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Progressive is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio, and its beginnings harken back to 1937. While largely popular for its auto insurance policies, Progressive also offers affordable homeowners insurance in 48 states by partnering with a handful of major insurance partners such as American Modern, Homesite, and Nationwide. Its 24/7 customer service access is convenient, but you can't submit claims directly to Progressive, so coverage, policies, and rates can vary greatly.

  • Pros & Cons
  • Key Takeaways
  • Company Overview
Pros & Cons
  • Handy comparison tool 

  • 24/7 customer service 

  • Can’t submit claims directly to Progressive 

  • Coverage, policies, and rates can vary greatly

Key Takeaways
  • Serves as an agency partnering with homeowners insurance companies 
  • Can help you find an affordable policy 
  • Submitting a claim directly to Progressive is not an option
Company Overview
  • Year Founded 1937
  • Official Website
  • Insurance Offered Auto, life, renters, pet, dental and more
  • Customer Service 24/7 1-888-671-4405. | Social media: |

Pros Explained

  • Handy comparison tool: Progressive's HomeQuote Explorer makes it easy to compare homeowners insurance policies side-by-side. You enter the required info once, and it'll punch out some options with different rates.
  • 24/7 customer service: There is no shortage of options to reach out to Progressive's team: email, chat, phone call, and social media. It offers around-the-clock customer service, and a rep can be reached at any time of the day.

Cons Explained

  • Can't submit claims directly to Progressive: While you can reach out to Progressive's team to get the ball rolling on a claim, it's ultimately the carrier you have the policy with that handles the claim.
  • Coverage, policies, and rates can vary greatly: As Progressive acts more like a middleman that works with insurance companies that actually do the underwriting, it's hard to gauge what your coverage and rates might look like. Policies and rates can fall on different points on the spectrum, depending on where you live.

Progressive Standard Home Insurance Coverage Plan 

When you hop on a home insurance plan through Progressive, you’re actually purchasing a policy through a third-party insurer. You can think of it as a middleman that compares quotes and helps you obtain proper coverage at a good price point. And the downsides? The quotes can vary depending on where you live. Plus, you aren’t able to file a claim through Progressive.

You can expect a standard homeowners insurance policy through Progressive to include the following:

Dwelling Coverage

This covers the cost of repairing or replacing damage to your house and any structures that are permanently affixed to it—garage, attached deck, chimneys, vanities, countertops, and so forth.

Other Structures

This includes the cost to cover damage to any structures that aren’t permanently tethered to your house—such as a shed, fence, driveway, unattached garage or deck, or gazebo. 

Personal Possessions

This coverage can replace or repair your personal belongings that get stolen or damaged. This typically includes electronics, tools, and clothing. It can also include belongings that are stashed in your garage, storage unit, or trunk of your car. If you’d like to have art, jewelry, or memorabilia covered, you’ll usually need an add-on policy or additional coverage.

Loss of Use 

Should your abode be uninhabitable due to a covered loss, you’ll be reimbursed for expenses such as staying in a hotel and food expenses such as takeout meals.

Personal Liability

Should you or a family member get sued for third-party injuries or damage to another person's property, personal liability coverage can pay for legal representation, court fees, and certain damages.

Medical Payments 

Should someone become injured on your property, this form of coverage could pay for medical bills.

Premium Calculation

When determining your rates, an insurance provider usually factors in the following:

  • Location
  • Deductible 
  • Size and age of home
  • Condition of the roof
  • Whether protective devices are installed 
  • How close you are to a fire station
  • If you have a wood-burning stove, swimming pool, or hot tub 
  • History of dog bites
  • Cost of replacement
  • Credit history
  • Previous claims

When shopping for homeowners insurance, beware of exclusions. Carefully comb over the details of a policy.

Progressive Home Insurance Discounts

You can save on your homeowners insurance policy by doing the following: 

  • Bundling your policy: You can save an average of 5% by grouping your home insurance with Progressive’s auto insurance policy.
  • Getting a quote in advance: While this varies by state, you can save some money by getting a quote 10 days before you need your policy to kick in.
  • Installing security devices and home maintenance systems: Snag additional savings by installing security systems, smoke detectors, deadbolts, and automatic sprinklers.
  • Purchasing a new home: If you just purchased a home versus switching policies on your current home, that could equate to a deeper discount. 
  • Paying 12 months at a time: If you pay in full 12 months in advance, you’ll net extra savings. 
  • Receiving paperless statements: Opt in to get statements via email and you’ll score a discount on your home insurance policy.
  • Constructing a new home: Newer homes are eligible for larger discounts.

