Research Analyst

Resides In

New York, NY


University of Virginia


Health, Popular Culture, Social Issues, Consumer Goods


  • Two years conducting research across multiple industries
  • Previously a Research Analyst at Emerald X, a B2B Trade Show Host
  • Four years of Applied Statistics experience


As a Research Analyst with Dotdash Meredith, Shanker is responsible for helping formulate evaluation criteria for various projects, as well as overseeing the data collection, verification, and analysis processes as it relates to different brands across the company.

Shanker's background in Applied Statistics has equipped him with both the tools and logical framework necessary to develop, refine, and execute research methodologies. Combined with his passion for reading and writing in his personal life, Shanker believes that the best, most meaningful content is generated when utilizing both quantitative and qualitative techniques in research and delivery.


Bachelor of Arts in Applied Statistics, University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. Major specific curriculum included programming (Python, SQL, SAS, R) for business analysis, learning about various statistical tests and models, and delving into predictive analytics.

Extracurricular activities include pro-bono consulting for local organizations in the Charlottesville area.