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  1. Emerging Markets’ Lost (near) Decade

    Investors may be ready to abandon emerging markets, but the potential is there for a sizeable rebound.
  2. Three People Who Were Supposedly Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto

    The mystery of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto endures. Still, here are three people who either claimed or are suspected ...
  3. Amazon Invests in Pre-Made Homes, Takes Another Step Towards World Ownership

    The smart homes market just got interesting. Here's why.
  4. Why Did Ripple (XRP) Jump 190% Last Week?

    Beaten-down cryptocurrency XRP nearly tripled in value last week and briefly toppled Ethereum as the second most valued cryptocurrency
  5. Demand for Apple's Priciest iPhone Is Better Than Expected: Kuo

    The Cupertino, California-based company's most expensive phone is outselling the cheaper iPhone XS.
  6. Why Instagram's Co-Founders Are Leaving Facebook

    Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger grew disillusioned as their independence from Facebook was weakened.
  7. What Sector Reclassifications Mean

    Investors might need to relearn some long-held assumptions following a major reshuffle of stock sector classifications.
  8. AMD Could Triple Market Share on Intel Issues

    While Jefferies expects continued production issues at Intel to boost AMD's market share to 30%, the Street is only baking ...
  9. Apple Seeks Content Without Excessive Sex, Violence or Profanity: Report

    The iPhone maker takes a different approach to its streaming peers, rejecting shows that threaten to taint its image.
  10. How the Tech Stock Shuffle Will Shake Up the Market

    Passive ETF investors beware: S&P has revamped its industry sectors, moving 23 stocks worth nearly $3 trillion.
  11. Dead Coin

    Dead coins refer to cryptocurrency tokens whose value has tumbled below a single cent.
  12. Ex-Hedge Funder Novogratz Thinks Bitcoin Will Rise

    The founder of Galaxy Digital Capital Management believes that the cryptocurrency market has reached "seller fatigue."
  13. Tesla Loses Yet Another Senior Exec: Report

    Liam O’Connor, vice president of global supply management, has reportedly left the company more than three years after joining ...
  14. How Are Disputes In Smart Contracts Resolved?

    Smart contracts are expected to revolutionize business contracts. But they need to develop mechanisms for dispute resolution ...
  15. New York AG Slams Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Not Protecting Investors

    The New York attorney general's office slammed digital currency exchanges for not providing sufficient consumer protections.
  16. Parts Supplier ZF In $14 Billion Challenge to Tesla, Ford

    The race to grab a share of the next-gen electric vehicle and autonomous car market is heating up with new players including ...
  17. Japan Hit by Another Cryptocurrency Heist, $60 Million Stolen

    Japanese cryptocurrency firm Tech Bureau Corp said about $60 million in digital currencies were stolen from its exchange, ...
  18. Why Apple Is Selling Its High-End Phones First

    Staggered releases gives the company a month to sell higher-end models before cheaper models are introduced and makes life ...
  19. How to Store Cryptocurrency Safely

    If you own cryptocurrencies it’s essential to understand your storage options and how safe each one is.
  20. 4 Oversold Chip Stocks Poised to Rise Short Term

    Some chip stocks are more than 30% off their 2018 highs.
  21. How Bittrex is Upending the South American Crypto Market

    Latin American and Caribbean customers will have a powerful new digital currency exchange option.
  22. Stablecoin

    Bridging the gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrency, stablecoins aim to achieve stable price valuation using different ...
  23. Goldman Sachs CFO Clarifies Firm's Crypto Plans

    Recent reports that Goldman was giving up on cryptocurrency trading are "fake news," according to the CFO.
  24. Tesla Could Raise $2.5B in Q4: Morgan Stanley

    CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly stressed that another capital injection isn’t necessary.
  25. 8 Stocks to Lead the Digital Payments Boom

    Booming digital payments may yield a $1 trillion revenue opportunity for facilitators, GS estimates.
  26. Microsoft's New AI-Backed Services Threaten Salesforce

    The new tools are meant to help businesses to improve their customer service, marketing and manufacturing processes.
  27. ACLU Files Discrimination Complaint Against Facebook for Targeted Job Ads

    The suit alleges that advertisements for jobs targeted men while discriminating against others.
  28. Audi’s EV Launch a Big Win for Tesla: UBS

    It may be "more difficult than expected by many" to knock Tesla from its leadership position in the next-gen auto market, ...
  29. Could Ether's Crypto Value Drop To Zero?

