Resides In

Kansas City, Missouri


Avila University


Credit cards, travel, credit scores


  • 10+ years experience researching and writing about personal finance
  • Funded close to $20,000 worth of travel using points and miles rewards


Rachel Murphy is a writer and editor based in Kansas City, Missouri. After six years as a bank teller sparked an interest in personal finance, she began writing about personal finance for various outlets including Northland Lifestyle and KC Free Press. Her favorite subjects include researching the best investment strategies and travel credit card hacking. After funding nearly $20,000 worth of travel through points and miles, she’s become an expert at leveraging her solid credit score to facilitate her passion for seeing the world.


Rachel received her bachelor's degree from Avila University with a double major in communication and theater.

Quote from Rachel Murphy

"Finance can seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be. Understanding personal finance is essential to directing your own ship rather than being at the mercy of turbulent seas. Choose your course and learn everything you can about how to get to your destination."