Star Alliance to Launch New Airline Credit Card Good for 26 Airlines

The airline alliance's card, which is set to launch later this year, is a first.

Star Alliance, an airline alliance with 26 members, is planning to launch a co-branded credit card, according to a report by Bloomberg. The card will allow users to earn rewards that they can redeem with any of the alliance's member airlines, a first in the credit card space.

Key Takeaways

  • Star Alliance announced plans to develop a credit card that allows users to earn rewards redeemable with any of the alliance's 26 member airlines.
  • The card is set to launch later this year, but Star Alliance currently offers no details.
  • The card would be a first among airline credit cards and will compete directly with its own member airlines' co-branded credit cards.

Star Alliance to Enter the Airline Credit Card Fray

Airline credit cards offer a lot of value to frequent flyers, particularly if you regularly travel with a specific airline or its partners.

Currently, travelers who have miles with one of Star Alliance's member airlines, a list that includes United Airlines, Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, and many more, can generally book flights on partner airlines through that loyalty program. But you may not be able to take advantage of the various sweet spots partner programs offer.

With the new Star Alliance card, Bloomberg reports that cardholders would be able to transfer rewards earned with the card to any of the alliance's airline rewards programs, giving you a lot more flexibility and potential value.

Transferable rewards aren't a new phenomenon. Credit card issuers like American Express, Chase and Citi have allowed certain cardholders to transfer their hard-earned points to partner airlines and hotel brands for years, and Capital One has recently improved its own transfer partner program.

But none of those programs offer as many as 26 airline partners. In particular, the card can offer significant value to travel rewards enthusiasts who like to leverage their rewards to enjoy international flights.

The card is scheduled to launch later this year, but there are currently no details on the potential sign-up bonus, rewards rates, annual fee, or other features. The card would compete directly with co-branded credit cards offered by Star Alliance's own members.

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