Under the current state of the art, manufacturers utilizing plastic 3D printing technologies often have to divide projects among a host of software programs. 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) hopes to reduce  that redundancy with its recently released Sprint 2.0 "productivity-enhancing print management and print optimization software."

The new software will be included with sales of new 3D Systems' Projet 1200 and MJP 2500 printers. Sprint 2.0 support for already-purchased plastic printers will be made available in the future.

In addition to streamlining the plastic printing process, Sprint 2.0 comes equipped with a bevy of design tools to "enable users to manipulate, edit and prepare 3D models for printing directly from the software interface." The upgraded software also accommodates multiple file types.

3D Systems' new software release and expectations for an improved 3D printing market in 2017 may help its stock regain the momentum it enjoyed earlier this year. Though 3D Systems shares are still up 69% year-to-date, during the last three months, they've lost some ground, declining 9%.

The recent full-scale availability  of HP's first production-ready Jet Fusion 3D commercial printers has also contributed to 3D Systems' recent stock price dip. That said, in a market expected to reach  over $30 billion by 2022 there's certainly room for several players. Though competing with the likes of HP will still be a formidable task, 3D Systems shareholders hope improving the additive manufacturing process with enhancements like Sprint 2.0 will help keep the HP's of the world at bay.

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