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  1. Point-of-Service Plan (POS)

    A point-of-service plan (POS) is a managed-care health insurance plan that provides different benefits for using in-network ...
  2. Blanket Insurance

    Blanket insurance covers many types of property in one place, the same type of property in many locations, or many kinds ...
  3. Viatical Settlement

    A viatical settlement is when someone (usually) with a terminal disease sells their life insurance policy at a discount from ...
  4. Own-Occupation Policy

    An own-occupation policy covers individuals who become disabled and can't perform what they have been trained to perform.
  5. 5 Mistakes People Make When Enrolling in Medicare

    Medicare is complicated and knowing how and when to sign up can be challenging. Don't make these five Medicare enrollment ...
  6. Estate

    An estate is the collective sum of an individual's net worth, including all property, possessions and other assets.
  7. Human-Life Approach

    The human-life approach calculates the amount of life insurance a family needs based on the financial loss they'd experience ...
  8. Guideline Premium And Corridor Test (GPT)

    The Guideline Premium And Corridor Test (GPT) is used to determine whether an insurance product can be taxed as insurance ...
  9. Homeowners Protection Act

    The Homeowners Protection Act reduces the unnecessary payment of private mortgage insurance (PMI) by homeowners who are no ...
  10. Employee Benefits: How to Know What to Choose

    Starting a new job is stressful, but you don't need to sweat about setting up a benefits package.
  11. Guaranteed Investment Fund (GIF)

    A guaranteed investment fund allows a client to invest in an equity, bond or index fund with the promise of a predefined ...
  12. Assumed Interest Rate (AIR)

    Assumed interest rate (AIR) is the rate of interest or growth rate selected by an insurance company.
  13. Capitated Contract

    A captitated contract is a healthcare plan that provides payment of a flat fee for each patient it covers.
  14. Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund

    The Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund is a Social Security trust fund that pays benefits to insured retired workers ...
  15. Second-To-Die Insurance

    Second-to-die insurance is a type of life insurance on two people that provides benefits to the beneficiaries only after ...
  16. Certain And Continuous

    Certain and continuous is a type of annuity that guarantees a number of payments, even if the annuitant dies.
  17. Bank Insurance

    Bank insurance is a guarantee by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) of deposits in a bank.
  18. Insurance Grace Period

    An insurance grace period is a defined amount of time after the premium is due in which a policyholder can make a premium ...
  19. Mortality And Expense Risk Charge

    A mortality and expense risk charge is a variable annuity fee that compensates insurance companies for risks and expenses ...
  20. Hurricane Deductible

    A hurricane deductible is the amount a homeowner must pay before insurance will cover the damage caused by a hurricane.
  21. Insurance Risk Class

    An insurance risk class has similar characteristics, which are used to determine risks of underwriting a policy and the premium ...
  22. Long-Tail Liability

    A long-tail liability is a type of liability that carries a long settlement period.
  23. Accumulated Value

    Accumulated value is the total amount an investment currently holds, including the capital invested and interest earned to ...
  24. Policy Loan

    A policy loan is issued by an insurance company that uses the cash value of a person's life insurance policy as collateral.
  25. Life insurance versus annuity

    Are you thinking of buying insurance? There are certain scenarios in which investing in insurance is a savvy move. But expect ...
  26. Surrender Charge

    A surrender charge is a fee levied on a life insurance policyholder upon cancellation of their life insurance policy.
  27. Adjusted Earnings

    Adjusted earnings are the sum of earnings and increases in loss reserves, new business, deficiency reserves, deferred tax ...
  28. Creating a Formal Plan for Long-Term Care

    Talking about long-term care is never fun, but it's best to do it before it becomes a necessity.
  29. Hazard Insurance

    Hazard insurance protects a property owner against damage caused by fires, severe storms, earthquakes or other natural events.
  30. Aggregate Stop-Loss Insurance

    Aggregate stop-loss insurance is an insurance policy that limits claim coverage (losses) to a specific amount.
  31. Underwriting Fees

    Underwriting fees are monies collected by underwriters for underwriting services.
  32. Unsolicited Application

    An unsolicited application is a request for life insurance coverage that is made by an individual rather than an insurance ...
  33. Credit Insurance

    Credit insurance is a type of insurance that pays off one or more existing debts in the event of a death, disability, or ...
  34. Annual Premium Equivalent (APE)

    Annual premium equivalent (APE) is a common sales measure technique used by insurance companies in the United Kingdom.
  35. Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB)

    An accelerated death benefit (ADB) allows a life insurance policyholder to get cash advances against the death benefit if ...
  36. Mortality Table

    A mortality table shows the rate of deaths occurring in a defined population during a selected time interval or survival ...
  37. Elimination Period

    Elimination period is the length of time between when an injury or illness begins, and receiving benefit payments from an ...
  38. Strategies to use life insurance for retirement

    Here's how to incorporate life insurance into a plan to ensure that you and your family have the smoothest possible transition ...
  39. Medicare: Understanding the Basics

    Understanding the basics of Medicare can help you plan for the benefits you should expect to receive.
  40. All Risks

    All risks is a type of insurance coverage that automatically covers any risk that the contract does not explicitly omit.
  41. Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)

    A chartered life underwriter (CLU) is a professional designation for individuals who wish to specialize in life insurance ...
  42. Uninsurable Risk

    Uninsurable risk is a condition that poses unknowable or unacceptable risk of loss.
  43. Guaranteed Renewable Policy

    A guaranteed renewable policy obligates the insurer to continue coverage as long as premiums are paid on the policy.
  44. How Life Insurance Can Provide Retirement Income

    Universal life insurance can generate tax-free retirement income. Here's how.
  45. Section 7702

    Section 7702 of the United States Internal Revenue Code defines what the federal government considers to be life insurance ...
  46. Accidental Death Benefit

    The accidental death benefit is payment due to the beneficiary of an accidental death insurance policy, which is often a ...
  47. Period Certain

    Period certain is a life annuity option that allows the customer to choose when and how long to receive payments, which beneficiaries ...
  48. Rejuvenate Your Life and Career With a Sabbatical

    Sometimes a one-week vaction isn't enough. Learn the pros and cons of an extended break.
  49. Fringe Benefits

    Fringe benefits are additional compensation provided to an employee or partner by an employer, such as health insurance, ...
  50. Immediate Family

    The immediate family is a person's smallest family unit, consisting of the closest relatives, such as parents, siblings and ...
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