Series 79 Exam

An exam administered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Completion of the Series 79 Exam is intended to identify the competency of an entry-level investment banker. The exam focuses on topic areas intended to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities that an investment banker needs to perform, in accordance with principals of trade, federal and state laws and industry regulations.

Exam Details

Time Limit: 5 hours
Cost: $290
Number of Questions: 175, plus 10 "pre-test" questions
Passing Score: Pass/Fail
Format: Multiple Choice
Prerequisites: Sponsorship by a FINRA member
Exam Date(s): Any day of the week, excluding Sundays
Exam Locations: Find your U.S. or international exam center here

Exam Topic Weights

Series 79 Exam Topic Weights By Section

Financial Professionals
  1. Investing Strategy

    Keeping An Eye On The Activities Of Insiders And Institutions

  2. Investing Strategy

    Think Like Warren Buffett

  3. Retirement Living

    Designating A Trust As Retirement Beneficiary

  4. Mutual Funds

    A Guide to Faith-Based Investing

  5. Retirement Living

    Common Retirement Advice That DINKs Can Ignore

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