1. E-commerce Earnings on the Rise (AMZN, WMT)

    E-commerce companies reported a healthy rise in earnings. But growth has come at the cost of operating margins for some.
  2. Tesla Fights to Sell Directly to America's Wealthiest (TSLA)

    Tesla hopes its promise of new jobs will enable it to start selling electric autos in Connecticut, home to some of the nation’s ...
  3. New Bitcoin Price Record: Over $2,000 Per Coin

    The price of Bitcoin has climbed to its highest point of all time, now trading at over $2000 per coin.
  4. Uber Enters Logistics Industry With Uber Freight (AMZN)

    Uber Freight is an app that connects shippers with trucking companies, removing freight brokers from the equation.
  5. Apple Entering Glucose Monitoring Market With Apple Watch (AAPL)

    The company is said to be working on a continuous glucose monitoring device.
  6. Charles Schwab IRA and Roth IRA Review (SCHW)

    Charles Schwab focuses on high-service IRA and Roth IRA accounts, with a vast array of investment choices that have no fees, ...
  7. Facebook Will Livestream 20 Major League Baseball Games (FB)

    The battle to broadcast live sport online heats up after Facebook wins a deal to stream Major League Baseball games.
  8. Choosing the Best Platform for Your Advisor Website

    Advisors should ask these five questions before choosing a website platform.
  9. Snap Worst Case Off the Table After Bounce (SNAP)

    Snap has bounced above broken range support after hitting a post-earnings all-time low in the upper teens and could build ...
  10. Big Tech: Top or Buying Opportunity? (AAPL, AMZN)

    The Nasdaq-100 and big tech selloff in reaction to DC political drama is long overdue after dramatic gains but is unlikely ...
  11. Soros And Coatue Sell Tesla in Q1: 13F Filings (TSLA)

    The electric car maker's corporate bonds are finding favor with hedge fund managers.
  12. Facebook Fined $122.4 Million for Misleading EU Regulators (FB)

    Antitrust regulators ruled that Facebook misled them over its acquisition of WhatsApp, prompting them to fine the company ...
  13. SpaceX's Falcon 9 Launches Its Heaviest Payload

    The successful rocket launch puts the company's aggressive launch schedule back on track.
  14. Google Doubles Down On Its AI Assistant (GOOG, AMZN)

    Now you can talk to the assistant on your iPhone as well as "see" with it.
  15. Apple Awards Corning $200M From Advanced Manufacturing Fund (AAPL, GLW)

    Apple said that the award would help the glass maker ensure "state-of-the-art" glass processing.
  16. Pershing Square Trims Mondelez, APD and Obviously Valeant: 13F Filing (MDLZ, VRX)

    Apart from its notorious dumping of Valeant stock, the firm cut its holdings in snack maker Mondelez and Air Products and ...
  17. Why Did Google Acquire Owlchemy? (GOOG, FB)

    Google makes VR devices with limited motion range, while Owlchemy makes games with hand motion. What is the fit?
  18. Cisco Systems Price Levels to Watch After Earnings (CSCO)

    Cisco Systems could break out above 10-year resistance after strong earnings, but broad market action may slow or deny that ...
  19. Hot Tech Stocks Breaking Higher (ON, JBL)

    Already in strong uptrends, these stocks are breaking out of consolidations, indicating another move to the upside. (ON,JBL)
  20. Apple to Announce New Laptops Next Month: Report (AAPL)

    It appears that weaker iPad sales and rising competition from Microsoft prompted Apple to finally plan some long-awaited ...
  21. Facebook Refunding Advertisers After Yet Another Data Error (FB)

    Facebook risks irking its important advertising customers after disclosing its tenth error since September 2016.
  22. How math made John McAfee the man he is today

    Before founding McAfee associates, launching the world's best known anti-virus software and becoming embroiled in a South ...
  23. Hedge Funds Are Meh on Amazon's Rise, Dilute Or Exit Stake:13F Filing (AMZN)

    Amazon has risen by 28% since the start of this year. But hedge funds are still divesting or diluting their stake in the ...
  24. Netflix 13F Filings: Omega Advisors Opens Position, Soros Dumps (NFLX)

    The video streaming service received a mixed report card from hedge funds last quarter.
  25. Which Hedge Funds Upped or Lowered Alphabet Stakes: 13F Filing (GOOGL, FB)

