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  1. Peer-To-Peer (Virtual Currency)

    The exchange or sharing of information, data, or assets between parties without the involvement of a central authority.
  2. Cryptocurrency This Week

    Many top cryptocurrencies fell early in the week, only to eke out gains later on.
  3. Twitter's Bot Purge Looks Good for Business

    Jack Dorsey has managed to reverse a Twitter meme. Shares in the cacophonous $21 billion social network soared more than ...
  4. Is the FAANG Trade Dead?

    Three of five FAANG components have broken their 200-day moving averages, and Amazon looks ready to follow suit.
  5. FAANG Stocks Set to Rebound as AMD Plunges

    U.S. equity futures pointed higher on Thursday morning after Wednesday's bloodbath, and it seems investors aren’t quite ready ...
  6. When did Facebook go public? (FB)

    With a peak market capitalization of over $104 billion, Facebook, Inc. had one of the largest and most anticipated IPOs in ...
  7. AMD Revenue Forecast Falls Short of Estimates

    Advanced Micro Devices Inc on Wednesday forecast fourth-quarter revenue below estimates as the chipmaker wrestled with waning ...
  8. How Tesla’s Share Price Dropped $100 in 80 Days

    Elon Musk set off a dramatic and defining series of events for electric automotive producer Tesla in early August by tweeting ...
  9. Microsoft Results Beat Estimates on Strong Cloud Growth

    Microsoft Corp beat Wall Street estimates for revenue and profit in its first quarter on Wednesday, as more businesses signed ...
  10. The Basics of Cryptoeconomics

    Cryptoeconomics is key to making a functional blockchain. Learn about the two systems used to incentivize miners to create ...
  11. Tesla Earnings on Tap: What to Expect

    The electric car maker will report third-quarter earnings on Wednesday, a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.
  12. Taxes and Crypto

    There's a lot of confusion around cryptocurrency and taxes. This will help.
  13. Top 5 Companies Owned by Cisco

    Cisco has used acquisitions as a growth strategy and has acquired a large variety of companies. These five companies stand ...
  14. Coinbase And Circle Announce Stablecoin Consortium

    Two of the biggest players in cryptocurrencies - Coinbase and Circle - have announced the formation of a stablecoin consortium ...
  15. Amazon’s Cashierless 'Go' Stores: Loser and Winner Stocks

    Amazon's new store concept will eat into sales for convenience chains, drugstores, and restaurants that cater to "time-starved ...
  16. Apple’s App Store Ad Business to $2 Billion by 2020: Bernstein

    Apple is likely to meet or exceed its goal of reaching $49 billion in revenues for its services business by 2020, according ...
  17. Apple Is the Best Tech Play Ahead of Earnings: Gene Munster

    Tech industry vet and venture capitalist Gene Munster expects Apple's earnings to reassure investors of a swift transition ...
  18. Warren Buffett and Jack Ma Are Backing This Fintech Firm

    Ant Financial plans to invest $100 million in StoneCo's IPO, while Berkshire Hathaway reportedly wants to buy up to 14.2 ...
  19. How to Invest As a Young Person

    It's crucial for younger investors to understand popular investment classes and their role in a portfolio.
  20. 10 Oversold Tech Stocks Ready to Rebound

    Piper Jaffray sees significant upside in these beaten-down tech stocks.
  21. Crypto M&A Surges As Crypto Markets Crash

    M&A in cryptocurrency markets is thriving as discounted valuations due to plunging crypto markets make blockchain and ...
  22. Basics of algorithmic trading: Concepts and examples

    Algorithmic trading provides a more systematic approach to active trading than one based on a human trader’s intuition or ...
  23. PayPal a Cheap Buy in Global Payments Industry

    The payments pioneer saw its shares skyrocket on Q3 results in which it demonstrated that it can ward off new competition ...
  24. Buy Intel, Only Chip Stock That Will Lift Estimates: Nomura

    One bull on the Street highlights Intel as an attractive play amid a chip industry facing stronger headwinds.
  25. How does a block chain prevent double-spending of Bitcoins?

