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New York, New York


William Paterson University




  • Stewart has 40 years of experience writing about consumer electronics.
  • He has attended more than 50 Consumer Electronic Shows (CES).
  • He is the unofficial historian for the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).


Stewart Wolpin lives in a Best Buy with furniture, much to the chagrin of his wife. Over the years, he has accumulated a museum's worth of review samples including early CD players, varying Walkmen, a laserdisc player, and varying brick, flip, slide, and smart cell phones. Since 1988, he has written about and/or reviewed every significant gadget since the first VCRs, boomboxes, PCs, and cell phones for a plethora of trade publications including U.S. News & World Report, Mashable, Recode, Huffington Post, Tom’s Guide, Rolling Stone, Popular Science, and more.

While interested in gadgets, Stewart is actually more fascinated by the people who create them. He writes all the biographies for the CTA Hall of Fame, which means he gets to regularly chat with geniuses about their lives and innovations


Stewart earned a B.A. in Communications from William Paterson College (now University) in 1978.

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