Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA ™)

The LIFA™ (Licensed International Financial Analyst) program is administered by the International Research Association (IRA). The completion of all three exams in this program allows a professional to achieve recognition that they have attained the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards in the investment industry. The main focus of the LIFA™ exam is to measure professional excellence in a broad curriculum of investment-related subjects.

Exam Details

Time Limit: 4 hours
Cost: Varies between $155 and $600
Passing Score: Unavailable
Number of Questions: 200
Format: Multiple Choice
Prerequisites: A U.S. Bachelor's Degree or equivalent must be earned by December 31st of the year the first exam is attempted.
Exam Date(s): 260+ days throughout the year.
Exam Location: Moodle online (
Offical Exam Website:

Exam Topic Weights

For an in-depth breakdown of the above topics described, refer to the PDF curriculum guide provided by the International Research Association

Financial Professionals
  1. Brokerages

    Fidelity Offers Advisors Help With Model Portfolios

  2. Stocks

    Top 3 Companies Owned by Comcast (CMCSA)

  3. Brokerages

    TD Ameritrade Hunting for New Tech to Transform Advisor Market

  4. Investing Strategy

    How AbbVie Makes its Money

  5. Financial Analysis

    The Average Price-Earnings Ratio in the Retail Sector

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