1. Alibaba Looks to Corner the Chinese Smart Speaker Market

    Alibaba’s new Chinese-language smart speaker device is similar to Amazon's Echo and could prove to be a significant rival ...
  2. You Can Now Pay for Preschool in Bitcoin

    Two private preschools based in New York City have begun to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments for tuition.
  3. Goldman Sachs Adds Blockchain Page To Main Web Site (GS)

    Could Goldman Sachs' new blockchain page be an important sign about the future of the cryptocurrency and big banking worlds?
  4. 2 Suppliers Dependent on Apple for Majority of Revenue (AAPL, CRUS)

    Will these Apple suppliers fall next after Imagination Technologies?
  5. What's Next For Quants

    We asked three pros what they're excited about in the future of quantitative analysis.
  6. Is Pandora a Buy After a Rocky First Half? (P)

    Pandora stock is down 32% this year after an up-and-down June. Do fundamentals make it a long opportunity?
  7. Musk's Boring Plan Takes Off in Los Angeles (TSLA)

    The Tesla CEO intends to cut down travel times in Los Angeles.
  8. Amazon Announces Prime Day Deals Starting July 10 (AMZN)

    This year, customers will get special deals on Amazon's products and services as well as on televisions.
  9. Oracle Breakout Could Yield Healthy Gains (ORCL)

    Oracle stock broke out above 17-year resistance last week after blowing away quarterly estimates, setting the stage for higher ...
  10. Apple Bought Back $107M of Stock Daily in Past 5 Years (AAPL)

    The company has spent a total of $142 billion on share buybacks since 2012, according to research.
  11. PayPal Could Add to Gains Ahead of Earnings (PYPL, EBAY)

    PayPal is working off overbought technical readings after a dramatic second quarter breakout and could post new highs into ...
  12. The Nasdaq 100 Is Primed for a July Breakout

    Valuations may be high, but tech stocks on the Nasdaq 100 have outperformed on earnings this year.
  13. Apple Acquires Eye-Tracking Company (AAPL)

    The eye-tracking technology could help Apple in multiple augmented reality initiatives.
  14. Fund Managers Have Doubled Stake in FANG Stocks Since 2014 (AMZN, FB)

    The FANG grouping continues to work its magic on the markets.
  15. Don't Expect Pandora's Rally to Last

    Long-term trends could cancel out any short-term relief for Pandora stock.
  16. Companies That Got a Boost From Apple's iPhone (AAPL, GLW)

    The iPhone has turned around fortunes for a number of companies.
  17. Artificial Intelligence Will Add $15.7 Trillion to the Global Economy: PwC

    AI will make the world much richer and generate new jobs to replace redundant ones along the way, according to a report. ...
  18. 7 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Finances

    These seven cybersecurity tips will help protect your finances from online fraud and hacking.
  19. Sample

    A sample is a smaller, manageable version of a larger group. Samples are used in statistical testing when population sizes ...
  20. Intuit QuickBooks Now Lets You Send Money via Blockchain (INTU)

    Intuit will partner with Veem to allow customers to make international payments via blockchain.
  21. Beware Cryptocurrency "Gold Rush Mentality": Aberdeen Asset Mgmt

    Aberdeen Asset Management is the latest firm to warn about the potential dangers of a virtual currency bubble.
  22. Google, Nutanix Announce Cloud Partnership (GOOG, NTNX)

    The deal will help large enterprises sign up for Google's cloud service using Nutanix's products.
  23. Does Ethereum's Price Depend On the Life of This One Person?

    A fake news report suggested that Vitalik Buterin had died, and Ethereum's market value tanked by $4 billion.
  24. Russian Burger King to Accept Bitcoin Payments (QSR)

    Burger King locations in Russia will begin to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment this summer.
  25. Tesla Could Be 'Living Room on Wheels' With Music Streaming (TSLA, AAPL)

    Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas writes that music streaming could help power Tesla's profits.
  26. What Are Cryptocurrency Debit Cards?