    Loeb's stance is a reversal of his earlier quarter sale.
  26. Fitness Industry Feels No Pain from Online Trends (PLNT)

    Workout clubs are expanding their footprints as other retailers struggle to keep their physical locations.
  27. Bitcoin Price Drops After "WannaCry" Ransomware Taint

    Bitcoin price has undergone a price revision since the WannaCry cyber-attack.
  28. Buffett Upped Airline Holdings, Dumped Fox in in Q1: 13F Filing (BRK-A,AAL,FOX)

    The Oracle of Omaha also opened a position in Southwest Airlines and Bank of New York Mellon.
  29. Are Hedge Funds Cooling On Facebook? 13F Filings Say Yes (FB, SNAP)

    The Menlo Park based company was a darling of hedge funds last year but several notable investors reduced their holdings ...
  30. Dan Loeb's Third Point Dumps Goldman, Trims Bank Stocks: 13F Filings (GS,AAPL,BAC,JPM)

    The billionaire's hedge fund exited Apple, bought into Snap, Salesforce, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise last quarter.
  31. Buffett Doubles Down While Loeb Exits Apple Stake: 13F Filing (AAPL)

    Apple saw some notable hedge fund departures, including the likes of Third Point and Elliott Management.
  32. 5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Improve Website Content

    Having well written content on your web site is crucial. Here are five tips to get you started.
  33. Tesla Falls After Morgan Stanley Analyst Downgrade (TSLA)

    Shares fell after the most enthusiastic bull downgraded Tela, citing increased competition from tech conglomerates.
  34. Cybersecurity Stocks in Focus After Massive Attack (FEYE, CHKP)

    Cybersecurity software stocks are trading higher on Monday, following a worldwide ransomware attack that exposed major vulnerabilities.
  35. Toyota Joins Flying Car Race (TM)

    The Japanese car company is funding an employee project to develop the world's smallest flying car.
  36. Nintendo Is Planning a 'Legend of Zelda' Smartphone Game (NTDOY)

    Nintendo continues its assault on the mobile gaming market.
  37. 2 Cybersecurity ETFs to Consider (CIBR, HACK)

    Consider these two cybersecurity ETFs. Cybercrime is among the the top five global risks, and the cybersecurity market is ...
  38. Lyft and Google's Waymo Have Partnered Up (GOOG)

    Google’s partnership with Lyft could see self-driving cars became a mainstream reality sooner rather than later.
  39. Apple Watch's Heart Rate Sensor May Detect Stroke (AAPL)

    A study found that the Apple Watch Cardiogram app can detect atrial fibrillation onset with 97 percent accuracy.
  40. What I Learned at the Milken Conference

    Russ discusses the important trends that emerged from a compelling conference of finance, business and political leaders. ...
  41. Coming Soon: A Vending Machine for Pot

    High-tech biometric scanning machine could spit out age-controlled substances for customers
  42. Apple's $1,000 iPhone 8 Seen Fueling Stock Price (AAPL)

    The high price for the iPhone 8 won't deter consumers, says Goldman Sachs says
  43. Netflix Increases Investment in Europe (NFLX)

    The streaming service said it would hire 400 people for a customer service hub and produce six new original shows there. ...
  44. Amazon and Apple Call a Truce Amid Video Rivalry (AMZN, AAPL)

    Apple has put rivalries aside and money-making at the forefront by working out deals with Amazon and Microsoft.
  45. Brandon Thomas on Merging Tech & Financial Advice

    Brandon Thomas, Co-Founder and CIO, Envestnet | PMC, discusses merging new technology with financial advice.
  46. Yet Another Record High for Bitcoin

    All aboard the Bitcoin train! Cryptocurrency makes another record high, surpassing $1,800.
  47. Nasdaq Goes to Bat for Company Founders

    Jeff Thomas, Nasdaq's head of West Coast operations, outlines why the exchange is making a case for startups.
  48. Apple Plans $1 Billion Expansion in Nevada (AAPL)

    By doubling the size of its data center, Apple can better cater to surging demand for iCloud storage and enjoy tax breaks. ...
  49. How Comcast-Charter Deal Will Hammer AT&T, Verizon (CMCSA, VZ, T)

    Verizon and AT&T will struggle to retain market share with competition from the Comcast-Charter deal.
  50. Google Just Acquired an Award-Winning VR Game Studio (GOOG)

    Owlchemy Labs, the award-winning game studio behind popular titles such as Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, ...
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