• Firm: The firm of Steven H. Kobrin
  • Job Title: Owner
  • Certifications: LUTCF


In 1991, Steve Kobrin entered the life insurance business full-time, and soon formed his own national brokerage. Throughout his career, Steve has been dedicated to mastering the craft of selling life insurance, and is an expert in helping people get a policy who represent a “higher risk” due to health, lifestyle, or other personal issues. Along the way, he have developed a huge network of industry contacts that enables him to serve as a primary resource for all the insurance needs of individual and corporate clients.

Steve now helps brokers, advisers, and financial firms across the country utilize his organization to become a primary resource for the insurance needs of their own clients. They form strategic partnerships with his providers so they can stay within their own area of specialization, yet help their clients purchase the other products they need from professionals in those marketplaces. It's a winning formula for all concerned.

Steve's firm runs a Global Insurance Portal through which consumers, brokers, consulting firms, and agencies can gain access to the insurance resources they need, on a global basis.


 Steve earned his bachelor's degree in liberal arts.

Quote from Steve Kobrin

 "As an independent life insurance broker, Steve Kobrin specializes in helping people considered high risk and uninsurable. His firm also runs the Global Insurance Portal."