1. The World's Top 10 FinTech Companies (BABA)

    Here is a look at the top ten fintech companies from around the world (in no specific order).
  2. Why Aren't Hedge Funds Interested in Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin has been outperforming most major assets, and yet hedge funds are still reluctant to invest.
  3. Sprint Speculators Should Curb Their Enthusiasm (S, TMUS)

    Sprint speculators have failed to lift the stock into double digits despite merger discussions with T-Mobile U.S., suggesting ...
  4. Britain's Largest Online Trading Platform To Allow Bitcoin Investments

    Hargreaves Lansdown will allow customers access to a fund which tracks the price of Bitcoin.
  5. Blue Apron Meal-Kit Delivery Service Files For IPO (AMZN, WMT)

    The New York-based company has reported profits just once in the five years of its existence.
  6. These Internet ETFs Have The Highest Earnings in 2017 So Far (FDN, PNQI)

    The technology sector is set to receive the most capital in 15 years.
  7. 4 Tech Giants Neck and Neck So Far This Year (FB, AMZN)

    With an increase of 24% in its stock price since the start of this year, Alphabet is behind its counterparts in the FANG ...
  8. Apple's 2017 WWDC Conference: What to Expect? (AAPL)

    The developer conference may lack the glamour of Apple's product launches but it is still an important contributor to the ...
  9. Pacific Crest: Sell Apple, Buy Alphabet (AAPL, GOOGL)

    The investment analyst predicts that the iPhone 8 will encounter more difficulties than expected, prompting it to favor shares ...
  10. Toyota's Flying Car Project Takes Off (TM)

    The world’s biggest automaker aims to have its flying car ready in time for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  11. Why is Cybersecurity so Important for Investors & Advisors?

    CEO of Investigative Management Group and former member of the FBI Robert Strang shares his take on why cybersecurity is ...
  12. Warren Buffett & John McAfee Had the Same 1st Job

    What do John McAfee and Warren Buffett have in common? They both had the same first job.
  13. Google Unveils Design for New Headquarters in London (GOOG, AAPL)

    The Mountain View company's new headquarters will be called "the landscraper."
  14. Self-Driving Vehicles Will Create 'Passenger Economy' Worth $7 Trillion: Study (INTC)

    New research indicates that self-driving vehicles will become a mainstream reality within twenty years — and massively boost ...
  15. Will Google's Ad Blocker Hurt Its Advertising Business? (GOOG)

    Google's controversial new ad-blocking tool may be about blocking other ad blockers.
  16. China's Confusing Relationship With Bitcoin

    Chinese Bitcoin exchanges are back on after being shut down. What is going on between the country and the currency?
  17. Palo Alto Underpins Cybersecurity Rally (PANW, HACK)

    Palo Alto Networks beat profit and revenue estimates, putting a fire under cybersecurity plays that charged higher after ...
  18. Apple to Launch Smart Speaker This Month: Bloomberg (AAPL, GOOG)

    The smart speaker field is crowded as Apple becomes the latest tech behemoth to enter the market.
  19. Meeker's Internet Report Highlights Amazon’s Dominance (AMZN)

    Amazon now sells more batteries than Duracell and nearly as many diapers as Pampers, according to Mary Meeker’s annual internet ...
  20. Two Gaming Stocks on a Tear This Year (ATVI, TTWO)

    Here's a look at two video gaming stocks that could see significant upside in the coming months.
  21. Chart of the Week: Equity Strength in Numbers

    We explain what’s behind our confidence in the equity rally.
  22. Broadcom Highlights Big Week for Chip Stocks (BRCM, ADI)

    The chip sector added to its market leading gains after a strong Analog Devices report, ahead of Thursday's eagerly-awaited ...
  23. Spotify IPO May Lead to Airbnb's Debut in Markets

    Airbnb's CEO said that the company was halfway through a two-year plan to list on the markets.
  24. How Speculative Is Autodesk After Rising 53% YTD? (ADSK)

    Autodesk shares extended a strong run despite reporting falling sales and net losses. Examine the fundamental outlook.
  25. Did Apple Poach a Qualcomm Engineer to Develop Chips In-House? (AAPL, QCOM)

