1. Twitter Gives Its Product a Makeover (TWTR)

    Twitter wants to make its platform "lighter, faster, and easier" to use.
  2. Trump Nominates Net Neutrality Advocate to FCC (T, CMCSA)

    Will it make a difference to the agency's stance on net neutrality?
  3. Amazon Is Catching Up With Netflix in Europe (AMZN, NFLX)

    But the streaming service still has some catching up to do.
  4. Ethereum Fans Build Their Own Rigs to Mine Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are building their own hardware setups to mine for currencies on the Ethereum network.
  5. Is Ethereum About to Topple Bitcoin?

    Some analysts believe Bitcoin's time at the top of the growing list of digital currencies is coming to an end.
  6. Can You Hear the Music? Spotify Dances Towards IPO

    Music streaming service Spotify has been taking steps to clear the way to list its shares on public markets.
  7. Apple CEO Doubles Down on HomePod as Music Player (AAPL, GOOG)

    But the company faces serious competition from makers of established WiFi-enabled speakers.
  8. Why Is Amazon Interested in Slack? (AMZN, MSFT)

    The workplace messaging tool could help Amazon catch up in the enterprise productivity market.
  9. How Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Helped Make Comcast What It Is Today (CMCSA, AAPL)

    Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were behind Comcast's more effective strategies, according to company CEO Brian Roberts.
  10. Apple Wants to Help People Store and Share Medical Records (AAPL)

    iPhone users might soon be able to access all their medical records with a simple click of a button.
  11. 11 Ways to Help Prevent Identity Theft

    Identity theft is no joke. Here are 11 ways to help prevent falling victim to it.
  12. FAANG Short Bets Top $27 Billion (FB, AMZN)

    Short interest in the five FAANG stocks tops $27 billion. The tech pullback is profitable for the bears.
  13. Apple Increases 2017 iPhone Production Targets: Credit Suisse (AAPL)

    The research firm reiterated its price target and Outperform rating for Apple in its note.
  14. Amazon Prime Offers Discounts for Debit Card Use (AMZN, V)

    The company is saving on credit card fees and refunding some of the savings to customers.
  15. Google Hires Away Key Chip Architect From Apple (AAPL, GOOG)

    The hiring is a sign that Google may be designing its own chips for its Pixel phones.
  16. How Investing is A Lot Like Riding a Bike

    A little help goes a long way, in investing as much as anything else. Patrick Nolan reveals more findings from our Investor ...
  17. QQQ Remains Above Its 50-day Moving Average (QQQ, AAPL)

    QQQ remained above its 50-day moving average for a 129th consecutive day, the second longest streak in its history.
  18. Bitcoin Exchange

    A bitcoin exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell bitcoins using different fiat currencies or altcoins.
  19. Blockchain ICO Offerings Have Outpaced VC Funding This Year

    For investors and entrepreneurs, ICO offerings are turning out to be a win-win situation.
  20. The War Between Segwit vs. BIP148 vs. Bitcoin Unlimited, Explained

    August 1, 2017. It's a crucial date for the Bitcoin community. You will have to choose between BIP148, Segwit and Bitcoin ...
  21. Proposed Bill Requires Travelers to Declare Bitcoin at US Border

    The proposed bill aims to block undeclared digital currency holdings like Bitcoin from crossing into the country.
  22. Ripple Is Up 3800%: Should You Be Buying?

    While Bitcoin​ and Ethereum​ continue to enjoy most of the limelight, there are other promising cryptocurrencies out there. ...
  23. Tesla Tests All-Time Highs After Analyst Upgrade (TSLA)

    Tesla shares soared Tuesday on an analyst upgrade and favorable safety data, but the stock could be overbought at current ...
  24. Panera Bread Reaches $1 Billion in Digital Sales (PNRA)

    Panera’s digital investments in 2014 have turned out to be a masterstroke, giving the company an important edge over competitors. ...
  25. JPMorgan Ties Tech Sell-Off to Computer-Driven Trading (FB, AMZN)

    Computer-driven trading, which involves the use of quantitative strategies or automated trading systems, is on the rise and ...
  26. How Robo-Advisors Fall Short of Human Advisors

    There are certain scenarios where robo-advisors will never be able to replace human advisors.
  27. Why These 4 Tech Stocks May Beat Apple, Facebook (CRM, ULTI, CTRP)

    A leading tech investor sees these stocks outpacing the FAANG stocks.
  28. Where Is Micron Stock Headed After Reaching Key Support? (MU)

    Micron Technology stock has rallied over the past year, but what does the recent pullback mean for traders?
  29. Could Hedge Funds Push Bitcoin to $5000?

