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  1. Consortium

    A consortium is a group made up of two or more individuals, companies or governments that work together toward achieving ...
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media websites and social networks to market a company’s products and services.
  3. Advertising Elasticity of Demand (AED)

    Advertising elasticity of demand (AED) is a measure of a market's sensitivity to increases or decreases in advertising saturation.
  4. Monthly Active User (MAU)

    Monthly Active User (MAU) is a key performance indicator (KPI) often used by online games, mobile apps and social networking ...
  5. Succession Planning

    Succession planning is the strategy for passing on leadership roles and often the ownership of a company to an employee or ...
  6. Option Pool

    Stock in a startup set aside to be granted to employees is referred to as an option pool.
  7. Adjusted Net Worth

    Adjusted net worth is the value of an insurance company based on capital values, surplus values and an estimated value of ...
  8. Debtor-in-Possession Financing (DIP Financing)

    Debtor-in-possession financing (DIP financing) is a special kind of financing meant for companies that are financially distressed ...
  9. Business Exit Strategy

    A business exit strategy is an entrepreneur's strategic plan to sell their ownership in a company to investors or another ...
  10. Queuing Theory

    Queuing theory is the mathematical study of the congestion and delays of waiting in line.
  11. Virtual Office

    A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and ...
  12. Razor-Razorblade Model

    The razor-razorblade model is a pricing tactic in which a dependent good is sold at a loss (or at cost) and a paired consumable ...
  13. Direct Participation Program (DPP)

    A direct participation program (DPP) is a pooled entity that offers investors access to a business venture's cash flow and ...
  14. Competitive Intelligence

    Competitive intelligence is the act of collecting and analyzing actionable information about competitors and the marketplace ...
  15. Safe Deposit Box

    A safe deposit box is usually located inside a bank and is used to store valuables.
  16. Nonpassive Income And Losses

    Gains or losses incurred in a business activity a taxpayer is a material participant in are called nonpassive income and ...
  17. Hurricane Deductible

    A hurricane deductible is the amount a homeowner must pay before insurance will cover the damage caused by a hurricane.
  18. Long-Tail Liability

    A long-tail liability is a type of liability that carries a long settlement period.
  19. Malpractice Insurance

    Malpractice insurance is professional liability insurance that protects healthcare (and other professionals) against patient ...
  20. Policy Loan

    A policy loan is issued by an insurance company that uses the cash value of a person's life insurance policy as collateral.
  21. Equity Financing

    If a company needs capital to support its growth, it might seek equity financing from a variety of investors.
  22. Private Carrier

    A private carrier is a company that uses its own fleet to deliver goods between locations and to customers.
  23. Savings Options for the Self-Employed Millennial

    Self-employment has many advantages, but one of the disadvantages is the lack of a company-sponsored retirement plan. Here ...
  24. Industrial Organization

    Industrial organization is a field of economics dealing with the strategic behavior of firms, regulatory policy, antitrust ...
  25. Reorganization

    Reorganization is a process designed to revive a financially troubled or bankrupt firm.
  26. Corporate Debt Restructuring

    Corporate debt restructuring is the reorganization of a distressed company's outstanding obligations to restore its liquidity ...
  27. Vendor Financing

    Vendor financing is the lending of money by a vendor to a customer so that the customer can buy the vendor's inventory or ...
  28. Debtor in Possession (DIP)

    A debtor in possession (DIP) is a person or corporation that has filed for bankruptcy protection but still holds property ...
  29. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): The Basics

    LLPs are a flexible, legal and tax entity that allows partners to benefit from economies of scale while also reducing their ...
  30. Limited Company (LC)

    A limited company (LC) is a form of incorporation that limits the amount of liability undertaken by the company's shareholders.
  31. The Net Internal Rate of Return (Net IRR)

    Net internal rate of return (net IRR) is a performance measure equal to the internal rate of return after fees and carried ...
  32. Banner Advertising

    Banner advertising refers to the use of a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top, bottom or sides of a ...
  33. Greenwashing

    Greenwashing is the use of marketing to portray an organization's products, activities or policies as environmentally friendly ...
  34. Unfair Trade Practice

    Unfair trade practice refers to the use of various deceptive, fraudulent or unethical methods to obtain business.
  35. Admitted Insurance

    Admitted insurance is purchased from an insurance company that has been formally admitted or licensed to operate by the state ...
  36. Kickback

    A kickback is the payment to a recipient as compensation or reward for providing favorable treatment or services to another ...
  37. Money-Weighted Rate of Return

    Money-weighted rate of return is a measure of the performance of an asset or portfolio of assets.
  38. Guaranteed Payments to Partners

    Guaranteed payments to partners are payments meant to compensate a partner for services or use of capital.
  39. How Elon Musk Became Elon Musk

    An overview of the early life and education of Elon Musk, one of the great innovators of our time.
  40. Commercial General Liability (CGL)

    Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance provides coverage to a business for claims caused by the business’ operations, ...
  41. Insurance Company Credit Rating

    An insurance company credit rating is the opinion of an independent agency regarding the financial strength of an insurance ...
  42. Bundling

    Bundling is a marketing strategy that joins products or services together in order to sell them as a single combined unit.
  43. Breakup Fee

    A breakup fee is used in takeover agreements as leverage on the seller against backing out of the deal to sell to the purchaser. ...
  44. Guaranteed Loan

    A guaranteed loan is a loan guaranteed by a third party in the event that the borrower defaults.
  45. Direct Premiums Written

    Direct premiums written are the total premiums received before taking into account reinsurance ceded.
  46. Valued Policy Law (VPL)

    Valued Policy Law (VPL) is a statute that requires insurance companies to pay the full value of a policy to the insured in ...
  47. Business Owner Policy (BOP)

    A business owner policy (BOP) combines protection from all major property and liability risks into one package.
  48. Open Cover

    Open cover is a type of marine insurance policy in which the insurer agrees to provide coverage for all cargo shipped during ...
  49. Residential Rental Property

    Residential rental property is a type of investment property that derives more than 80% of its revenue from dwelling units. ...
  50. Net Investment

    Net investment is the amount spent by a company or an economy on capital assets, or gross investment, less depreciation. ...
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Hot Definitions
  1. Bubble

    1. An economic cycle characterized by rapid expansion followed by a contraction. 2. A surge in equity prices, often more ...
  2. Swap

    A swap is a derivative contract through which two parties exchange financial instruments, such as interest rates, commodities, ...
  3. Yield Curve

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  4. Gross Profit

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  5. Risk Tolerance

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