Tax credits refer to an amount of money that taxpayers can subtract directly from the taxes they owe. Browse Investopedia's expert-written library to learn more.

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How to Get Your Child Tax Credit Payments
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IRS Form 8880: Who Qualifies for the Retirement Saver's Credit
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Recovery Rebate Credit: What it is, How it Works, FAQ
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Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
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Tax Credit: What It Is, How It Works, What Qualifies, 3 Types
Personal Income Taxes
Form 5405: First-Time Homebuyer Credit and Repayment of the Credit
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Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC): Definition and How to Qualify
Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC): Definition and Who Qualifies
Child Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit Definition: How It Works and How to Claim It
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Foreign Tax Credit: Definition, How It Works, Who Can Claim It
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Dividend Tax Credit: Meaning and Formulas
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Unified Tax Credit: Definition and Limits
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What Was the Hope Credit? How It Worked and Replacement
Business, Investment, Retirement, Finance, and Money Saving for the Future
Nonrefundable Tax Credit: Definition, How It Works, and Benefits
Give Your Taxes Some Credit
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American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC): Definition and Benefits
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Tax Credit Property: Definition, How to Qualify, and Benefits
IRS Publication 524 (Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled)
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General Business Credit (GBC): What it is, How it Works
Phase Out Definition
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Advanced Premium Tax Credit
Section 1237 Capital Gain Opportunity
Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC): What it Means, How it Works, FAQs
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Qualified Retirement Savings Contribution Credit
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Education Tax Credit
Miscellaneous Tax Credits
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Child and Dependent Care Credit Definition
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Historic Structure
Refundable Credit
Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit
Saver's Tax Credit
Energy Tax Credit
Alternative Fuels Tax Credit
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First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit
Research Activities Credit
Working Tax Credit (WTC)
Black Liquor Tax Credit
Qualified Electric Vehicle
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Longtime Homebuyer Tax Credit
IRS Publication 503: Child and Dependent Care Expenses
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Tax Credits That Can Get You a Refund

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