    One analyst believes that impending hedge fund activity may boost the cryptocurrency to even higher levels.
  30. Apple's Autonomous Car Plans Confirmed by CEO (AAPL, GOOG)

    Apple is focusing on autonomous systems, and Tim Cook sees the electric car driving experience as "marvelous."
  31. Pot Industry Turns to Bitcoin After Banks Snub Them

    Recreational marijuana is now legal in Calif., Mass., and Nevada. The industry has no bank accounts. This is a huge opportunity ...
  32. Apple Stock Could Fall to $110 in Coming Months (AAPL)

    Apple has reversed at five-year channel resistance, raising the odds for a multi-month correction.
  33. Tesla Stock Could Speed to $1,000 by 2020 (TSLA, GM)

    The billionaire investor also predicted an increase of at least 35 percent in Tesla's stock price by next year.
  34. Goldman Sachs Takes Bearish View on Bitcoin

    The big bank predicts that Bitcoin's price rally won't last.
  35. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Bought Bitcoin at $700 (AAPL)

    The co-founder of Apple bought Bitcoin when it was priced at $700.
  36. Indian IT Giants List H-1B Proposals as Risks (INFY, WIT)

    Infosys joins fellow Indian IT company Wipro in admitting an overhaul of the current visa system would hurt its business.
  37. 5,000 Bitcoin ATMs May Be Coming to Europe This Year

    Bitlish has revealed an ambitious plan to open around 5,000 BTMs in Europe in 2017.
  38. Alibaba's Game Elevated by AliCloud: Pacific Crest (BABA)

    Alibaba’s prediction that company revenues will grow as much as 49 percent this coming year continues to excite analysts. ...
  39. Hedge Funds Trail S&P Unless They Have Bitcoin (AAPL)

    Through May, the average hedge fund has brought in just 3.5% this year. Those focued on currency and investing in Bitcoin, ...
  40. Is Bitcoin Going to Self-Destruct?

    The digital currency keeps climbing to record heights, but can it maintain the momentum?
  41. Is There a Bitcoin Bubble?

    As the cryptocurrency climbs to nearly $3000 per coin, analysts around the globe are wondering if the gains will stick.
  42. New Bitcoin Malware Changes Destination Wallets

    Though Bitcoin is designed to guard against fraud, one recent set of incidents points to a way that the currency can be stolen.
  43. 3 Tech Stocks That Rallied in Friday's Rout (MX, ENV)

    The handful of tech stocks that gained in Friday's sell-off could expose resiliency that supports higher prices.
  44. AMD versus Intel: Is AMD Catching Up?

    Over the past 12 months, shares of Advanced Micro Devices have blown away its top competitor Intel.
  45. Millennial Women Make their Own Financial Future

    Nina Duraiswami, a researcher on BlackRock’s Marketing Insights team, digs into the results of our latest Global Investor ...
  46. How to Trade a Summer Correction (QQQ, KBE)

    The Nasdaq 100 plunged last week on heavy volume, signaling that sharply lower stock prices could be ahead.
  47. Hamburger-Making Robotics Firm Secures $18 Million (GOOGL)

    Momentum Machines, a startup backed by several big venture capital firms including Google, has just received funding for ...
  48. Bitcoin's Price Crosses $3000 for the First Time

    The price of Bitcoin​ has crossed $3,000 for the first time ever, while Ethereum​ is neatly above $300, taking the overall ...
  49. Financial Advice Using the "As-a-Service" Model

    Does a technology-based business model make sense in the financial advice arena?
  50. Microsoft Unveils World's Most Powerful Gaming Console (MSFT, SNE)

    Microsoft’s new Xbox One X console is much more powerful than any other, but critics believe that gamers could be put off ...
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