Securities Registration Forms

Explore the two main types of registration statements: offerings registrations filed under the Securities Act of 1933, and trading registrations filed under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Explore Securities Registration Forms

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SEC Form D: Definition, What's Included, and Requirements
SEC Form 424B3: Definition, When It's Used, and How It's Filed
SEC Form 424B5
SEC Form 424B4
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S-8 Filing
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SEC Form 10: Definition, Uses, Components, and How It's Filed
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SEC Form F-3
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SEC Form 424B2
SEC Form 424B1
SEC Form 424B1
SEC Form 1-A
SEC Form 425
SEC Form 497
SEC Form F-4
SEC Form 8-A
SEC Form F-6
SEC Form S-11
SEC Form 8-A12B
Schedule 13E-4
SEC Form 424A
SEC Form N-14AE
SEC Form 8-K12G3
SEC Form 8-K12G3
SEC Form F-7
SEC Form F-8
SEC Form 8A12BEF
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SEC Form F-10
SEC Form S-2
SEC Under Fire As Wall Street Investment Banks Falter
SEC Form N-14
Schedule 14C
SEC Form S-6
SEC Form SB-2