Resides In

Salt Lake City, Utah


Berea College


Personal finance, mortgages, credit card rewards, investing


  • 8+ years’ experience writing about personal finance.
  • Started a personal finance column for the college newspaper sharing ways to live, save, and travel with limited means. 
  • Currently writes about mortgages, home-buying, and credit card rewards for Investopedia.


Rae Hartley Beck went from having her family home foreclosed on when she was in high school to becoming a homeowner at age 24. Her experience has fueled a passion for volunteering with a range of nonprofits, such as the Girl Scouts of America, teaching financial literacy to young people.

Rae has been a proponent of the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement for more than 10 years and leads several book clubs on financial topics, including one for the Women's Personal Finance (Women on FIRE) Facebook community. For the last five years Rae's main career has been working in social services. Secondary jobs include real estate investing, personal finance coaching, personal finance writing, and nonprofit advising.


Rae received her bachelor's from Berea College, with a double major in History with a concentration on the Arab-Israeli conflict and Education Studies, with a concentration on alternative and outdoor education.

Quote from Rae Hartley Beck

"Five years of diligence and budgeting at the beginning of your career can save you 20 years at the end of it."