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  1. How Do Real Estate Agents Get Listings?

    Learn about how real estate agents get listings in top real estate markets, as well as in smaller areas, through utilizing ...
  2. Right Of Redemption

    Right of redemption is the legal right of any mortgagor or borrower to reclaim property they would otherwise lose in foreclosure ...
  3. Asset Protection

    Asset protection is the concept of exercising strategies to guard one's wealth from taxation, seizure or other losses.
  4. Power Of Sale

    Power of sale is a clause in a mortgage that gives the lender the right to foreclose on a property without judicial review ...
  5. Use And Occupancy - U&O

    Use and occupancy refers to a type of permit required when real property is transferred or an agreement that allows temporary ...
  6. Recourse Loan

    A recourse loan is a type of financing that allows a lender to seek damages and attach the accounts of the borrower if they ...
  7. In Escrow

    In escrow is a status for an item that has been transferred to a third party to be released later to a grantee as part of ...
  8. Distressed Sale

    A distressed sale is a situation where a seller attempts to divest themselves of an asset in an urgent manner even if means ...
  9. Construction Loan

    A construction loan is a short-term loan used to finance the building or renovation of a home or other real estate project. ...
  10. Open Listing

    An open listing is a property listing that uses multiple real estate agents in a nonexclusive arrangement to find potential ...
  11. Maintenance Expenses

    Maintenance expenses are the costs incurred to keep an item serviceable and in good condition.
  12. Widow's Exemption

    A widow's exemption is one of several forms of state or federal tax relief available to a widowed spouse in the period following ...
  13. Rate-Improvement Mortgage

    A Rate-Improvement Mortgage gives a borrower a one-time option to reduce their home loan interest rate.
  14. Building Activity Indicators

    Building activity indicators are economic reports that provide insights into demand for residential, commercial and industrial ...
  15. Risk Participation

    Risk participation is a type of off-balance-sheet transaction that lets banks to reduce certain exposure by selling it to ...
  16. Straw Buyer

    A straw buyer is a person who makes a purchase on behalf of another person or group, which might be done as part of a fraud ...
  17. American Debt: Mortgage Debt Reaches $8.94 Trillion in 1Q 2018

    In the fourth quarter of 2017, mortgage debt is up $402 billion from the fourth quarter of 2016. Is this a good or a bad ...
  18. Murabaha

    Murabaha is an Islamic financing structure in which an intermediary buys a property with free and clear title.
  19. Realtor

    Realtor as a federally registered collective membership mark associated with the National Association of Realtors.
  20. Hard Money Loan

    A hard money loans is a short-term loan backed by the value of the property used as collateral and not by the credit worthiness ...
  21. Restrictive Covenant

    A restrictive covenant is an agreement that requires the buyer to either perform or abstain from a specific action.
  22. Cross Collateralization

    Cross collateralization is the act of using one asset as collateral to secure multiple loans or multiple assets to secure ...
  23. Best And Final Offer

    Best and final offer is a prospective buyer's last and highest offer submitted in a bidding war for a property.
  24. Counteroffer

    A counteroffer is a proposal that is made as a result of an undesirable offer. A counteroffer revises the initial offer and ...
  25. Exotic Mortgage

    An exotic mortgage is a type of home loan that offers lower monthly payments initially, but is considered high-risk because ...
  26. Sweat Equity

    Sweat equity is the unpaid labor employees and cash-strapped entrepreneurs put into a project, whether it be a start-up venture ...
  27. Gazunder

    Gazunder is a colloquial term used in the United Kingdom when a real estate buyer lowers their offer despite already having ...
  28. Home Debtor

    A home debtor is an owner of a mortgaged home.
  29. Timeshares: Dream vacation or money pit?

    Everything you need to know about timeshares. This popular real estate product has its advantages, but don't expect to make ...
  30. Graduation Period

    A graduation period is the time during repayment of a graduated payment mortgage when payments steadily rise.
  31. National Association Of Mortgage Brokers - NAMB

    An association that represents the interests of mortgage brokers in the United States.
  32. Gift of Equity

    A gift of equity is the sale of a home made to someone with whom the seller has had a previous relationship, at a price below ...
  33. Adjustment Index

    An adjustment index is a formula or numerical value that is used to modify or improve a data set.
  34. Co-mortgagor

    A co-mortgagor is an individual or party who, along with a co-borrower, applies for and assumes responsibility for repayment ...
  35. Mandatory Mortgage Lock

    A mandatory mortgage lock requires a seller selling a mortgage in the secondary mortgage market to make the delivery to the ...
  36. Periodic Interest Rate Cap

    A periodic interest rate cap refers to the maximum interest rate adjustment allowed during a particular period of an adjustable ...
  37. Required Cash

    Required cash is the total amount of funds which a buyer must deliver to close on a mortgage or to finalize a refinance of ...
  38. Shared Equity Mortgage

    A shared equity mortgage is an arrangement under which a lender and a borrower share ownership of a property, with the borrower ...
  39. Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL)

    An interest rate reduction refinance loan is a mortgage refinancing program offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ...
  40. 3-2-1 Buy-Down Mortgage

    A 3-2-1 buy-down mortgage allows the borrower to lower the interest rate over the first three years through an up-front payment.
  41. Buying a Home and Financial Planning

    The decision to purchase a home needs to be made within the context of your overall financial plan.
  42. Two-Step Mortgage

    A two-step mortgage offers an initial interest rate for an agreed-upon introductory period after which the loan is adjusted ...
  43. Adjustment Frequency

    Adjustment frequency refers to the rate at which an adjustable-rate mortgage rate is adjusted once the initial period has ...
  44. Unsecured

    Unsecured refers to a loan or equity interest that is given without requiring a lien against collateral of equal or higher ...
  45. Price Level Adjusted Mortgage (PLAM)

    A price level adjusted mortgage (PLAM) is a graduated-payment mortgage where the lender revises the homebuyer's principal ...
  46. Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

    The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was a federal loan modification program from 2009-2016 to help homeowners ...
  47. Combination Loan

    A combination loan is a transaction consisting of two separate mortgage loans by the same lender, for the same borrower.
  48. Monthly Treasury Average Index (MTA Index)

    The Monthly Treasury Average (MTA) is an interest index used to set the interest rate for some adjustable rate mortgages ...
  49. Seller Financing

    Seller financing refers to a real estate agreement where financing is provided by the seller is included in the purchase ...
  50. Qualification Ratio

    A qualification ratio notes the proportion of either debt to income or housing expense to income.
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Hot Definitions
  1. Gross Profit

    Gross profit is the profit a company makes after deducting the costs of making and selling its products, or the costs of ...
  2. Diversification

    Diversification is the strategy of investing in a variety of securities in order to lower the risk involved with putting ...
  3. Intrinsic Value

    Intrinsic value is the perceived or calculated value of a company, including tangible and intangible factors, and may differ ...
  4. Current Assets

    Current assets is a balance sheet item that represents the value of all assets that can reasonably expected to be converted ...
  5. Volatility

    Volatility measures how much the price of a security, derivative, or index fluctuates.
  6. Money Market

    The money market is a segment of the financial market in which financial instruments with high liquidity and very short maturities ...
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