There's a lot of good news coming out of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and the latest comes from IBM (NYSE: IBM): Adding to the ever-growing list of deals involving its Watson cognitive computing unit, Big Blue recently joined with Panasonic Automotive, a division of Panasonic, to announce the introduction of the Panasonic Cognitive Infotainment system.

The product will give "OEMs and fleet providers a set of cognitive vehicle solutions combining Panasonic's market leading infotainment expertise with IBM's Watson and cloud technologies." Though the partnership with Panasonic Automotive will likely expand over time, the infotainment platform already offers consumers' language processing capabilities to answer questions, provide directions, and offer recommendations.

IBM added the existing infotainment solution comes with e-commerce capabilities "for convenient in-vehicle purchases to make the most of a driver's time." A likely future feature of the platform will be a vehicle monitoring system that warns drivers of potential problems.

The folks attending CES will get a firsthand look at the cognitive infotainment system's capabilities, including a demo in which a driver calls a local restaurant -- hands free of course -- places an order, pays, and then times the pick-up all while en route.

Car infotainment systems are quickly becoming a mainstay in new vehicles, and a "must-have" feature for many buyers. A recent report suggests that in five years the market for car infotainment solutions will reach nearly  $34 billion. Now, thanks to the cloud and Watson, IBM is positioned to garner a share of that market.

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