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  1. GoPro Stock's Head and Shoulders Pattern Suggests Downside

    GoPro shares moved sharply lower after full-year guidance failed to impress, which could mean a breakdown from a head and ...
  2. Apple Earnings: A Lot Depends on iPhone X Outlook

    With reports of sluggish iPhone 8 sales, the outlook for Apple's iPhone X will be key.
  3. Apple Stock Has Momentum but Suffered a Key Reversal

    Apple reports earnings after setting a new high, but investors should beware of overhead risky levels.
  4. How low will Tesla stock go?

    Tesla stock could come under pressure as more traders get the opportunity to react to its weak earnings report and production ...
  5. Top 3 Solar Stocks as of November 2017

    Although the sector has soared in 2017, solar is still an attractive option for many long-term investors. Here are some stocks ...
  6. China Will Overtake the U.S. in AI: Alphabet Chairman

    Google’s former CEO warns that a lack of investment from the U.S. government could see China emerge as the dominant force ...
  7. Top 4 ETFs to Track the Nasdaq as of November 2017

    Investors seeking exposure to the tech sector may want to check out these Nasdaq ETFs.
  8. Amazon Acquires Cryptocurrency-Related Domains

    Is the e-commerce giant close to accepting digital currencies or launching its own?
  9. Wall Street Regulator Warns Celebrities, Individuals Touting Digital Coins

    Wall Street's main regulator warned on Wednesday that celebrities or other individuals may be breaking U.S. securities law ...
  10. Shopify Uptrend at Risk After Latest Bear Raid

    Anxious Shopify shareholders are reeling from the second major bear raid in less than a month and could choose to abandon ...
  11. Tesla Stock Holds Key Level as Earnings Loom

    Tesla reports earnings after the close today. The stock is above a "golden cross" on its daily chart with a negative weekly ...
  12. Bitcoin Price Blows Past $6,500 Mark And Could Rise Further

    The cryptocurrency's trading price set a new record today and is poised to go even higher.
  13. Apple Stock Could Break Resistance and Hit $200

    Apple shares have traded at the top of a five-year channel for the past six months and could break out in a vertical advance.
  14. Cryptocurrencies' Total Value Hits Record High as Bitcoin Blasts Above $6,500

    The aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies hit a record high of around $184 billion on Wednesday, according to industry ...
  15. Disney's Netflix Competitor Could Be Worth $25B: Morgan Stanley

    Morgan Stanley believes investors should have more faith in Disney’s ability to make a success out of its new streaming venture.
  16. How Self-Driving Cars Will Boost Nvidia's Stock

    The self-driving car industry is alive and well, and Nvidia is poised to take advantage of future growth.
  17. Facebook to Double Security Staff by the End of Next Year

    The social media network made the costly pledge after coming under pressure from senators.
  18. China Calls for Protections for Online Trading Platforms

    China is stepping up its regulation of online trading firms to protect against cybersecurity attacks.
  19. Bitcoin Cash Set To Undergo Hard Fork

    The cryptocurrency will undergo a hard fork to enable a stable hash rate amid extreme price volatility.
  20. How to Invest in Bitcoin Futures

    Bitcoin futures act like other futures contracts. Here's how.
  21. Bitcoin Price Rockets To Record High On 9th Anniversary

    The cryptocurrency breached the $6,000 psychological barrier last week and isn't looking back.
  22. Qualcomm Faces Earnings Volatility, Divorce From Apple

    Qualcomm reports earnings on Wednesday after failing at its 200-day simple moving average on Monday.
  23. CME to Launch Bitcoin Futures

    Bitcoin derivatives are coming to CME.
  24. Bitcoin Options Are Headed to The U.S.

