Snap Inc. (SNAP) is having a tough time keeping its top executives around.

On Tuesday, the company announced that its Chief Financial Officer Tim Stone had resigned to pursue other opportunities, just eight months after joining the technology and camera specialist from Inc. (AMZN)

News of Stone’s departure came as a big blow to investors. The shares had fallen 9.48% in pre-market trading, reflecting dashed expectations — Stone’s appointment was billed as a way to boost the company’s e-commerce drive and steer it back into profitability — and yet another example of Snap’s apparent inability to keep its top executives happy.

Here is a list of other high profile staff that left the troubled company this past year:

Jason Halbert

Stone’s departure was announced shortly before Snap’s human resources chief left the company. Jason Halbert’s exit perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since joining the firm in 2015 he was accused several times of engaging in inappropriate behavior.

Nick Bell and Kristin Southey

In November, Nick Bell, vice president of content, and Kristin Southey, vice president of investor relations, both left the company. Bell, who during his nearly five years at Snap was responsible for building media partnerships and leading the creation of original content for its mobile platform, said he decided “to take some time off to recharge before deciding on my next adventure.” Southey, on the other hand, walked out after just four months, reportedly for personal reasons.

Steve LaBella and Kristen O’Hara

Bell and Southey’s exits were announced just one month after two other high profile executives jumped ship. Steve LaBella, who during his more than two-year reign oversaw the company’s marketing campaigns, also left for personal reasons, while O’Hara, a former WarnerMedia exec, seemingly walked out on Snap after less than two months when the company’s CEO Evan Spiegel withdrew a job offer.

Imran Khan and Mary Ritti

Snap’s chief strategy officer, Imran Kahn, played a key role in guiding the company through its initial public offering and developing its advertising operations. Then in September, he suddenly announced that he was stepping down to spend more time with his family and to launch an e-commerce startup.

Mary Ritti, Snap’s vice president of communications, also exited the company in September. In an email, she told staff she wanted to "take a deep breath and explore what's next.”

Mark Randall

Like Khan, Snap’s former vice president of hardware also harbored dreams to set up his own business. Mark Randall was best known for working on Snap’s Spectacles product, a camera-equipped pair of sunglasses. Then in July, he said he would leave the company to start his own firm.

Andrew Vollero and Stuart Bowers 

In May 2018, Snap lost more two big executives. Stone’s predecessor, Andrew Vollero, left his role as CFO and Stuart Bowers, vice president of monetization engineering, joined Tesla Inc. (TSLA).

Tom Conrad

CEO Spiegel lost another one of his top lieutenants in March when Tom Conrad, vice president of product, opted to leave the company and the whole tech industry. Conrad said he wanted to focus more on art than entrepreneurship.