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Hillary Clinton

  1. Hillary's Many Wall Street Connections

    Hillary Clinton is one of the most high profile potential 2016 presidential candidates, and her Wall Street ties are a source of ...
  2. Who's Funding Hillary Clinton?

    From Hollywood producers to financial executives, Clinton has been raking in the funds.
  3. Hillary Clinton Success Story: Net Worth, Education & Top Quotes

    Learn about Hillary Clinton's early life in Chicago, her years in Arkansas with her husband, and her time as first lady, senator ...
  4. The Top 9 Things to Know About Hillary Clinton's Economic View

    Find out where former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stands on the economy, jobs, trade ...
  5. Hillary Clinton Promises Free College and Higher Wages

    With income inequality on the rise, Hillary Clinton is running on raising the minimum wage, raising middle class wages, and providing ...
  6. Clinton Vs. Sanders: Comparing Healthcare Proposals

    Find out the main differences in health care proposals presented by 2016 presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
  7. Will Hillary Clinton Give Bill a Cabinet Post?

    Hillary Clinton says she has asked her husband to come out of retirement and be in charge of a manufacturing renaissance.
  8. Hillary Clinton's Liberal Orthodoxy

    Clinton's economic agenda laid out in July is divided into three broad groups: strong growth, fair growth and long-term growth. And ...
  9. The Probability Of Hillary Clinton as President

    What are the chances that Hillary Clinton will become president of the United States?
  10. Clinton Wants Scrutiny of AT&T-TW Deal (T, TWX)

    AT&T and Time Warner would face close scrutiny under a Clinton Presidency.
  11. Clinton Releases Taxes

    Hillary Clinton released her taxes, putting pressure on Trump to follow suit.
  12. Top 10 Contributors to the Clinton Campaign (FB, H)

    Hedge fund managers dominate this list of the top donors to Clinton's campaign.
  13. Hillary Clinton's Richest Champion: Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett's support of Hillary Clinton is more about clout than cash.
  14. What Clinton's Presidency Would Mean for Advisors, Retirement

    If Hillary Clinton is elected to the presidency, her tax plans could have a big impact on economic growth and retirement security. ...
  15. FBI Receives Warrant to Continue Clinton Email Probe, Global Markets Rattled

    With a little more than a week to go before Election Day, the FBI has reopened the investigation into Clinton's private email server.
  16. Clinton Mulled Apple, Starbucks, Coke CEOs as VPs (AAPL, SBUX)

    The latest dump of John Podesta's emails shows that Fortune 500 CEOs were one of the "food groups" the Clinton campaign considered ...
  17. Clinton Pillories Trump Tax Plan in Economy Speech

    Clinton pilloried Trump's plans in a major economic speech, saying his tax proposals are a $4 billion "gift" to him and his family ...
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