    Bitcoin option trading is on its way to the U.S. and investors should be warned: It's expensive and volatile!
  25. Amazon Studios Follows Netflix to Hollywood

    Amazon Studios bids to put recent troubles behind it, follows industry rival's move into an iconic Hollywood studio.
  26. Apple's Hardware Partnership With Qualcomm Is Unraveling

    Apple reportedly loses patience with Qualcomm and designs new models with Intel’s modem chips.
  27. Bitcoin Price Reaches New High Of $6,300

    The cryptocurrency has staged a quick recovery from its midweek lows last week.
  28. Elon Musk Offers First Glimpse of 'Boring' Tunnel

    The tech mogul added that the tunnel is about a year away from extending from Los Angeles International Airport to U.S. Route ...
  29. Bitcoin Pioneer Launches New Cryptocurrency

    Metronome is a cross-chain cryptocurrency that can be used to jump between multiple blockchains without incurring transaction ...
  30. UK Firm's Stock Jumps On News It Will Add 'Blockchain' To Name

    The stock price of British investment firm On-line PLC quadrupled after it announced it will add "blockchain" to its name.
  31. Amazon and Alphabet break through the $1,000 barrier

    Strong earnings reports have given a lift to shares of Amazon and Alphabet.
  32. Bitcoin Price Swings Back To Lows

    The cryptocurrency was poised near the $6,000 mark yesterday but has reversed course today.
  33. Why Nvidia, Intel, AMD, Broadcom Could Surge on Momentum

    The chipmaker stock index (SOX) is likely to surge nearly 13% higher in the next three months.
  34. Amazon Has Wholesale Pharmacy Licenses in 12 States: Report

    Pharmacy shares tumbled after a report indicated that Amazon might now be able to start selling prescription drugs online.
  35. Can Amazon Earnings Push Shares Back Above $1,000?

    Amazon's earnings release tonight could determine the near-term direction of the shares.
  36. Russian Entrepreneur Names Vodka After Cryptocurrencies

    Russian billionaire Dmitry Troitsky filed patents for bitcoin and ethereum vodka products. Cheers!
  37. Alphabet Stock Challenges $1,000 With Earnings Looming

    Today's earnings report may determine if the tech giant's shares are able to reach the round number milestone.
  38. Intel Stock Could Sell Off After Earnings

    Intel stock has broken out to a multi-year high but is now technically overbought, raising the odds for a sell-the-news reaction.
  39. Bitcoin Price Reverses Course And Is Moving Up Again

    The cryptocurrency's price is nearing $6,000 once again, after reversing two days of declines.
  40. Bitcoin IRS Tax Guide For Individual Filers

    The is the most comprehensive analysis to date about the IRS tax guidance on virtual currencies like Bitcoin: What records ...
  41. Bitcoin Price Continues Downward Trajectory After Bitcoin Gold Launch

    The cryptocurrency fell by as much as $600, just one week after touching the $6,000 mark.
  42. Tesla Puts Dangerous Products on the Road, Says Einhorn's Greenlight

    The billionaire hedge fund manager and renowned Tesla bear believes investors will soon grow wise to the electric car maker’s ...
  43. Cybersecurity and Identity Theft Protection Tips

    Taking these steps will help protect your online data following the Equifax security breach.
  44. Equifax Data Breach: How to Protect Yourself

    Here are seven ways to proactively protect yourself following the massive data breach at Equifax.
  45. How Should Investors Play Bitcoin Price Volatility From November Fork?

    Here's a brief analysis of what's at stake and key indicators that investors should look for.
  46. Bitcoin Price Declines As Bitcoin Gold Forks From Main Branch

    Bitcoin gold's debut was marred by a massive denial-of-service hack and a decline in prices.
  47. Netflix Raising Another $1.6B in Debt to Pay for Content

    New 10.5 year bonds have been issued to help fund the video streaming service’s aggressive content push.
  48. The Woz Won't Be Buying the iPhone X as Soon as It Releases

    Steve Wozniak, an avid buyer of new Apple smartphones, won’t be queuing up to purchase the iPhone X on its launch day.
  49. Satoshi Cycle

    Satoshi Cycle is a crypto theory that denotes to the high correlation between the price of Bitcoin and internet search for ...
  50. Target Hash

    A target hash is a number that a hashed block header must be less than or equal to in order for a new block to be awarded.
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