Chartered Market Technician Level 1

The purpose of the CMT Program is to promote the development of a candidate's professional knowledge with respects to the field of technical analysis. The CMT Program is self-study. The curriculum is available through Wiley – Efficient Learning.

The CMT Level I exam measures basic, entry-level competence and understanding of technical analysis. The Level I candidate needs to have a working knowledge of the basic tools of a technical analyst. Once the first level is successfully completed there is no time limit to pass the subsequent levels.

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Exam Details

Time Limit: 2 hours and 15 minutes
Cost: $250, plus a program registration fee of $250
Number of Questions: 120, plus 12 "pre-test" questions
Passing Score: Not disclosed
Format: Multiple Choice
Prerequisites: Enrollment in the CMT Program
Exam Date(s): Twice a year in April/May and October
Exam Locations: Worldwide at Prometric Testing Centers. To locate a test center near you visit the Prometric Website:
Offical Exam Website:

Exam Topic Weights

The CMT website states that the Level 1 exam measures basic, entry-level competence and understanding; the candidate needs to have a working knowledge of the basic tools of the technical analyst.

CMT Level 1 Exam Topic Weights By Section

Financial Professionals
  1. Brokerages

    Crude Oil Price Forecast: Another Hard Landing

  2. Tax Deductions / Credits

    Insurance-based Tax Deductions You May Be Missing

  3. Bonds / Fixed Income

    How to compare the yields of different bonds

  4. Chart Strategy

    Introduction To Counterparty Risk

  5. High Net Worth Strategy

    Opening a Bank Account in Costa Rica as an American

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