    Apple’s hiring of Esin Terzioglu adds to speculation that the company is keen to start making its own cellular modems.
  26. Father of Android's 'Essential' Phone a Threat to Apple, Samsung? (AAPL, SSNLF)

    Tech innovator Andy Rubin is gearing up for the launch of his own high-end smartphone and smart-home hub.
  27. Tesla Touches Record High (TSLA)

    The electric car maker has come a long way in less than a decade since listing.
  28. Ethereum's Price Corrects... And Bounces Back

    Ethereum has undergone a correction and is back to $200.
  29. What Are "Quindecillions" In A Bitcoin Context?

    Quindecillions are the basis of unlocking Bitcoin transactions. They're another name for private keys.
  30. Toyota Looks to Blockchain To Make Self-Driving Cars

    Is there no end to the uses of Blockchain technology?
  31. Popular Kik Messaging App to Launch Ethereum-Based Cryptocurrency

    Kik Interactive, a popular chat app, plans to issue its own token on the Ethereum platform later this summer.
  32. Amazon's Shares Cross $1,000 Mark (AMZN, GOOG)

    The Seattle-based company crossed the mark in trading before markets opened this morning.
  33. Wealthfront Review 2017: Fees and Investment Facts

    Wealthfront is one of the premier robo-advisors. Here's a breakdown of the brokerage's fees and features.
  34. Why the Bitcoin Price Correction Is Good for Bitcoin

    Volatility in bitcoin’s price isn’t something new.
  35. SolarCity vs. First Solar: Fierce Competition in the Solar Power Market

    A look at two big solar players and how their business and recent numbers stack up.
  36. I'm Going to Bet on Tesla: Apple Co-Founder Wozniak (TSLA)

    Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that courageous Tesla is currently the number one innovator in Silicon Valley.
  37. 4 Steps Advisors Should Take After a Cyber Attack

    Taking the right steps following a cyber attack can mitigate the impact on clients.
  38. Nvidia Unveils Max-Q Design for Slim Gaming Laptops (NVDA)

    Nvidia claims its new design approach can make gaming laptops three times thinner and faster.
  39. Bitcoin XT

    A fork from Bitcoin Core that proposed increasing the size of blocks from one megabyte to eight megabytes.
  40. Bitcoin Classic

    A fork from Bitcoin Core that proposed increasing the size of blocks.
  41. Amazon's Shares Near $1,000 Mark (AMZN, WMT)

    That price would raise the e-commerce behemoth's market valuation to approximately $477 billion.
  42. Bitcoin Unlimited

    A proposed upgrade to Bitcoin Core that allows larger block sizes.
  43. Why South Korean Bitcoin Price Is $1,000 Over Global Price

    Surging trade volume among South Korean Bitcoin exchanges has pushed prices $1000 higher than the global average.
  44. Amazon Launches Online Grocery Pickup Service (AMZN, WMT)

    For once, this is Amazon copying Wal-Mart.
  45. Samsung Shows Off OLED Screen That Can Bend and Stretch (SSNLF)

    Samsung Display showed off three prototype OLED screens, including one that can bend and stretch.
  46. Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles Sold Out 'Well Into 2018' (TSLA)

    Demand for Tesla’s solar roofs has exceeded expectations, adding to the tech company's grueling production commitments.
  47. Why Techs Will Fly Higher: A Technical View (FB, AAPL)

    Technical analysis shows that big tech stocks still have huge upward potential, including Facebook.
  48. Piper Jaffray Ups Netflix Price Target, Says Street Underestimates Growth (NFLX, AMZN)

    An analyst at the firm said Netflix's EPS could be double his estimates for 2020.
  49. Bitcoin Price Spikes to $2,700, then Loses $400 in Hours (C,NDAQ)

    Easy come, easy go in volatile cryptocurrency pricing
  50. MGT Capital Doubles Down on Bitcoin Mining (MGTI)

    The company stated that it will use new funding to invest in bitcoin mining computers.
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