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Immediate, fixed-rate savings on pet care with few restrictions

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Pet Assure

Pet Assure

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Pet Assure offers a simple and straightforward way to save money on vet bills. If you regularly spend several hundred dollars or more at the veterinarian each year, this low-cost alternative to pet insurance might be worth consideration.

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  • Key Takeaways
  • Key Facts
Pros & Cons
  • No waiting periods, deductibles, or annual limits

  • All pets eligible for coverage

  • Significant multi-pet and annual payment discounts

  • Covers pre-existing conditions

  • Offers a 45-day money-back guarantee

  • Not an insurance plan

  • Low reimbursement percentage

  • Limited network size

  • Doesn’t cover prescriptions

Key Takeaways
  • Pet Assure is a membership that offers a 25% discount at participating veterinary clinics.
  • Since it’s not a pet insurance policy, Pet Assure has no waiting periods, limits, or deductibles.
  • Savings are applied immediately at checkout, so there’s no need to file claims or wait for reimbursement.
  • Monthly membership fees are substantially lower than pet insurance premiums.
Key Facts
  • Year Founded 1995
  • Waiting Period None
  • Deductible None
  • Customer Service Forms Phone, email
  • Customer Service Telephone (888) 789-7387
  • Company Website

Pet insurance has its pros and cons, and traditional policies aren’t always the best fit for families with multiple pets or those who have long-term pre-existing conditions. Pet Assure offers a pet insurance alternative that gives participants a flat 25% discount at participating veterinary clinics in all 50 states. The plan can be purchased on its own or to supplement an existing pet insurance policy, depending on what your current out-of-pocket veterinary expenditures look like.

Company Overview

Pet Assure was founded in 1995 by a couple whose pet insurance company denied a claim for their dog’s $3,000 hip replacement surgery. They decided to offer an insurance alternative that would help pet parents afford veterinary care without worrying if treatment would be covered. The company now works with 5,600 veterinarians in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Coverage is offered for all household pets, including dogs, cats, small mammals, reptiles, and exotic species.

Pros Explained

  • No waiting periods, deductibles, or annual limits: Pet Assure plans aren’t subject to the same restrictions as traditional pet insurance.
  • All pets eligible for coverage: From goldfish to German shepherds, any pet that can be treated by a participating veterinarian is covered.
  • Significant multi-pet and annual payment discounts: Save at least 40% by enrolling multiple pets and 25% or more by paying for the year in advance.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions: Unlike pet insurers, Pet Assure doesn’t exclude treatments for pre-existing injuries and illnesses.
  • Offers a 45-day money-back guarantee: Get your money refunded if you’re not happy in the first month and a half, regardless of whether you’ve already used the plan.

Cons Explained

  • Not an insurance plan: While it shares similar properties to pet insurance, Pet Assure is a discount membership program, not an insurance policy.
  • Limited network size: There are currently 5,600 veterinary offices nationwide that accept Pet Assure.
  • Low reimbursement percentage: Pet insurance policies typically reimburse 70% to 90% of veterinary bills, but Pet Assure only fetches a 25% discount.
  • Doesn’t cover prescriptions: You’ll have to pay full price for any medications your pet is prescribed.

Available Plans

The Pet Assure plan is a discount program that reduces your bill by 25% at participating veterinarians. Almost all treatments are covered, including wellness and preventive care, illnesses, injuries, and even pre-existing conditions. The only caveat is that services must be performed in-house by a registered Pet Assure veterinarian. The same plan applies to all types of pets, including dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, and more.

Covered Treatment Included In Plan
Exam fees
Lab tests √*
Continued treatment
Genetic conditions
Preventive care
Spay/neuter surgery
Dental treatment
Behavioral treatment
Specialists √**
Alternative/holistic care
Medical boarding

*Doesn’t cover tests performed by outside labs
**Specialists must be part of the Pet Assure network

Plan Pricing

Pet Assure offers simple and straightforward pricing determined by just two factors: your location and the number of pets you’d like to enroll. All you need to do is enter your ZIP code on the Pet Assure website to get specific pricing information in your area. You’ll be given quotes for monthly and annual payment plans; choosing the latter can save you 25% or more on membership fees.

Our Expert Lisa Says

Pet Assure offers simple and straightforward pricing determined by just two factors: your location and the number of pets you’d like to enroll.

The table below lists sample pricing for individual dogs and cats, although group plans can be purchased for households with multiple pets. According to the quote we received, a family plan with coverage for two to four pets was priced at $16.95 per month ($12.42 if paid annually) and an unlimited household plan was just $21.95 per month ($16.58 if paid annually). On a per-pet basis, Pet Assure’s monthly fees are substantially lower than any pet insurance plan you’ll find.

