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  1. Corporate Lien

    A corporate lien is a claim made against a business for outstanding debt owed to another business or tax obligations owed ...
  2. Baccalaureate Bond

    A baccalaureate bond is a tax-free, state-issued, zero-coupon bond that pays interest at maturity and helps families save ...
  3. U.S. Savings Bond Adjustment

    U.S. savings bond adjustment describes a change in the amount of interest income that’s been reported on a savings bond in ...
  4. Debt Fatigue

    Debt fatigue is when a debtor becomes overwhelmed by the amount of debt incurred and the seeming futility of the debt repayment ...
  5. American Taxpayer Relief Act Of 2012

    The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed in response to the approaching combination of spending cuts and tax hikes ...
  6. Substitute Return

    A substitute return is a tax filing that the IRS will create for a taxpayer in order to preliminarily calculate the tax due.
  7. IRS Publication 1244: Employee's Daily Record of Tips and Report to Employer

    RS Publication 1244 is a document published by the IRS that details how employees are to keep track of and report income ...
  8. Widow's Exemption

    A widow's exemption is one of several forms of state or federal tax relief available to a widowed spouse in the period following ...
  9. IRS Publication 463: Travel, Entertainment, Gift, And Car Expenses

    IRS Publication 463 is a document which explains the deductibility of expenses incurred by an individual whose employer has ...
  10. Bankruptcy Financing

    Bankruptcy financing is financing arranged by a company while under the chapter 11 bankruptcy process.
  11. IRS Publication 531

    IRS Publication 531 is a document published by the IRS that details how tipped employees are to report that income for tax ...
  12. Gambling Loss

    A gambling loss is a loss resulting from games of chance or wagers on events with uncertain outcomes (gambling).
  13. Unclaimed Funds

    Unclaimed funds are money and/or other assets whose owner cannot be found.
  14. Nanny Tax

    A nanny tax is a tax that must be paid by people who hire household help, such as a babysitter or maid, and pay them more ...
  15. Bad Debt Recovery

    A bad debt recovery is business debt from a loan, credit line or accounts receivable that is recovered either in whole or ...
  16. Gift of Equity

    A gift of equity is the sale of a home made to someone with whom the seller has had a previous relationship, at a price below ...
  17. Stock Savings Plan

    A plan where residents of some Canadian provinces receive provincial income tax credits for purchasing initial public offering ...
  18. Disaster Loss

    A disaster loss is a special type of tax-deductible loss where a loss has been incurred by taxpayers who reside in an area ...
  19. IRS Form 8379: Injured Spouse Allocation

    IRS Form 8379: Injured Spouse Allocation is a form used by a spouse who files a joint tax return and the IRS seizes any refund ...
  20. Final Return For Decedent

    A final return for decedent is a tax return filed for an individual in the year of that person's death.
  21. Mortgage Subsidy Bond

    A mortgage subsidy bond is a municipal bond that may be subject to taxes if any funds raised were used for home mortgages.
  22. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

    The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit provides an incentive for home developers to build, buy and refurbish housing for low-income ...
  23. Form 3903

    Form 3903 is tax form distributed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and used by taxpayers to deduct moving expenses related ...
  24. Elderly and Disabled Credit

    The Elderly and Disabled Credit is a non-refundable tax credit for taxpayers aged 65 and over, or those who are permanently ...
  25. IRS Publication 970

    IRS Publication 970 is an explanation of the tax benefits associated with spending on education and training.
  26. Leave-Sharing Plan

    A leave-sharing plan is a procedure put in place by employers allowing employees to donate unused sick-leave time to other ...
  27. Using QDRO money from a divorce to pay for a new home

    There are several issues to consider, including the lack of an early distribution penalty and federal tax withholding.
  28. Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit

    The alternative motor vehicle credit is a tax credit for buying vehicles with alternative fuel cells.
  29. First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

    The first-time homebuyer tax credit was a tax credit for Americans buying their first home in 2008 through 2010.
  30. Form 5405: First-Time Homebuyer Credit And Repayment Of The Credit

    Form 5405 First-Time Homebuyer Credit and Repayment of the Credit is the form used to claim the first-time homebuyer credit ...
  31. Miscellaneous Tax Credits

    Miscellaneous tax credits are a group of tax credits that apply to taxpayers in specific situations.
  32. Transportation And Storage Costs

    Transportation and storage costs are a category of deductible expenses claimed when a taxpayer moves for employment.
  33. Parsonage Allowance

    Parsonage allowance is designated by the governing board of a church to its clergy or ministers for the expenses of providing ...
  34. Automatic Savings Plan

    An automatic savings plan is a type of personal savings system in which the plan contributor automatically deposits a fixed ...
  35. 529 Savings Plan

    A 529 Savings Plan is a tax-advantaged college savings account created by a holder for a designated beneficiary, for tuition, ...
  36. Lump-Sum Distribution

    A lump sum distribution is a one-time payment for an entire amount due, rather than payments broken into smaller installments.
  37. Taxable Estate

    Taxable estate is the portion of a deceased person's net assets subject to taxation after deductions.
  38. Innocent-Spouse Rule

    The innocent spouse rule is a tax provision which allows a taxpayer to apply for relief from a filing error by their current ...
  39. Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Program

    The federal-state unemployment compensation program provides temporary financial assistance to those who've lost their jobs ...
  40. Replacement Property

    Replacement property is any property that is received as a replacement for property that was lost as a result of an involuntary ...
  41. How Changing Tax Laws Could Affect Divorcing Couples

    With the changes happening to income tax laws in 2018 it's even more important to understand the credits and deductions affected ...
  42. Discharge In Bankruptcy

    Discharge in bankruptcy is an order that releases the debtor from personal liability for certain types of debts.
  43. Form 4070A: Employee's Daily Record of Tips

    Form 4070A: Employee's Daily Record of Tips is an IRS tax form used by employees to help monitor and track the tips they ...
  44. Tax Advisor

    The services of tax advisors are usually retained in order to minimize taxation while remaining compliant with the law in ...
  45. Form 8396 (Mortgage Interest Credit)

    Form 8396 (Mortgage Interest Credit) is an IRS tax form used to claim mortgage interest credit on a tax return.
  46. Direct Rollover

    A direct rollover is a distribution of eligible assets from one qualified plan to another.
  47. Full-Time Student

    A full-time student is a legal tax status that is important for determining dependency exemptions
  48. Medicare Wages

    Medicare wages are employee earnings that are subject to a U.S. payroll tax known as the Medicare tax.
  49. How to Navigate Stock Options Offer At a New Job

    This is what you need to keep in mind when evaluating a stock options offer from a new employer.
  50. Tax Attribute

    Tax attribute refers to certain losses, tax credits, and adjusted basis of property that must be reduced as a result of the ...
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