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  1. How does government regulation impact the retail sector?

    Learn about the types of federal agencies and regulations that retail businesses have to deal with, including inconsistent ...
  2. What trends affect profitability in financials?

    Explore the trends that most affect the financial services sector, including the role of central bank policy and challenges ...
  3. Cyber And Privacy Insurance

    Cyber And Privacy Insurance provide coverage from losses resulting from a data breach or loss of electronically-stored confidential ...
  4. PIN Cashing

    PIN cashing is a type of cybercrime in which stolen debit or credit card information is used to gain access to bank or credit ...
  5. Medical Identity Theft

    Medical identity theft involves the use of another person's health information for gain of benefits or fraudulent reimbursement.
  6. Bait Record

    A bait record is a piece of false information seeded into a dataset to assist in detecting and identifying fraudulent behavior.
  7. Flash Freeze

    The Flash Freeze was a sudden and unexpected Nasdaq halt to trading on Thursday, August 22, 2013, as a result of a software ...
  8. Federal Reserve Communications System For The Eighties - FRCS-80

    Federal Reserve Communications System For The Eighties - FRCS-80 was a communication network plan to improve Federal Reserve ...
  9. Common Cybersecurity Threats and How to Protect Yourself

    With all of the ways hackers can steal your identity and personal information, it's important to protect yourself.
  10. Identity Fraud Reimbursement Program

    An Identity Fraud Reimbursement Program is a financial product providing consumer protection against penalties in the event ...
  11. Adware

    Adware is software that displays advertising on a computer, redirects search results to advertising websites and collects ...
  12. Synthetic Identity Theft

    Synthetic identity theft is a type of fraud in which a criminal combines real (usually stolen) and fake information to create ...
  13. Spoofing

    Spoofing is a type of deception where an intruder attempts to gain unauthorized access to a user's system or information ...
  14. Data Loss

    Data loss occurs when valuable and/or sensitive information on a computer is compromised due to theft, human error, viruses, ...
  15. How Safe Is Venmo And Why Is It Free?

    Venmo is a digital wallet that allows users to send money with ease. Millions use the service, but is it actually safe?
  16. Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

    Digital Transaction Management (DTM) uses computer systems rather than paper to manage business agreements in a way that ...
  17. Malware

    Malware is a software designed to allow an outside party access to a computer without the knowledge of the computer owner.
  18. Business Software & Services Industry ETF

    A business software and services ETF is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that invests in business software companies to replicate ...
  19. ASC X9

    ASC X9 was established by the American National Standards Institute to develop, establish, maintain and promote financial ...
  20. Web 2.0

    Web 2.0 describes the current state of the web, with more user-generated content and usability for end users, compared to ...
  21. COB Fraud

    COB fraud refers to a change of billing address scam, in which a criminal changes a victim’s billing address with a financial ...
  22. EMV

    EMV is a global standard relating to integrated circuit cards, point-of-sale terminals and automated teller machines, set ...
  23. Wombat

    A wombat is a type of financial software used by financial institutions for high-speed market data and messaging.
  24. Crisis Management Coverage

    Crisis management coverage is insurance coverage designed to help a business limit the negative impact of events on the business’s ...
  25. Encryption

    Encryption is a means of securing digital date using an algorithm and a key.
  26. Why Cryptocurrency Mining is the New Ransomware

    Combatting unsolicited mining should be a priority for decentralized developers, even above functionality like interoperability ...
  27. The Pros And Cons Of Internet Banks

    Learn how internet banking services stack up against their brick-and-mortar peers. Find out what internet banks have to offer ...
  28. WSJ's Vigna on Data Privacy & Facebook's Monopoly

    Beyond its uses for cryptocurrency, can blockchain help prevent unauthorized data mining and redistribution by decentralizing ...
  29. eIDV (Electronic Identity Verification)

    eIDV (Electronic Identity Verification) is the use of public and private databases to quickly confirm whether an individual ...
  30. Social Payment

    Social payment is the use of social media to transfer money to another person or business.
  31. What happens when crypto-bros and big banks collide?

    What do the world's largest banks and manifesto-clutching cypherpunks have in common? A quest for enhanced information security ...
  32. What's Stopping Blockchain from Mainstream Adoption?

    WSJ markets reporter Paul Vigna discusses what's stopping blockchain​​​​​​​ from catapulting into mainstream use.
  33. Data Anonymization

    Data anonymization seeks to protect private or sensitive data by deleting or encrypting personally identifiable information ...
  34. Geolocation

    Geolocation is the ability to track a device’s whereabouts using GPS, cell phone towers, WiFi access points or a combination ...
  35. The DOL Fiduciary Rule Explained

    The Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule expanded the “investment advice fiduciary” definition under the Employee Retirement ...
  36. Mass Payment

    Mass payment is a method of paying multiple recipients online simultaneously.
  37. Digital Transaction

    A digital transaction is a seamless system involving one or more participants, where transactions are effected without the ...
  38. Micropayment

    Micropayments are payments of less than a dollar (and in some cases a fraction of a cent) that are usually made online.
  39. Transaction Authentication Number (TAN)

    A transaction authentication number is a one-time code used to validate online transactions.
  40. How to Protect Your Data from Cyber Criminals

    Cyber crimes are common and on the rise. Here are some ways to protect your online data.
  41. RAM Scraping Attack

    A RAM scraping attack is a type of malware intrusion of a point-of-sale computer that is designed to steal large pools of ...
  42. PCI Compliance

    Payment card industry (PCI) compliance represents the operational and technical standards businesses must follow to protect ...
  43. Skip Account

    A skip account refers to a borrower who defaults on a loan or skips out on repayment by moving without providing a correct ...
  44. Chief Security Officer - CSO

    The chief security officer is the executive in charge of the security of personnel, data, and physical assets.
  45. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

    Health Insurance Portabiilty and Accountability ACT (HIPAA) was an act created by the U.S Congress in 1996 to protect privacy ...
  46. Linkage

    Linkage is the ability to buy a security on one financial exchange and sell the same security on another exchange.
  47. Cyberslacking

    Cyberslacking refers to an employee’s use of work computers and other resources for personal matters during the work day.
  48. Economic Espionage

    Economic espionage is the unlawful targeting and theft of critical economic intelligence such as with trade secrets or intellectual ...
  49. Apple App Store

    The Apple App Store is a digital distribution platform where customers can buy and download digital software and applications.
  50. How to Keep Your Social Security Number Secure

    Data breaches are common. Here's how to help make sure your Social Security number doesn't get into the wrong hands.
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