Platinum Home Warranty Review

Comprehensive coverage for residents of Arizona

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Platinum Home Warranty

Platinum Home Warranty

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Platinum Home Warranty is an Arizona-based home warranty company that only offers coverage to homeowners in Arizona. While it’s not the cheapest option for coverage, it’s definitely one that Arizona residents should consider.

Based on our review of over a dozen home warranty companies, Platinum Home Warranty was not one of the best companies we found. To see other options that may be better, visit our list of the best home warranty companies.

  • Pros and Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros and Cons
  • Uses in-house service providers for repairs

  • In-house customer service representatives (not a call center)

  • Terms and exclusions are concise—no hidden contract limitations

  • Only available in Arizona

  • Cannot talk to customer service reprentative 24/7

Key Takeaways
  • Coverage only available to homeowners in Arizona 
  • Utilizes local service technicians
  • Service fee of $75 per visit  
  • Four warranty plans available 
  • A- Better Business Bureau rating and relatively few customer complaints
Company Overview

Platinum Home Warranty was founded in 2011 with its headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This home warranty company exclusively operates in Arizona and prides itself on hiring local service providers rather than using third-party resources. The company also takes phone calls directly through its office instead of using a call center. This business approach has given it an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  • Year founded 2011
  • Coverage area Available only in Arizona
  • Available plans Three
  • Amount of coverage Payout cap of $1,500 (electrical systems); $2,000 (HVAC units); $2,500 (refrigerators)
  • Length of contract 12 months
  • Yearly cost $425 to $750
  • Network In-house service providers
  • Customer support Available by phone during normal business hours
  • Customer support phone number 602-733-5000
  • Recall period after repairs 30 days
  • Days before coverage starts Begins on date of application approval
  • Website

Platinum Home Warranty is an Arizona-based company that provides home warranty plans only to residents in Arizona. The company offers a selection of four plans that provide coverage for major home systems and appliances. In addition, the company offers the option of purchasing coverage for items like septic systems, saltwater pools, and drip and sprinkler systems.

Platinum Home Warranty also provides coverage for both attached and unattached guest houses.

Our review looks at warranty plan prices and how they compare to the competition, service fees, payout caps, and more. Read on to see if a Platinum Home Warranty plan is the right choice for you.

Available Plans

Platinum Home Warranty has a selection of four plans, all with a trade service fee (TSF) of $75 per claim for each visit. The company does not offer real estate plans for professionals and focuses only on residential contracts. It has a slightly higher average annual cost compared to some of its competitors.

Standard Plan ($425 / Year)

  • Standard Coverage for major home systems and appliances
  • Trade Service fee $75

Standard Plus Plan ($500 / Year)

  • Standard Plan Features
  • Platinum Plus coverage (Expanded coverage for things like haul away, code violations, and permits)

Prime Plan ($575 / Year)

  • Standard Plus Plan Features
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Refrigerator and Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Superior Plan ($750 / Year)

  • Prime Plan Features
  • Built in Pool and Spa Coverage (non-salt)

To see what exactly is covered with standard and platinum plus coverage look at their website.

Platinum Home Warranty also offers coverage on individual items for an extra fee.

Optional Coverage Price
Kitchen Fridge $75
Washer and dryer $80
Additional Refrigerator $50
Built-in pool and spa $180
Built in pool and spa (Salt) $375
Superior plan salt pool upgrade $195
Additional pool pump or water feature $60
Drip and sprinkler system $50
Septic coverage $50
Soft water system $50
Additional dishwasher $50
Additional garage door opener $50
Built-in kitchen freezer $75
Enhanced Appliance Aggregate Upgrade $125

Guest House: Platinum Home Warranty provides coverage options for guest houses. This additional coverage option is based on the square footage of the unit. The following parameters are considered average for the home warranty industry:

  • Detached under 750 square feet: $220 per year
  • Detached over 750 square feet: $350 per year
  • Attached units, total property under 5,000 square feet: No additional charge
  • Attached units, total property over 5,000 square feet: Call for amount

Plan Pricing

Platinum Home Warranty offers a choice of four plans (Standard, Standard Plus, Prime, Superior) as well as optional coverage for things like soft water systems, second garage door openers, and built-in pools/spas. Quotes are provided on the company's website in a straightforward manner.

