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    What are Issued Shares?

    Issued shares are the amount of authorized stocks a company’s shareholders buy and own. The annual report shows the number of outstanding shares.
  2. Tech

    IMF Urges Banks to Invest In Cryptocurrencies

    The International Monetary Fund is pushing for the new wave of digital currencies to occupy a more prominent position.
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    Factor High Interest Rates Into Your Investing

    Harvard economist and author Ken Rogoff discusses rising interest rates and the global economy.
  4. Investing

    Types Of Shares: Authorized, Outstanding, Float And Restricted Shares

    A company’s financial statements may refer to multiple types of stock, including authorized, outstanding, float and restricted shares. If a company issues more shares, its outstanding shares ...
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    4 Simple Actions to Achieve Financial Safety

    Performing these four activities can help build a lifetime of financial safety.
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    Why Dick’s Sporting Goods is Winning (DKS)

    Dick’s Sporting Goods is enjoying market share gains thanks in large part to Sports Authority's bankruptcy.
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    Top 10 Rules For Successful Trading

    Whether you're a novice or an expert, these 10 rules should be the backbone of your trading career.
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    How Dumb Money Can Become Smart Money

    An online brokerage grades its clients on their trades, and guess what? Their returns improve.
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    Campbell Soup Initiates $1.5 Billion Stock Buyback

    Campbell Soup (NYSE: CPB) is opening the corporate coffers to buy its own stock. The company announced that its board of directors has authorized a fresh share repurchase program for up to $1.5 ...
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    Why You Should Be Concerned About High Stock Prices

    Stock prices are high, and as an investor you have reason to be concerned.
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