Ric Edelman, co-founder of Edelman Financial Services and host of The Ric Edelman Show, has authored a new children's book, The Squirrel Manifesto, aimed at blending good-sense personal finance habits into a classic fairy-tale format.

The fable, as told by a "guide bird" wren, follows an elder squirrel imparting words of wisdom to a group of younger squirrels. It was crafted by Edelman and his co-author, wife Jean, to help parents teach their younger children the importance of saving early and often. The pair encourages kids to regularly stash portions of the money they receive throughout the year into savings, much like the book's titular squirrel rations his food.


What to Teach Young Kids About Money

The Squirrel Manifesto was illustrated by Dave Zaboski, a former Disney animator. The book is Ric's tenth and Jean's second, though it's the first book they've written for children or collaborated on together.

Edelman, whose firm Barron's ranked as the top independent advisor for 2018, hosts a weekend radio show and various specials for public television. His eponymous Edelman Financial Services merged with robo-advisor Financial Engines in April of this year. According to regulatory filings, the combined entity managed more than $200 billion in assets as of November 2018.