    Find out how double-spending is prevented in the Bitcoin server and how transactions are posted and verified on the Bitcoin ...
  26. More Pain Ahead for Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are testing multi-month lows and could break down in the coming weeks.
  27. Is It Safe to Send Money Through Facebook?

    Learn how Facebook employs strong measures to keep your information safe when sending money, but understand the potential ...
  28. How FanDuel and DraftKings Work

    DraftKings and FanDuel lead the daily fantasy sports industry, supported primarily by advertising, entry fees, media companies ...
  29. 7 Ways Amazon Uses Big Data to Stalk You (AMZN)

    Using predictive analytics, Amazon anticipates your purchases and delivery options practically before you know you're going ...
  30. The Most Popular Mobile Payment Apps

    Mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Venmo have grown exponentially since launch. Users will find solace in their ease ...
  31. 7 Top Non-U.S. Robo-Advisors

    Want a global perspective on your finances? Maybe you should consider going with one of these international robo-advisors.
  32. 4 Drawbacks to Musk's Cheaper Model 3

    The cheaper Model 3 doesn't go as far, lacks the same functionality, has some delivery caveats, and won't benefit from a ...
  33. Nvidia an Exception Amid More Bearish Chip Sector Outlook: Goldman

    Investors should stay selective amid a cyclical correction in the semiconductor industry, writes one team of Nvidia bulls. ...
  34. Buy Disney on Streaming Service that Will Rival Netflix: Barclays

    Barclays expects Disney's investor day slated for early 2019 to improve investor sentiment and offer insight to the scale ...
  35. Apple’s Biggest Bull Sees 40% Return

    Tech vet Dan Ives expects Apple to generate unit sales at 350 million over the next 12 to 18 months, compared to the consensus ...
  36. Top Trends for Financial Advisors

    From robo-advisors to retiring clients, financial advisors find themselves face-to-face with big changes that are roiling ...
  37. Apple's October 30 Event: What to Expect

    Here's what the tech giant could unveil later this month.
  38. 2 Cloud Stocks Poised to Lead as Techs Fizzle

    Despite the recent tech sector pullback, two soaring cloud stocks are well-poised to outperform.
  39. Why Is Micron Bullish on 3D XPoint Technology?

    Micron is confident that 3D XPoint Technology will become “an essential solution for new data-hungry applications.”
  40. How Fintech Is Disrupting Wealth Management

    Fintech's disruption of wealth management is good news for advisors who choose to adapt.
  41. 4 MedTech Names to Buy on 'Strong Fundamentals'

    One medtech bull expects the industry to grow between 4% and 5% for the 'forseeable future,' initiating coverage on a handful ...
  42. EBay Is Suing Amazon. Here's Why

    If found guilty, Amazon could face fines and restrictions on how it can operate.
  43. 5 Chip Stocks Facing Steeper Declines Ahead

    The fundamentals for semiconductor stocks are the worst in years, Morgan Stanley warns.
  44. Should You Trust a Robot to Manage Your Money?

    Robo-advisors offer several benefits, but should investors trust a computer to manage their investments?
  45. Bitcoin Futures Prices Jumped During Third Quarter

    According to latest CME statistics, prices for bitcoin futures jumped by 41% during the third quarter.
  46. Buying ETFs Online Is Easy: Here's How

    Learn how and where to purchase exchange-traded funds (ETFs) online, bypassing the standard broker commission that must be ...
  47. 10 Most Famous Leveraged Buyouts

    Learn about the boldest, riskiest leveraged buyouts in history and how they either become famous for failing miserably or ...
  48. The Biggest Winners In An Uber IPO

    Multibillion dollar startup Uber is aiming for a long-overdue IPO next year. If the ride hailing company does go public, ...
  49. The Hottest Tech IPOs Slated for 2019

    Ride hailing industry leaders Uber and Lyft, as well as online vacation marketplace Airbnb, are slated to hit the public ...
  50. Was Netflix's Second Quarter a Blip or a Trend?

    While the Street remains largely bullish on Netflix after its blowout report, at least one analyst on the Street has downgraded ...
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