Progressive Home Insurance Availability

Progressive’s homeowners insurance is available in 48 U.S. states. The types of coverage, rates, and restrictions might vary to a degree.

Other Insurance Provided by Progressive

Depending on where you live, you might also be able to get the following types of insurance by Progressive:

  • Auto
  • Boat
  • Classic Car
  • Commercial
  • Condo
  • Dental
  • Electronic Device
  • Flood
  • Health
  • Home Security
  • Home Warranty
  • Homeowners
  • Mobile Home
  • Motorcycle
  • Renters
  • RV/Trailer
  • Travel
  • Umbrella
  • Vision
  • Wedding & Event

Progressive Customer Service

Progressive’s customer support reps are available via phone, chat, email, or social media 24/7. You can also access information through your dashboard or app at any time. Progressive’s app is available on both iOS and Android. You can view policy information; view, share, and print ID cards; and make payments to your premium.

It’s worth noting that Progressive has a financial strength rating of A+ from AM Best, which means it can be trusted to fulfill its financial obligations, such as paying claims.

Progressive as a whole received a grand total of 125 complaints in 2022 and has a complaint index of 1.45 from the National Association Insurance of Commissioners (NAIC), which is higher than what’s expected in the market.

How to Make a Home Insurance Claim With Progressive

The insurance company with which you’ve signed up for home insurance will handle your claim. Not sure how to get in contact with them? Not to worry, there’s a handy list of phone numbers on Progressive’s website, or you can reach out to Progressive directly to connect you with the right personnel.

Have your policy number on hand. And while the third-party carrier handles the claim, Progressive typically is the initial point of contact when you file a claim. They’ll answer any questions you have, provide you with information, and lead you to the right contact info.

After you file a claim, the insurance company will provide an estimate, send you payment, and arrange for your home repairs.

Progressive Home Insurance Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or change carriers at any time. However, if you have an existing mortgage and cancel your home insurance without having another plan in place, you might run the risk of your lender imposing insurance on you and the premium being much higher.

Get a Progressive Homeowners Insurance Quote

You can get a homeowners insurance quote online through Progressive's HomeQuote Explorer tool. You’ll need to provide your address, personal details about how long you’ve owned the home, whether clients and customers enter your home, information about the structure, some data on the interior and exterior of your home, and details about the owners. You can get a quote by chatting with a service rep over the phone; their number is (888)-671-4405.

Final Verdict

Progressive could be a strong choice if you're looking for a carrier with nearly eight decades of experience in insurance. It will compile quotes from other providers and hunt for affordable rates. And while Progressive is the first point of contact when filing a claim, at the end of the day, the insurer your policy is with is responsible for handling it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Progressive Good at Paying Claims?

With a financial strength rating of A+ from AM Best, Progressive can be trusted to pay claims and fulfill its financial obligations. However, in J.D. Power's 2022 U.S. Home Insurance study, Progressive scored below the industry average for overall customer satisfaction. And since Progressive acts as the middleman between you and the insurance company with which you've signed up for home insurance, the average time it takes to receive payment for a claim could vary between companies.

What Is the Progressive HomeShield Plus Package?

For an increased premium, the HomeShield Plus Package will increase your coverage across various categories. For instance, it offers a 50% increased replacement cost, $10,000 limit on water backup, and a $5,000 limit on valuables such as jewelry and furs. The availability of this package can depend on your state.

How Much Does Progressive Go Up After a Claim?

With most insurers, filing a homeowners insurance claim can increase your premium for the next renewal period by 7% to 10%. However, the exact amount can depend on the size and type of claim, your overall claims history, and the location of your home.

How Fast Is Progressive With Claims?

Progressive typically resolves claims within a week or two, but this can vary based on the size and type of claim, the location of your home, and the insurance company underwriting your policy.


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