•  Firm: Mellen Money Management LLC
  • Job Title: Principal, Financial Planner
  • Certifications: CPF®, CRPC®


After spending much of his 11-year career as an advisor for a large regional bank, Scott Snider decided it was time to break away from corporate America and start an independent financial planning firm: Mellen Money Management. Scott's firm is based in Jacksonville, Florida with the ability to work with clients around the country via video conference. His company's offerings include full-service investment management and comprehensive financial planning. While their specialty is helping young professionals and families navigate past the confusing maze of college financial aid and student loans.

It is Scott's mission to end the student debt crisis one family at a time through proactive planning. In fact, Scott believes the cost of college cannot be solved in a vacuum. Financial trade-offs, like saving for retirement, must be prioritized and included with such large expenditures. In other words, Scott's company helps their clients plan for the financial impact of major life transitions so that they are prepared for life's biggest moments. Such an approach has helped Scott's client realize their dreams and live a more fulfilling life.

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 Scott received his BS in Finance from Miami University.

Quote from Scott Snider

“Scott Snider is a fee-only financial planner based in Jacksonville, FL, and is the owner and founder of Mellen Money Management.”