1. Analyzing Netflix's Spending on Content

    An accounting document released by Netflix provides a peek into content spending and amortization.
  2. Facebook Is Launching a Subscription News Product

    The social network had problems with publishers earlier this year and is mending fences to drive more revenue toward them.
  3. 13 Japanese Bitcoin Exchanges Prepare for Fallout of August 1 Split

    Although it remains unclear whether the Bitcoin protocol split will occur on August 1, a number of Japanese exchanges will ...
  4. Best Apps to Track Cryptocurrency Prices on a Mac

    Macintosh users wishing to keep track of cryptocurrency prices without using a web browser should look to these apps.
  5. Microsoft Stock Reaches 52-Week Highs After Baidu Deal

    Microsoft shares broke out from key resistance to new highs ahead of fourth quarter earnings.
  6. Facebook Stock Breaks Out From Key Resistance

    Facebook shares hit all-time highs as the company looks to test subscription-based news products.
  7. Intel Gives Up on Wearables

    Intel has reportedly shut down its wearable operations to direct resources to augmented reality.
  8. Parity Wallet Breach: $31 Million in Ethereum Stolen

    Parity Technologies advised users to move assets contained in the multi-sig wallet to a secure address.
  9. Mauritius Will Create an "Ethereum Island"

    The tiny African nation of Mauritius hopes to generate a global blockchain tech hub to draw innovators from throughout the ...
  10. Daimler Signals Move to Crypto Space With €100 Million Bond

    What does the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz want with the Ethereum blockchain?
  11. Morgan Stanley Ex-CEO to Launch Cryptocurrency Game-Changer

    John Mack is preparing to launch an ICO, according to reports.
  12. Why Did Cryptocurrency Prices Reach Record Lows Over the Weekend?

    Last weekend, cryptocurrencies saw a sudden decrease in value, prompting concerns over the volatility of the market.
  13. Who Is Driving IBM's Management Team? (IBM)

    Find information on some of the key executives at IBM that have kept driving the company forward in the technology sector ...
  14. Ethereum Co-Founder: Crypto World is a "Time-Bomb"

    With digital coin sales for startups topping $1.3 billion, Ethereum's co-founder thinks the process needs to slow down.
  15. ICO Hackers Steal $7 Million of Ether

    Could a recent Ether theft slow down the initial coin offering craze?
  16. Bitcoin’s Bloody Sunday Has Weeded Out the Weaklings

    Volatility is sure to continue, but a recent reversal suggests a medium-term bottom for Bitcoin.
  17. Netflix Stock's Big Breakout May Have More Upside

    New highs for Netflix stock on large volume points to increasing demand by institutions.
  18. Netflix's Rising Stock Price Boosts Hastings' Salary

    The Netflix CEO's salary, which has generous stock options baked in, rose by 39% from 2015 to 2016.
  19. Google and Amazon Take a Page From Social Media's Playbook

    Everybody loves newsfeeds. Google and Amazon have both designed new social media-inspired platforms to attract more users. ...
  20. Common Ways Scammers Get Your Info and Your Money

    These scams are currently very common and are often difficult to avoid.
  21. Automakers Will Get a Jolt From Electric Car Sales

    Automakers should see a boost in electric vehicle sales as countries push for green transportation.
  22. Apple Names First Managing Director for China Business

    Apple appoints its first ever managing director in China, providing another clear sign of its desire to boost its presence ...
  23. 6 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Identity Theft Victim

    Don't become a victim of identity theft. Take these steps to protect your identity and finances.
  24. Alphabet Reinvents Glass for Enterprise Market

    The smart spectacles are no longer associated with glassholes; instead, they are being used by factory workers.
  25. Tuur Demeester on Bitcoin's Bubble

    Tuur Demeester, Editor-in-Chief of Adamant Research, shares his take on whether Bitcoin is a booming commodity worth investing ...
  26. Is Netflix Stock a 'Buy' at New Highs?

