Special Features

  1. Annual Financial Planning Guide

    With the markets hitting all-time highs, there's never been a better time to plan for the future.
  2. Investing in the Future of Asia

    Favorable long-term fundamentals, economic growth and rising consumer wealth are creating new investment opportunities in Asia that are too big for investors to ignore.
  3. The Millennial Guide to Home Buying

    Purchasing a home is a major decision. Investopedia helps first-time homebuyers navigate the financial questions they will encounter when embarking on this important journey.
  4. Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisors

    This list features financial advisors with the greatest impact across social media and content channels including TV, radio, blogs and books.
  5. Investopedia Anxiety Index

    The Investopedia Anxiety Index (IAI) is a gauge of investor sentiment based on the behavior of tens of millions of Investopedia readers around the world