The company charges a $75 trade service fee that is payable upon the service technician's arrival. Platinum Home Warranty also provides coverage for both attached and unattached guest houses.

  Standard Standard Plus Prime Superior
Yearly Cost $425 $500 $575 $750

Plan Exclusions

Platinum Home Warranty covers breakdowns for major home systems and appliances. The plan is straightforward and most exclusions are normal for the industry. As an example, smart home systems and low voltage systems are not covered, nor are items like plumbing located outside the house, showerheads, or tub strainers and stoppers. You can learn more about the company’s terms and conditions on its website.

Payout Caps

Payout caps vary depending on the system or appliance, but overall they are about average for the home warranty industry. For example, there is a repair/replacement limit of $1,500 on electrical systems and a $2,000 repair/replacement limit on HVAC units for each 12-month contract term. There is also a limit of $2,500 for kitchen refrigerators and $1,500 total aggregate for all other covered appliances during the term.

Repair Times

Platinum Home Warranty does not specifically state the length of time it takes to respond to repairs and get a technician out. Customers can request expedited service for both emergency and non-emergency repairs. However, if a request is made for a non-emergency repair to be completed on weekends, evenings, or on holidays, customers are responsible for all extra fees, including weekends, nights, and holiday rates.

Customer Service and Claims

Customers are urged to call 602-733-5000 as soon as they are aware of a problem. Standard business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you call to make a claim outside of that window, a recorded message will explain how to leave information for your claim.

Platinum appears to make an effort to resolve customer complaints.

Complaints and Third-Party Assessments

The BBB rating for Platinum Home Warranty is an A-. The company has a below-average number of complaints. The complaints that have been made typically are about lack of parts availability by service providers and disagreements about whether an issue falls under the guidelines of the policy agreement. The company does appear to make an attempt to work with customers when an issue occurs.

Competition: Choice Home Warranty vs. Platinum Home Warranty

We compared Platinum Home Warranty with Choice Home Warranty since both companies are available in Arizona. There are also some similarities in plan choices and what they offer, including coverage for plumbing stoppages, built-in microwaves, etc. However, Choice Home Warranty requires you to call to make a quote and service fees vary, while Platinum Home Warranty offers four plans and a service fee of $75.

Choice Home Warranty doesn't post its prices. You will need to request a quote to learn more. In our own experience they are in the same ballpark as Platinum as far as yearly cost goes. If you like that the service providers are in-house and that you are dealing with a company that is headquartered in Arizona, Platinum Home Warranty may be a more comfortable fit for you.

The biggest difference is that Choice Home Warranty has a lot of exclusions that are confusing to understand, while Platinum Home Warranty has a straightforward plan that explains exactly what is and isn't covered.

We also like that Platinum Home Warranty has an A- rating given by the Better Business Bureau. When you consider that the company has only had 20 complaints in the past three years versus the 7,582 complaints filed against Choice Home Warranty, this pushes Platinum Home Warranty over to the win column for us as a company you can feel confident about.

  Choice Home Warranty Platinum Home Warranty
Cost Request a Quote Starting at $425
Number of Plans Two Four
Support 24-hour call center or make your claim online Call during business hours, but emergency service available
Trade Service Fee $85 $75
National Availability Not available in California or Washington Only available in Arizona

If you’re on a budget and a low monthly cost is your main concern, Platinum Home Warranty is probably not the company you are looking for. Since coverage is only available in Arizona, this is also not the company for you if you live in another state.

If you are an Arizona resident and want a home warranty plan that is easy to understand from an established, reputable company with few complaints, then Platinum Home Warranty is worth the slightly higher cost.


We look at a variety of factors when we review home warranty plans using our home warranty review methodology. This includes, but is not limited to, availability and price of plans, out-of-pocket costs, service fees, policy limitations and exclusions, and more. We also evaluate customer complaints and look at the direct competition to measure how they compare to other home warranty companies in regard to price, exclusions, and coverage options.

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