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  1. Walmart and IBM Will Use Blockchain to Ensure Food Safety (WMT, IBM)

    The major U.S. retailer is experimenting with ways of using the cryptocurrency technology to help ensure that its food products ...
  2. Stop Internet Companies Selling Your Data with a VPN (CMCSA,VZ)

    Congress voted to allow internet companies to sell your internet activity without permission. Here's a hack.
  3. MoneyGram Sale to Chinese Firm Could Be Security Risk: US Officials (MGI, BABA)

    U.S. officials are concerned that the sale of U.S. money transfer company MoneyGram to Chinese online payment platform Ant ...
  4. New Counterfeit-Proof £1 introduced by the British Royal Mint

    Dubbed "the most secure coin in the world", the new British £1 coin entered circulation March 28.
  5. Keyboard Logger

    A keyboard logger is hardware or software that records every keystroke on a computer, usually for nefarious purposes and ...
  6. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is a company policy that allows employees to use their personal mobile devices and laptops for ...
  7. What Is Blockchain and Why Should I Care?

    While Bitcoins are still new and very volatile, the blockchain technology used shouldn't be ignored.
  8. Hacker Protection: Should You Have a Personal Cloud?

    With data breaches increasing, it's more important than ever to find the safest way to store your valuable files.
  9. Apple Denies Claim That Its System Was Hacked (AAPL)

    An Apple spokesperson has clarified that hackers did not obtain information on 300 million accounts from Apple's system.
  10. 9 Ways to Protect Your Cell Phone From Identity Theft

    Thanks to lax phone security and sophisticated hackers, cell phones are the target for identity theft.
  11. Protecting Financial Information From Hackers

    Two examples of how security measures protected clients' money from email hackers.
  12. Protect Your Small Business from Cybercrime

    Small business owners are a growing target for cyber-attacks; protect yourself and your clients.
  13. Know the Latest IRS Scams

    How do IRS scammers go about stealing your personal information? Their methods include hacking, malicious software and psychological ...
  14. Eavesdropping Attack

    Eavesdropping Attack is an incursion where someone tries to steal information that computers, smartphones, or other devices ...
  15. Data Loss

    Data loss occurs when valuable and/or sensitive information on a computer is compromised due to theft, human error, viruses, ...
  16. Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

    An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a large-scale, sophisticated, targeted attack on an organization’s computers to gather ...
  17. Hacktivism

    Hacktivism is a social or political activist plan that is carried out by breaking into and wreaking havoc on a secure computer ...
  18. Computer Abuse

    Computer abuse is the use of a computer to do something improper or illegal.
  19. Gray Box

    Gray box is the testing of software with limited knowledge of its internal workings.
  20. Threat Modeling

    Threat modeling is the act of evaluating what needs to be protected in the area of computer security, then determining what ...
  21. Zero Day Attack

    Zero Day Attack is an attack that exploits a potentially serious software security weakness that the vendor or developer ...
  22. Home Depot Pays Another $25M for 2014 Data Breach (HD)

    Home Depot has agreed to pay financial institutions a $25 million settlement for damages resulting from its 2014 data breach.
  23. A Day In The Life Of A Public Accountant

    Here's an inside look at the workdays of two experienced CPAs, to give you an idea of what it might be like to pursue a career ...
  24. Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

    Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a computer program that automatically detects security threats and attacks by monitoring ...
  25. Data Migration

    Data migration is the process of moving stored digital information between computers, systems or formats.
  26. Cyber Identity

    Cyber identity refers to the personality or personalities that is created through a person’s online interactions.
  27. Honeypot

    A honeypot is a security measure used to prevent and dismantle cyberattacks by luring attackers to a specific area of a computer ...
  28. Macro Virus

    A macro virus infects a software program and causes a series of actions to begin automatically when the program is opened.
  29. Cyber Security Threats to Move up the Agenda? (SYMC, PANW)

    A rise in government data breaches has fuelled speculation that companies with cyber security expertise will soon start to ...
  30. It's Tax Season, Are You Prepared?

    It's tax season again. Use these tips to be prepared to file and protect yourself from cybercrime.
  31. Cybersecurity: Protect Yourself During Tax Season

    Take a little extra time to review online communications and avoid becoming a cybercrime victim.
  32. 2016 SEC Enforcement Cases: The Year in Review

    The SEC set a new record in 2016 for the number of enforcement actions it brought.
  33. How to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

    Credit card fraud is sharply up. Learn the worst types and how to protect yourself.
  34. Cloud Security

    Cloud security is the protection of data stored online from theft, leakage and deletion.
  35. Cloud Hijacking

    Cloud hijacking is the breaking into or taking over of the cloud account of an individual, business or other organization ...
  36. Disaster Recovery Site

    A disaster recovery site, also known as a backup site, is a place that a company can temporarily relocate to following a ...
  37. Trump Addresses Conflicts of Interest, Hacking, BuzzFeed Report

    We now have an idea of what will happen to Trump's business interests, but Obamacare's still a mystery.
  38. Barracuda Networks Rises on Robust Q3 Earnings

    Shares of Barracuda Networks (NYSE: CUDA) surged 8% after hours on Monday after the cybersecurity and data storage company ...
  39. Cisco Expands Smart City Initiative in India

    Genpact will combine its analytics expertise with the US firm's Smart City Technology Platform.
  40. The Highest-Rating, Best-Selling Online Security Apps

    Online security apps are a big deal in this post-Snowden world. Here is a look at five of the highest-rated, best-selling ...
  41. Verizon Sending Mixed Messages on Yahoo Deal

    One executive saying it's not clear if the deal will happen while another is betting it will.
  42. The Challenge Facing Cisco in 2017

    Despite Cisco's restructuring, a revenue decline in 2017 may put the tech giant's stock at risk.
  43. How to Avoid Human Errors in Cybersecurity

    There is a significant human element to cybersecurity that shouldn't be ignored.
  44. Cybersecurity Stocks for 2017

    As demand for cybersecurity continues, these two pioneers are positioned to maintain their edge.
  45. Cybersecurity Guidelines for Medical Devices Finalized

    The FDA's finalized guidance for preventing the hacking of medical devices is questionable.
  46. Palo Alto Networks Inc.: 2016 in Review

    As growth slows, bulls remain confident in PANW's long-term shift to IoT and cloud-based solutions.
  47. Tech IPO Activity to Revive in 2017

    A surge of tech IPOs are expected in 2017 as pent-up demand drives big-name public debuts.
  48. Verizon Likely to Complete Yahoo Buy Despite Hacks

    Yahoo's sale to Verizon is likely to go forward because users are used to hacks by now.
  49. Dark Web

    The dark web refers to encrypted online content that is not indexed on conventional search engines.
  50. Piper Jaffray Weighs in on Cybersecurity Leaders

    Andrew Nowinski remains bullish on Palo Alto, Symantec and Proofpoint while warning on FireEye.
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  2. Covariance

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