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New York City


Washington State University


Personal finance, investing

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  • 9+ years' experience covering finance, business, and the economy.
  • Expertise in money and personal finance topics.
  • Currently writes about sports betting and personal finance for people with disabilities for Investopedia.
  • Serial entrepreneur and the founder of two companies: an editorial services firm, and a weekly newsletter.


Sam Becker is a freelance writer and the founder of Xyston, a boutique editorial services firm. His writing and coverage have appeared in and on CNBC, Fortune, Curbed, Business Insider, and more. He's also worked with several top brands and startups in the financial space, including SoFi, Goldman Sachs, Acorns, Stash, and Vise.

Sam grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent his younger years working in a variety of jobs and industries. He eventually returned to writing and journalism, which he studied in college, and after scraping by during the Great Recession, and found that he had a knack and interest in exploring the world of finance and the economy. He's been writing about and covering those topics ever since.

Sam is also the author of the growing finance and strategy-focused newsletter, "Not Pretty, Not Rich," which is "a newsletter about doing things the hard way."


Sam holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from Washington State University.