Smart Beta - Articles

  1. Smart Beta ETFs Strategies

    What you need to know about smart beta ETFs and the strategies behind them.
  2. Strategic Beta ETFs

    Strategic Beta ETFs By Greg McFarlane As the financial markets get more sophisticated and arcane with time, the number of ...
  3. How to Explain Smart Beta Strategies to Clients

    Here's how to explain the benefits of Smart beta fund strategies to clients.
  4. Smart Beta: How Does Quality Factor In? (QUAL, SPHQ)

    One of the factors used in smart beta strategies is quality. Here's a look at this popular factor and the ETFs that use it. ...
  5. Do Low Volatility Smart Beta ETFs Make Sense?

    It's one of those trendy ideas in investing but does it work? Take a look at the performance of two of the most popular low-volatility ...
  6. Are Smart Beta ETFs Active, Passive or Both? (RPV, SIZE)

    Are smart beta ETFs a form of passive management, active management or a hybrid of both?
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