    Critics charge that Ethereum's cryptocurrency ether does not have real utility on its blockchain and its price increase is ...
  30. Where to Shop for Consumer Stocks

    Consumer confidence is soaring in the U.S. and Europe, but imposed and threatened tariffs are combining with disruptive market-related ...
  31. Mastercard Patents See Blockchain For Data Records

    A new series of patent filings by Mastercard indicates the company is actively working on using blockchain for immutable ...
  32. Netflix Draws With HBO, Amazon Sweeps Comedy at Emmys

    Netflix became the first streaming service to claim top honors at the Emmys, while Amazon became the first to win best comedy.
  33. Amazon to Launch 8 New Alexa-Powered Devices: Report

    The online retailer’s new devices focus on cars and homes, places where people generally spend a lot of time.
  34. Saudi Fund Investing $1B in Tesla Rival Lucid Motors

    The sovereign wealth fund Elon Musk said pledged to help him take Tesla private is investing in rival firm Lucid.
  35. AI and Robotics to Create 60 Million More Jobs Than They Eliminate by 2022: WEF Study

    The WEF estimates that development in automation technologies and AI could displace 75 million jobs by 2022, yet create another ...
  36. Twitter to Crash 30% as Cost Growth Accelerates: MoffettNathanson

    One bear expects investors to dump TWTR as they take into account accelerating costs due to heightened industry competition ...
  37. Half of American Millennials Are Interested in Using Crypto: Survey

    Millennials are increasingly interested in the growing cryptocurrency industry.
  38. Robinhood Moves Toward IPO Launch

    The stock trading platform continues to expand.
  39. Amazon Probing Reports of Employees Taking Bribes

    Some Amazon employees reportedly offer several services to merchants, including the option to delete negative reviews and ...
  40. Working Digitally With a Financial Advisor

    Digital financial planning services can benefit both investors and advisors if done correctly.
  41. Tesla to Do Collision Repairs In-House

    Tesla’s CEO plans to bring most collision repairs in-house because third-party body shops are making customers wait too long.
  42. Could the Recent Slump in Bitcoin Have Fostered Insider Trading?

    A recent tumble in the price of BTC has prompted speculation that insider trading has taken place.
  43. Why Storing Bitcoin in a Single Wallet is a Bad Idea

    Recent activity in a mammoth bitcoin wallet highlights the risks of putting all your coins in one place.
  44. Jeff Bezos: There Are Things Only Big Companies Can Do

    The CEO discussed antitrust concerns and other Amazon-related topics at an event in Washington D.C.
  45. SpaceX Has Signed Its First Passenger to Fly Around the Moon

    It is unclear whether the BFR voyage has any connection to SpaceX’s previous pledge in 2017 to send two tourists to the moon.
  46. Yahoo Finance Platform Integrates Trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum

    Yahoo Finance has added trading in several prominent cryptocurrencies.
  47. Is A Bitcoin Whale Responsible For The Current Crash In Cryptocurrency Markets?

    An anonymous wallet has been moving large amounts of bitcoin. Some think the bitcoin whale may be responsible for the crash ...
  48. Why Are Stablecoins Becoming Popular?

    The ecosystem for stablecoins has multiplied in recent times. Why are investors and entrepreneurs bullish on them?
  49. Avoid Intel Stock Despite Steep Decline

    Intel shares should bounce toward $50 in coming weeks, but heavy overhead supply may end the recovery effort and trigger ...
  50. Study Sees Blockchain $1T Trade Finance Lift

    A new report by the World Economic Forum suggests harnessing blockchain technology could lead to big gains in global trade ...
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