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  1. Why Do a Reverse Merger Instead of an IPO?

    Reverse mergers are often the most cost-efficient way for private companies to trade publicly.
  2. 4 Leverage Ratios Used In Evaluating Energy Firms

    These four leverage ratios can help investors evaluate how energy manage their debt.
  3. FINRA May Make it Harder for Brokers to Remove Disclosures

    Brokers may no longer be able to wipe years’ worth of disciplinary marks off their public BrokerCheck records.
  4. Why Do Brokers Ask for Personal Information?

    There are 3 reasons a broker needs personal information: suitability, record-keeping and the law.
  5. What are some examples of fiduciary duty?

    Understand what it means to be a fiduciary, under what circumstances fiduciary duties arise and some common examples of fiduciary ...
  6. Navigating Government and Nonprofit Financials

    Examining government & nonprofit financials can help you trace where your dollars are really going.
  7. The Difference Between Restructuring & Refinancing

    Refinancing and restructuring are very different debt reorganization processes to avoid bankruptcy.
  8. Does Net Neutrality Stifle Investment and Innovation?

    FCC chair Ajit Pai argues net neutrality has curbed investment, but does it?
  9. A Peek Into Shareholder Meetings

    Shareholder meetings can be glamorous, exciting or controversial, but not particularly revelatory.
  10. The Pioneers of Financial Fraud

    Meet the perpetrators who were first in financial fraud, insider trading and stock manipulation.
  11. All About Student Loans

    Student loans bridge the gap between college savings, scholarships and earnings from part-time work.
  12. How Oil Cos. Treat Reserves on a Balance Sheet

    Oil reserves are estimated quantities of crude oil that have a high degree of certainty.
  13. Will Corporate Debt Drag Your Stock Down?

    Corporate debt can mean a leg up for firms, or the boot for investors. How to tell the difference.
  14. Financial Footnotes: Reading the Fine Print

    Find out what could be hidden in the often-overlooked footnotes in financial statements.
  15. Spotting Creative Accounting on the Balance Sheet

    Companies have used creative accounting as a way of manipulating their balance sheets.
  16. What is the difference between real estate and real property?

    Understand how real estate is legally different from real property and the implications of that difference for each property ...
  17. Edge Act Corporation

    An Edge Act corporation is a subsidiary of a U.S. or foreign bank that engages in foreign banking operations; these subsidiaries are named ...
  18. Understanding Property Deeds

    We help you figure out the terminology and types of deeds, and how to make it legal.
  19. Enterprise Zone

    An enterprise zone is a geographical area where a government authority grants special tax or regulatory exemptions in order ...
  20. International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS

    International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are a set of international accounting standards stating how particular ...
  21. Avoiding Mistakes in Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

    If you don't calculate your required minimum distributions accurately, you might have to pay a hefty penalty.
  22. What is the difference between capital gains and investment income?

    Learn about the difference between capital gains and other types of investment income, such as dividends paid on stock or ...
  23. 8 Reasons to Sell Your Home with an Agent

    Is saving the commission worth the trouble of selling your home without a real estate agent?
  24. Trump Faces Off With Democrats Over Potential U.S. Government Shutdown

    President Donald Trump will face off with Democratic leaders of Congress on Thursday in a high-stakes White House meeting ...
  25. National Securities Markets Improvement Act - NSMIA

    The National Securities Markets Improvement Act is a law passed in 1996 to simplify securities regulation in the U.S. by ...
  26. Bank Bill Swap Bid Rate - BBSY

    Bank Bill Swap Bid Rate (BBSY) is the interest rate used in the financial markets for the pricing of Australian dollar securities, ...
  27. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

    The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is an international committee formed to develop standards for banking regulation; ...
  28. Coverdell Education Savings Account Tutorial

    This comprehensive guide goes through what a Coverdell Education Savings Plan is and how to set one up, contribute to it ...
  29. Are Sallie Mae loans considered federal loans?

    Identify the differences between federal and private student loans, and what Sallie Mae does and doesn't do nowadays.
  30. The Complete Guide to Real Estate Renting

    Everything you need to know about renting property.
  31. Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC)

    The Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) is an agency that deals with the confirmation, settlement and delivery of fixed-income ...
  32. Condemnation

    Condemnation is the seizure of property by a government with for a public purpose.
  33. Gift Tax

    A federal tax applied to people giving anything of value to another person. Exclusions generally limit the tax to gifts worth ...
  34. UK Authorities Plan Crackdown on Bitcoin

    Under the new rules, traders will no longer be able to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anonymously.
  35. Fox, Disney Restart Asset Sale Talks

    Comcast and Verizon are also believed to be interested in purchasing Fox’s assets.
  36. Federal Trade Commission - FTC

    The FTC is an independent agency that aims to protect consumers and ensure a strong competitive market by enforcing consumer ...
  37. Regulated Market

    A regulated market is a market over which government bodies or, less commonly, industry or labor groups, exert a level of ...
  38. International Labor Organization - ILO

    A United Nations agency that aims to "promote decent work throughout the world."
  39. Credit Card Tutorial

    Credit cards can be a useful tool if you know what you are getting into. Learn the risks, rules, history of credit cards. ...
  40. What Does the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Do?

    The Commerce Secretary overseas a vast business and commerce engine that drives the U.S. economy.
  41. Uber Paid Hackers to Keep Massive Breach a Secret

    The ride-hailing company paid hackers $100,000 to keep the October 2016 breach quiet.
  42. Net Neutrality

    The idea that all data on the internet should be treated equally by corporations, such as internet service providers, and ...
  43. Financial Repression

    Financial Repression is a term that describes measures by which governments channel funds to themselves as a form of debt ...
  44. The Complete Guide to Becoming a Landlord

    Being a landlord can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding experience. However, the decision to become a landlord should ...
  45. What Is a 13F and How Can You Benefit From It?

    13F filings are a valuable way of tracking the investment strategies of industry leaders, though they show only a limited ...
  46. 20 Ways to Use Up Your Flexible Spending Account

    You lose any remaining funds in your flexible savings account at the end of the year. Here is a list of things you can buy ...
  47. Things You Didn't Know About Background Checks

    Employers may look into more than you might think before deciding whether or not to hire you.
  48. Investment Company Act of 1940

    The Investment Company Act of 1940 was created through an act of Congress to require investment company registration and ...
  49. What Is the Difference between Tier 1 Capital and Tier 2 Capital?

    Tier 1 capital is a bank's core capital, whereas tier 2 capital is a bank's supplementary capital.
  50. Regulation D - Reg D

    Regulation D (Reg D) is a regulation that allows smaller companies to sell securities without registering with the Securities ...
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