    Cryptocurrency debit cards could help to bring digital money into the everyday lives of consumers around the world. What ...
  27. Why Institutional Investors Love Alphabet Stock

    Google parent company Alphabet is the type of stock institutional investors want in their portfolios.
  28. Hertz, Avis Stocks Spike on News of Apple, Google Deals (HTZ, CAR)

    Will the rally last? Analysts are evaluating the deals in the context of the companies' long-term future.
  29. Why Apple, JPMorgan Want to Crush PayPal's Venmo

    JPMorgan Chase and Apple are trying to kill PayPal's Venmo service.
  30. Why Is SoftBank Interested in 'Nightmare' Robots?

    SoftBank's acquisition of robotics company Boston Dynamics would help the company take charge of the Japanese robotics markets.
  31. The Best CRM Services for Financial Advisors

    CRM solutions are an invaluable tool for advisors as competition from robo-advisors heats up. Here are some of the best. ...
  32. Altaba Stock Breaks Out After Verizon Sale (AABA, VZ)

    Altaba has adopted Yahoo's long-term price chart, triggering a post-transaction breakout that predicts much higher 2017 prices.
  33. Could TenX Make Cryptocurrency More Usable In the Real World?

    TenX has developed an app that makes it easier for users to spend their cryptocurrency investments in the real world.
  34. Will Record EU Fine Ruin Google's Europe Operations?

    The company dominates Europe's market for online ads. Will today's fine change its future earnings and market share?
  35. Nvidia Stock Is Vulnerable to a Downside Breakdown

    After an incredible run to start the year, shares of Nvidia are cooling off.
  36. Chinese Government is Developing its Own Cryptocurrency

    The People's Bank of China is reportedly experimenting with its own cryptocurrency.
  37. Silk Road Bitcoin Felon Aims to Help the Industry He Corrupted

    Charlie Shrem spent more than a year in prison for his involvement in illegal activities related to the Silk Road Bitcoin-based ...
  38. GoPro Stock Tests Resistance in Bid to Break Downtrend (GPRO, FIT)

    GoPro stock experienced a brief rally earlier this week, but a breakout from its downtrend remains uncertain.
  39. Apple Suppliers Waving Red Flags at Quarter's End (AAPL, SWKS)

    Apple suppliers are set to end the second quarter with little or no gains, raising doubts about iPhone demand in the second ...
  40. Apple Has Acquired an Eye-Tracking Company

    Apple’s latest acquisition suggests that the tech giant has serious intentions to become a major player in augmented and ...
  41. Nvidia Forges Yet Another Self-Driving Partnership

    Nvidia adds Volvo and Autoliv to its long list of big name self-driving vehicle partners.
  42. Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion EU Antitrust Fine

    According to the European Commission, Google gave an illegal advantage to its own comparison shopping service and abused ...
  43. Does Your Estate Plan Include a Digital Fiduciary?

    What will happen to your social media and email accounts when you die?
  44. 3 Tech Stars: It May Be Time to Trim Your Stake

    A number of investors are warning that now might be the time to sell certain outperforming tech stocks.
  45. Senate Anti-Terror Bill a Threat to Bitcoin

    Senate bill 1241 assumes a link between Bitcoin and terror. Are civil asset forefeitures on the way?
  46. UK Finance Regulator Warns About Cryptocurrency Investing

    The official with the Financial Conduct Authority has warned consumers to be cautious before investing in Bitcoin and other ...
  47. How Much of the World's Money is in Bitcoin?

    What kind of space do cryptocurrencies occupy in the global economy?
  48. Where's the Missing Mt. Gox Bitcoin, Now Worth $2 Billion?

    The failed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox suffered the theft of nearly 1 million Bitcoins in early 2014. Many of those coins remain ...
  49. Ripple (Cryptocurrency)

    Ripple is a technology that acts as both a cryptocurrency and a digital payment network for financial transactions.
  50. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Rebound After Market Correction

    After the June 15th correction, prices of 90 cryptocurrencies have rebounded nicely.
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