Not sure whether Pet Assure is worth it? To find out, simply multiply your quoted annual premium by four (the discount is only 25%, so the breakeven point is the premium plus what you pay to the vet). If the result is more than you usually spend per year on vet bills, the plan probably won’t pay for itself.

  Monthly premium
Single cat or small animal $6.58 to $9.95
Single dog or large animal $8.25 to $11.95
Family (two to four pets) $12.42 to $16.95
Unlimited (any number of household pets) $16.58 to $21.95

Waiting Periods

Pet Assure benefits begin the moment you sign up online and print your membership card. All you need to do is present the details of your membership at a participating veterinary clinic. You can even sign up the same day that you receive care. With pet insurance, owners are typically required to wait anywhere between two and 15 days for most coverage to begin, even longer for most orthopedic conditions.

Pre-Existing Conditions

One major downside of traditional pet insurance is that it doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. Pet Assure discounts apply to the treatment of any illness or injury, regardless of when it began. This makes the plan a great alternative for pets that have been denied treatment for a pre-existing condition by a pet insurance provider.

If you’re an existing pet insurance customer with a pet that has been denied coverage for a chronic pre-existing condition, Pet Assure can be used as a supplemental plan to help reduce the cost of care. Just make sure the annual cost of treatment is high enough to justify paying Pet Assure’s membership fee.

Coverage Limits

The Pet Assure discount applies to as many eligible services as you need for the pets in your household with no annual limit. This differs from pet insurance, which often puts a cap on the value of benefits you can receive each year and charges higher monthly premiums to those who want to raise this limit.

Plan Exclusions

There are relatively few exclusions to what is covered by Pet Assure. In general, anything you take home, such as a prescription medication or food, isn’t eligible for a discount. The plan also won’t save you money on tests that are sent to an outside lab or visits to specialists that aren’t part of the Pet Assure network.

Before signing up for Pet Assure, look for in-network veterinarians in your area and compare pricing for common services. Even with a 25% discount, some participating clinics may end up being more expensive than other local providers that aren’t in the Pet Assure network.


Arguably the greatest benefit of using Pet Assure is that there are no insurance claims required. This means no filling out paperwork and no waiting for reimbursement on bills you’ve already paid out of pocket. Your discount will be instantly applied at checkout as you leave your vet appointment, and Pet Assure can never retroactively deny coverage for a treatment.

Our Expert Lisa Says

Arguably the greatest benefit of using Pet Assure is that there are no insurance claims required. This means no filling out paperwork and no waiting for reimbursement on bills you’ve already paid out of pocket.

Customer Service

Pet Assure offers relatively bare-bones customer service options. Assistance is only available Monday through Friday via phone and email. However, the company does offer an online portal where you can log in and manage your plan at any time. Since Pet Assure doesn’t process claims, the need for service is significantly lower than with traditional pet insurers.

Third-Party Ratings

Since Pet Assure doesn’t underwrite insurance policies, it hasn’t been given financial stability ratings by agencies like AM Best.

Competition: Pet Assure vs. Banfield

Banfield Pet Hospital offers a non-insurance plan that is similar in concept to Pet Assure, but covers a certain number of defined benefits each year for a flat fee. The plan is subject to many more restrictions than Pet Assure’s offering: it’s only valid for preventive care, exclusively covers cats and dogs, and can’t be used outside of the Banfield Pet Hospital system, which is just one-sixth the size of Pet Assure’s network of participating veterinarians. If given a choice between the two, we’d choose Pet Assure.

  Pet Assure Banfield
Animals Covered All animals Dogs and cats
Example Cost $11.95 to cover an adult dog $36.95 to cover an adult dog
Coverage Type Wellness program Wellness program
Waiting Period None None
Network Size 5,600 locations 1,000 locations
Final Verdict

With Pet Assure, what you see is exactly what you get. There are no complicated fee structures, various plans to decipher, or long lists of exclusions. Coverage levels are significantly lower than pet insurance, but benefits cover a much wider range of services. Overall, Pet Assure is best suited for pets that have costly pre-existing conditions and households with multiple pets of different species. However, anyone can decide if the membership is worth it simply by calculating whether the cost of an annual membership is less than 25% of what you spend at the vet every year.


We review both pet insurers and discount memberships using our methodology for reviewing pet insurance companies to help pet parents decide which type of plan is best for their furry family. We look at the type of services and pets covered, taking note of any exclusions or restrictions that might affect eligibility. With this information, we compare pricing using standardized quotes to find out which providers offer the best value. We also look at customer service methods and reviews, including the process for receiving reimbursement, and any available digital tools.

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