

    A brokerage department within an insurance company obtains insurance for difficult-to-insure customers through alternate ...
  5. United States Government Life Insurance (USGLI)

    United States Government Life Insurance was established in 1919 to provide term, permanent and endowment insurance up to ...
  6. No-Load Life Insurance

    No-load life insurance is a type of life insurance that charges much lower fees and expenses than conventionl life policies.
  7. Catastrophe Futures

    Catastrophe futures are futures contracts used by insurance companies to protect themselves against future catastrophe losses. ...
  8. Business Auto Coverage Form

    A business auto coverage form is provided to business owners when creating an insurance contract for a company's cars, trucks, ...
  9. Career-Ending Move

    A career-ending move is a huge mistake, bad decision or misdeed made by a worker that has big career consequences.
  10. Work Ticket

    A work ticket is a form that shows the time spent by an employee working on a particular job.
  11. Unemployment Income

    Unemployment income is an insurance benefit that is paid as a result of a taxpayer's inability to find gainful employment. ...
  12. Assembly Service

    Assembly service refers to the combining a number of small shipments from multiple parties into a single shipment.
  13. Microfinance

    Microfinance is a banking service that is provided to unemployed and low-income individuals who have no other means of gaining ...
  14. Parasitic Advertising

    Parasitic advertising is a type of marketing that promotes one product at the cost of lost sales for another product.
  15. Discovery Cover

    Discovery cover is an insurance policy that indemnifies the policyholder for losses during the policy period, regardless ...
  16. Credentialing Liability

    Credentialing liability refers to the responsibility that a hospital or medical facility carries for the staff practicing ...
  17. Reinsurance Ticket

    A reinsurance ticket is a notification made by an insurer, disclosing the different reinsurance contracts and terms that ...
  18. Beach Plan

    A beach plan is property insurance for coastal property owners who have a high exposure to windstorm and hail losses.
  19. Modified Payoff

    A modified payoff is a partial insurance reimbursement that is paid to depositors of failed banks.
  20. Advisory Endorsement

    Advisory endorsements are adjustments to the provisions used to create an insurance policy.
  21. Self-Build Insurance

    Self-build insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage during the construction of a new home, additional structure, ...
  22. Master-Servant Rule

    The master-servant rule is a legal guideline stating that employers are responsible for the actions of their employees.
  23. Priming Loan

    A priming loan is a form of debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing that allows a company that is in Chapter 11 bankrutpcy proceedings ...
  24. Leveraged Benefits

    Leveraged benefit programs allow small business owners to use their company’s assets to secure a loan that indirectly funds ...
  25. Buffer Layer

    The buffer layer is the difference between the primary limit of insurance and any excess layer of insurance.
  26. Peer-to-Peer Lending Breaks Down Financial Borders

    Banks are no longer the only option for a loan - the P2P lending system operates without them.
  27. Contents Rate

    The contents rate is the premium required to insure the contents of a property rather than the property itself.
  28. Discovery Bond

    A discovery bond is a type of fidelity bond used to protect a business from losses caused by employees committing acts of ...
  29. Unilateral Extended Reporting Period Provision

    A unilateral extended reporting period provision allows the insured to extend the coverage period if the insurer decides ...
  30. Clunker

    A clunker is a popular reference to the old vehicle traded in under the U.S. government's "cash-for-clunkers" program, rolled ...
  31. Automatic Additional Insured

    Automatic additional insured refers to insurance coverage that is automatically included in an insurance policy.
  32. Articles of Organization

    Articles of organization are part of a formal legal document used to establish a limited liability company (LLC) at the state ...
  33. Foaming The Runway

    Foaming the runway in a financial context is the practice of making a last-minute infusion of cash into a company to forestall ...
  34. Cyberslacking

    Cyberslacking refers to an employee’s use of work computers and other resources during work hours for non-work-related purposes.
  35. Dialing and Smiling

    Dialing and smiling is a telemarketing technique in which unsolicited calls are made to prospective clients of a business ...
  36. Bleeding Edge Technology

    Bleeding edge technology is a type of technology released to the public even though it has not been thoroughly tested and ...
  37. Rent-a-Crowd

    A rent-a-crowd is group of people rented to make a business, rally, protest or other public event appear busy.
  38. Debt Signaling

    Debt signaling is a theory that correlates the future performance of a company’s stock with any announcements made regarding ...
  39. Howard Schultz: From Starbucks Comeback to Final Farewell

    Find out why Howard Schultz left Starbucks in 2000, came back years later and if this time his retirement is for good.
  40. Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR)

    A Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) is a simplified means for smaller companies to raise capital by issuing shares.
  41. Corporate Cannibalism

    Corporate cannibalism is the reduction in sales volume or market share of a product after a new product has been introduced ...
  42. Social Sentiment Indicator

    A social sentiment indicator analyzes aggregated social media data to help businesses understand how they are performing ...
  43. Goal Seeking

    Goal seeking is the process of finding the correct input value when only the output is known.
  44. Vulture Capitalist

    A vulture capitalist is an investor who buys up distressed companies in order to turn them around so he can sell them for ...
  45. The Ultimate Working From Home Guide

    Read our complete guide to working from home to learn about the industries with the top types of flexible, remote jobs available ...
  46. Genomics

    Genomics is the study of a genome, the complete set of genetic information of a particular species.
  47. Second Screen Advertising

    Second screen advertising drives customers to their second screens (smartphones, tablets) to access more content and, as ...
  48. Civil Rights Act of 1964

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is landmark federal legislation that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, ...
  49. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967

    The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 is a U.S. statute that protects certain workers 40 years of age and older ...
  50. Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA)

    The Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) oversees and enforces provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security ...
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Hot Definitions
  1. Gross Margin

    A company's total sales revenue minus its cost of goods sold, divided by the total sales revenue, expressed as a percentage. ...
  2. Inflation

    Inflation is the rate at which prices for goods and services is rising and the worth of currency is dropping.
  3. Discount Rate

    Discount rate is the interest rate charged to commercial banks and other depository institutions for loans received from ...
  4. Economies of Scale

    Economies of scale refer to reduced costs per unit that arise from increased total output of a product. For example, a larger ...
  5. Quick Ratio

    The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to meet its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets.
  6. Leverage

    Leverage results from using borrowed capital as a source of funding when investing to expand the firm's asset base and generate ...
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