1. Cybersecurity Guidelines for Medical Devices Finalized

    The FDA's finalized guidance for preventing the hacking of medical devices is questionable.
  2. Two Reasons to Own MasterCard in 2017 (MA)

    With 2016 returns of only 6%, shares MasterCard were arguably a disappointment last year, but there are still reasons to ...
  3. Bitcoin Crosses $1,000 Mark for the First Time in 3 Years

    Bitcoin climbed 125% in 2016, outperforming all other central bank-issued currencies.
  4. How InvenSense Inc. Performed in 2016

    The semiconductor manufacturer ultimately saw its stock surge on news of a takeover by Japan's TDK.
  5. Palo Alto Networks Inc.: 2016 in Review

    As growth slows, bulls remain confident in PANW's long-term shift to IoT and cloud-based solutions.
  6. Dorsey Lays Out 2017 Focus for Twitter, Square

    The founder and CEO of asks users what they hope to see the platforms 'improve or create' in 2017.
  7. How Square Inc. Transformed in 2016

    Jack Dorsey's fintech platform saw rapid growth in Square Capital and with larger sellers.
  8. Here's Why NVIDIA Dropped -- and Why Not to Worry

    There's no denying that NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has been one of 2016's darling stocks. Despite a nearly 7% drop in value to ...
  9. Facebook's 2016: A Year in Review (FB, AAPL)

    Facebook's 2016 was plagued by the polarizing topic of fake news as well as slowing ad revenue growth.
  10. Baidu and KFC Launch New 'Smart Restaurant'

    The 'Google of China' teams with the fried-chicken chain in an AI-driven venture in Beijing.
  11. Why Snapchat Quietly Acquired an Israeli Startup

    In anticipation of its IPO, Snap Inc. has spent hundreds of millions acquiring smaller startups.
  12. Tech IPO Activity to Revive in 2017

    A surge of tech IPOs are expected in 2017 as pent-up demand drives big-name public debuts.
  13. Verizon Likely to Complete Yahoo Buy Despite Hacks

    Yahoo's sale to Verizon is likely to go forward because users are used to hacks by now.
  14. Investopedia's Top Trending Terms of 2016

    A look at the biggest anxieties and concerns of an event-filled year through surges in traffic to these financial terms.
  15. Why Alibaba Is on America's 'Notorious' List (BABA)

    Alibaba blames the current political climate for the USTR's decision.
  16. IPO Dreams: Fintech Turmoil Is Disrupting SoFi (LC, ONDK)

    Fintech company SoFi, valued at $4 billion last year, has postponed - again - plans for an IPO
  17. Why Trump Budget Chief Pick is Good for Bitcoin

    Mulvaney, a Republican, is anti-Fed and pro-Bitcoin.
  18. Piper Jaffray Weighs in on Cybersecurity Leaders

    Andrew Nowinski remains bullish on Palo Alto, Symantec and Proofpoint while warning on FireEye.
  19. AMD Challenges Rivals, Aims for A.I. Market

    Continuing its long-standing rivalry with NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) earlier this month ...
  20. Amazon Site Is Now Sold Out of Echo Speakers (AMZN, GOOG)

    Amazon is sending customers to buy Echo at pop-ups in malls and physical stores.
  21. Bitcoin Market Cap Exceeds $13 Billion, Price Passes $800

    Thank India's demonetization, Chinese capital flight, and Trump.
  22. Global Video Game Sales to Reach $91B in 2016

    New research from SuperData shows global interactive entertainment revenue up for the year.
  23. Best-Interest Contract Exemption (BICE)

    BICE is the process that allows investment advisors to collect commissions, revenue sharing or other types of compensation ...
  24. The Rise of 'Initial Coin Offerings'

    A growing trend sees more digital tech companies creating their own currencies. What is in store for this developing industry?
  25. How Advisors Can Break Into the Women's Market

    Women are increasingly the financial decision-markers in American household, but they don't all seek the same thing in financial ...
  26. Robo-Advisors: Vanguard vs. BlackRock vs. Schwab

    BlackRock, Vanguard and now Schwab have introduced robo-advisor platforms. How do they stack up?
  27. Needham Initiates Square Inc. at Buy

    Analysts applaud the fintech leader's 'complete and cohesive' platform for clients of all sizes.
  28. Analyst: Lower Skyworks Estimate From iPhone

    Canaccord Genuity foresees weaker iPhone sales in 2017 but also a rebound tied to the iPhone 8.
  29. Is Yahoo's Latest Hacking Problem a Deal Killer?

    Yahoo is telling customers to reset passwords. Could this spell the end of its Verizon deal?
  30. Nokia Acquires Real-Time Analytics Firm Deepfield

    Nokia (NYSE: NOK) recently announced its plans to acquire privately held real-time analytics firm Deepfield for an undisclosed ...
  31. Federal Reserve Exploring Blockchain Options

    The Fed finally caved on acknowledging blockchain's future importance.
  32. What Is Google Daydream? (GOOG)

    A short primer on Google's VR platform.
  33. Facebook's Instagram Surpasses 600M Users (FB)

    User base has doubled in two years. Look out, Snapchat.
  34. Yahoo Discloses New 1 Billion Account Breach (VZ, YHOO)

    Yahoo disclosed another massive data breach, this time of more than one billion customers, which could be the nail in the ...
  35. Bitcoin Price is At Highest Level Since 2014

    Despite serious legal and security roadblocks this year, Bitcoin is soaring.
  36. Could Fintech’s Insurance Innovations Disrupt the Industry?

    Next stop for financial technology startups: disrupting the insurance industry. It's already started.
  37. Hackers Steal Medical Records from Quest Diagnostics (DGX)

    Quest Diagnostics is the latest company to disclose it was the victim of a hack, putting information on around 34,000 individuals ...
  38. Silicon Valley Bets Big on a Healthcare Unicorn

    Big Data: Clover Health's tech expertise has drawn significant venture capital funding, raising close to $300 million
  39. Symantec in Patent Infringement Case Against Rival

    A lawsuit asserts that Zscaler Inc. has infringed on at least seven of Symantec's patents.
  40. How Klarna Lets You Pay Later With No Interest

    Never heard of Klarna? It's a fintech company that offers easy "buy now, pay later" online shopping.
  41. Facebook Again Discloses Errors in Ad Metrics (FB)

    Facebook disclosed yet again that it discovered inaccuracies in the advertising metrics issued to advertisers.
  42. True Link Debuts Robo-Advisor for Retirees

    True Link has launched a robo-advisor designed to meet the needs of retirees.
  43. Payments: How Stripe Stacks Up Against Square

    We analyze the fundamental differences between the two San Francisco-based fintech firms.
  44. HP Inc. and the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

    The PC & printing giant invests big in 3D printing to disrupt a $12 trillion industry.
  45. HBO, Netflix Get VR Upgrades

    Virtual reality (VR) entertainment is slowly making its way to every mainstream platform. Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) and Time ...
  46. Is an Online Financial Advisor Right for You?

    There are some important issues to consider before signing up with an online financial advisor.
  47. Salesforce Opposes European LinkedIn Decision (CRM, LNKD)

    Following the European Commission's decision to approve the merger between Microsoft and LinkedIn, wants regulators ...
  48. Analyst: HPE Will Likely Continue Trim Down

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. may sell off its servers, storage, IT support and consulting arms.
  49. FOX Adds VR to Major League Soccer Cup Final

    While virtual reality (VR) has long been viewed as "the next big thing," practical applications for the technology beyond ...
  50. Fintech Offerings Mature as VC Funding Slows

    Venture capital funding may be slowing for fintech, but the rollout of their services isn't.
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