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CFA Institute provides a work experience self-assessment to help you determine whether or not your experience might qualify you to become a member. 

You must have spent at least 50% of your time utilizing financial data or supervising or teaching those who utilize financial data for financial analysis, investment management or other typical financial decision-making processes. Additionally, your employment with the stated job title must have been full-time. Accrued employment from summer, internship and part-time positions do not qualify.

Sample Questions From CFA Institute Self-Assessment

Here are a couple of the questions to give you an idea of what they are looking for:

  • "Do you spend a majority of your time constructing or rebalancing client portfolios, preparing financial models, or performing/evaluating independent analysis leading to an investment decision?"
  • "Do you determine capital structure and funding needs through equity, debt, and alternative investments, conduct long-range financial planning, evaluate financial fundamentals, analyze and value securities for public offerings or mergers and acquisitions, and/or make asset sales and capital investment decisions?"

CFA Institute warns that passing the self-assessment does not automatically mean you will be accepted as a member, it is only a guide. Once you have taken the self-assessment, you can create an account and apply.

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