Chartered Market Technician Level 3

The purpose of the CMT® Program is to promote the development of a candidate's professional knowledge in the field of technical analysis. The CMT Program is self-study. The curriculum is available through Wiley – Efficient Learning.

The CMT Level III exam tests the candidate on the development of logical and consistent research opinions, portfolio strategies and trading decisions based on a wide range of charts and technical data. The Level III candidate is asked to analyze case studies, make recommendations and justify those recommendations based on the data provided. All candidates must pass the ethics portion of this exam. Upon successfully completing Level III, candidates can start the membership process to obtain the Chartered Market Technician® Designation.

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Exam Details

Time Limit: 4 hours
Cost: $450
Number of Questions: Essay questions totaling 240 points
Passing Score: 70% on ethics
Format: Essay questions - independent questions with sub-questions
Prerequisites: CMT level 1
Exam Date(s): Twice a year in April/May and October
Exam Locations: Worldwide at Prometric Testing Centers. To locate a test center near you visit the Prometric Website:
Offical Exam Website: http:///

Exam Topic Weights

The MTA website states that the Level 3 exam requires the candidate to analyze case studies, and make and justify recommendations based on data provided. The primary focus of the exam is the practical and ethical application and integration of technical analysis.

CMT program is self-study, so be sure to follow the required readings for each level.

For a complete list of exam topics, refer to the MTAs Reading List (In PDF).
You cannot choose to write both the research paper and the exam, you must choose one. If you choose to write a research paper, you must demonstrate your ability to integrate what you have learned in levels 1 and 2 with actual data analysis. If the peer review panel of the MTA Accreditation Committee reviewing your paper passes you, your paper could be published in the MTA's Journal of Technical Analysis.

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