    Netflix stock is at an all-time high after strong results, but weak accumulation raises the odds for a failed breakout.
  27. Ether Mining Boom Causes Graphics Card Shortage in Germany

    A Germany-wide shortage in powerful graphics cards is due to rapid increase in the number of cryptocurrency mining rigs.
  28. Tesla Stock Is at Risk of a Major Breakdown

    Even Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla stock might be a bit pricey.
  29. Tesla Adds Two Independent Board Members After Criticism

    Tesla responds to criticism that its board is too insular by bringing in two media CEOs.
  30. Can Amazon Make a Meal of Blue Apron?

    Amazon is reported to have filed for a patent for meal kit delivery, spooking Blue Apron investors.
  31. An Ether Trader Made More Than $200 Million in One Month

    The anonymous trader turned $55 million in crypto assets into $283 million in just over a month.
  32. $232 Million ICO Has Some Worried About an Ethereum Sell-Off

    Tezos, the blockchain tech company, enjoyed the largest initial coin offering in history. However, it also prompted some ...
  33. Goldman Sachs Secures Patent for Crypto Settlement System

    Goldman was awarded a patent for the "SETLcoin" cryptocurrency system.
  34. Amazon Could Be Apple's Size Within 12 Months: Analyst

    A UBS analyst upgraded his price target for Amazon and predicted 60% growth in its stock price.
  35. What's Putting Pressure on Ethereum's Price?

    Ether, one of the most sought after cryptocurrencies, has been under pressure lately.
  36. Bitcoin's Price Fell Below $2,000 Ahead of Scaling Upgrades

    Bitcoin investors are getting jittery ahead of the adoption of a solution to the currency's scaling issue.
  37. Elon Musk Talks AI Concerns, Tesla's Stock Price With Governors

    Musk famously believes AI is the biggest risk to human civilization.
  38. Amazon May Be Working on a Messaging App

    Amazon is planning to launch a messaging app, adding social networking companies to its growing list of competitors.
  39. Netflix Stock Breaks Out Ahead of Q2 Earnings

    Netflix shares broke out from trendline resistance ahead of second quarter financial results expected next week.
  40. Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana Gain Ground on Apple's Siri

    Siri's user numbers and engagement rates declined in the past year as Alexa and Cortana increased market share and engagement. ...
  41. Initial Coin Offering Market Passes $1 Billion Milestone

    The ICO market has climbed past the $1 billion mark thanks to recent high-profile offerings.
  42. Investors Should Know These Dates in Bitcoin's Civil War

    The first virtual currency is bound to witness some volatility in its price in the near future.
  43. NVIDIA Stock Retests June Highs as Traders Eye Breakout

    NVIDIA shares tested prior highs before moving lower, but the stock could still see a breakout to new highs.
  44. Component Shortages Hurt PC Shipments in Q2

    Worldwide PC shipments declined in the second quarter with component shortages driving prices higher and demand lower.
  45. A Substantial Portion of Millennials Use Venmo to Purchase Illicit Drugs

    A recent survey indicates that one out of three millennials have used the popular payments app Venmo to pay for pot, Adderall, ...
  46. Why FANG Stocks Can Extend Their July Rally

    Indicators point to bullishness for FANG stocks going into earnings season.
  47. Bitcoin Retail Acceptance is Shrinking: Morgan Stanley

    A report by Morgan Stanley indicates that the recent surge in Bitcoin prices has made retailers skeptical of accepting the ...
  48. Mt. Gox ex-CEO Goes on Trial in Japan for Bitcoin Fraud

    The head of the failed Bitcoin exchange Mt Gox went on trial earlier this week over the loss of 100s of millions of dollars ...
  49. Facebook Now Has More Users in India Than in Any Other Country

    India has surpassed the U.S. in terms of daily active users on Facebook and presents a growth opportunity for the social ...
  50. Amazon Teases Real Estate Plans, Zillow Shares Tumble

    Zillow’s stock plummeted 4 percent after it emerged that Amazon might be set to launch a rival realtor hiring service.
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