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  1. Minority IPO

    A minority IPO is an initial public offering in which shares are held back by a parent company to maintain a controlling ...
  2. Reverse Greenshoe Option

    A Reverse Greenshoe Option in a public offering underwriting agreement that gives the underwriter the right to sell the issuer ...
  3. Savings Association Insurance Fund - SAIF

    Savings Association Insurance Fund was a U.S. government insurance fund for savings and loans to protect depositors from ...
  4. Valuation Clause

    Valuation clause is a provision in some insurance policies specifying the amount the policy holder will receive if an insured ...
  5. Mortgage Insurance

    Mortgage insurance protects a mortgage lender or title holder if a borrower defaults on payments, dies or otherwise can't ...
  6. Wrap-Around Insurance Program

    A wrap-around insurance program is a policy which only provides punitive damages insurance for employment practices liability ...
  7. Comparative Interest Rate Method

    Comparative interest rate method is an interest-adjusted method of calculating the difference in cost between insurance policies. ...
  8. Opinion Of Title

    Opinion of title is a legal opinion attesting to the validity of the title deed to a piece of property.
  9. Active Retention

    Active retention is the practice of protecting against a loss via the designation of specific funds to pay for the expected ...
  10. Monopolistic State Fund

    A monopolistic state fund is a government owned and operated fund set up to provide a mandatory insurance service in certain ...
  11. Flood Insurance

    Flood insurance is a financial instrument that protects real property owners from water damage to the structure and/or contents ...
  12. Charging Order

    A charging order is a court order allowing a creditor to put a lien on the distributions of a limited partnership or LLC ...
  13. Insurance Bond

    An insurance bond is a type of investment instrument that is offered by life insurance companies.
  14. Primary Insurance Amount - PIA

    Primary insurance amount is a calculation, used with the Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME), to determine a person's ...
  15. Fully Subscribed

    Fully subscribed means an underwriting firm has successfully sold all of its available issues of a public offering of securities ...
  16. The 5 Factors Of A 'Good' Location

    “Location, location, location” is a common mantra in real estate. And it’s good advice.
  17. Needs Approach

    Needs approach is a method of calculating how much life insurance an individual or family requires to cover their needs and ...
  18. Devolvement

    Devolvement refers to a situation when the undersubscription of a security issue forces the underwriting investment bank ...
  19. Top 10 Tips for a Financially Safe Retirement

    You've worked hard to secure enough to retire, so make sure you keep it safe.
  20. Piggyback Registration

    A piggyback registration is when an underwriter allows existing company shares to be sold in conjunction with a new public ...
  21. Freed Up

    Freed up is a slang phrase to refer to when underwriters are no longer obligated to sell at the agreed upon price, or money ...
  22. Umbrella Personal Liability Policy

    An umbrella policy provides extra protection in the event that a lawsuit exceeds the basic level of coverage in a standard ...
  23. Common Risks That Can Ruin Your Retirement

    These unexpected bumps can sideline your post-work plans and prevent you from outlasting your assets.
  24. Can You Retire in Five Years?

    The countdown is on. Find out whether you'll be ready to leave the working world.
  25. The Top 3 Retiree Worries (And What To Do About Them)

    Discover the most common problems retirees face, and what they can do to solve them.
  26. Choosing Life Insurance? Consider These Factors

    When choosing life insurance, consider these factors first to make the best decision.
  27. How Social Security Survivor Benefits Work

    Learn about your options in times of loss and discover what you can do to provide death benefits, social security benefits, ...
  28. Living and Death Benefit Riders

    Living and death benefit riders are a descriptive class of contractual add-ons to insurance and annuity products.
  29. Benefit Issues When Your Employer Goes Bankrupt

    There are some safeguards in place to ensure that insurance coverage and benefits don't just disappear when a plan is canceled. ...
  30. Kiosk

    A kiosk is a small, temporary, standalone booth used in high foot traffic areas for marketing purposes, usually manned by ...
  31. Estate Planning

    Estate planning is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage an individual's asset base in the event of their incapacitation ...
  32. ABLE Account

    An ABLE account is a tax-advantaged savings account available to individuals diagnosed with significant disabilities prior ...
  33. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, established in 1988, elevated the previous Veterans Administration to a Cabinet-level ...
  34. Should You Insure Your Wedding Ring?

    A wedding ring's value and your current insurance coverage play a role in a decision to insure the ring.
  35. Multinational Pooling

    Multinational pooling is a method global companies use to manage the risk of their employee benefit plans throughout the ...
  36. Misselling

    Misselling is a sales practice in which a product or service is deliberately misrepresented or a customer is misled about ...
  37. Benefactor

    A benefactor is an individual that provides money or other resources to an individual, group, or organization.
  38. Dependent Care Benefits

    Dependent care benefits are provided by an employer to an employee for use in caring for dependents, such as young children ...
  39. Health Savings Account - HSA

    A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an account for individuals with high-deductible health plans to save for medical expenses ...
  40. American Academy Of Actuaries - AAA

    The American Academy of Actuaries is a group that provides analysis to aid in aspects that require actuarial expertise and ...
  41. Payroll Deduction Plan

    A payroll deduction plan refers to when an employer withholds money from an employee's paycheck for a variety of purposes, ...
  42. Ex Gratia Payment

    An ex gratia payment is made to an individual for damages or claims, but it does not require the admittance of liability ...
  43. Counsel Selection Provision

    A counsel selection provision appears in a liability insurance contract, allowing the policyholder to select or approve legal ...
  44. Reproduction Cost

    Reproduction cost refers to the costs involved with reproducing an asset or property with same specifications as insured ...
  45. All-In Coverage

    All-in coverage is a type of insurance coverage that applies to communal features in residential multi-family and structures ...
  46. Preventive Services

    Preventive services refer to check-ups, patient counseling and screenings to prevent illness, disease and other health-related ...
  47. Extra-Contractual Obligations (ECO) Clause

    An extra-contractual obligations (ECO) clause in a reinsurance contract requires a reinsurer to pay for expenses imposed ...
  48. Family Income Rider

    A family income rider is a life insurance add-on that provides a beneficiary with money equal to the policyholder's monthly ...
  49. 4 Frequently Asked Auto Insurance Questions

    Answers to four common questions about what and who is covered by an auto insurance policy.
  50. 3 Things to Know About Life Insurance

    Many life insurance salespeople would prefer you didn't know these three things.
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Hot Definitions
  1. Enterprise Value (EV)

    Enterprise Value (EV) is a measure of a company's total value, often used as a more comprehensive alternative to equity market ...
  2. Relative Strength Index - RSI

    Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) is a technical momentum indicator that compares the magnitude of recent gains to recent ...
  3. Dividend

    A dividend is a distribution of a portion of a company's earnings, decided by the board of directors, to a class of its shareholders.
  4. Inventory Turnover

    Inventory turnover is a ratio showing how many times a company has sold and replaces inventory over a period.
  5. Watchlist

    A watchlist is list of securities being monitored for potential trading or investing opportunities.
  6. Hedge Fund

    A hedge fund is an aggressively managed portfolio of investments that uses leveraged, long, short and derivative positions.
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